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The Schwinn 830 is an amazing workout treadmill that is equipped with most features so as to offer the user with an optimum workout experience. in fact, the Schwinn-830 Treadmill is powered by 2.75CHP Drive-Motor which runs consistently and smoothly while the 22-workout-programs enables the user to get a workout that fulfills his/her fitness goals. On the other hand, this treadmill features a SoftTrack cushioning-system that delivers unparallel comfort for a smooth running-experience when training. Additionally, its wide, high-resolution blue-backlit LCD monitor enables you to keep track of your workout distance, time, calories-burned and a lot more while the USB-port allows you to connect a media-device onto this treadmill in order to easily upload your workout-results to either Schwinn-Connect or MyFitnessPal. Lastly, this treadmill is even designed with a media-shelf which helps to hold your items while having a workout and the Schwinn 830 Treadmill is abit affordable compared to other treadmills in its category.

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What We Like:

  1. Large backlit LCD monitor: the Schwinn-830 features a large 3-inch by 5-inch high-resolution blue, backlit LCD-monitor which displays your workout-data and it’s easily viewable in low-light environments. In fact, this display provides readouts on time, distance, calories, heart-rate, laps, incline-level, pace, speed, goal-tracking-metrics from last workout, calories-burned and a lot more while having a workout.
  1. SchwinnConnect-technology: SchwinnConnect is a goal-tracking and data-export technology that keeps you aware of your workout-progress and also keeps you focused on your fitness-goals. This technology will actually enable you to monitor your progress so that you can be able to meet your fitness-goals easily.
  1. A USB-port: The Schwinn-830 Treadmill is also equipped with a charging USB-port that allows you to use your own media-device in order easily upload your workout results to Schwinn Connect or MyFitnessPal. Additionally, this USB-port will also help to keep your gadgets charged in order to keep yourself entertained as you workout.
  1. 22 workout-programs: this treadmill is designed with over 22 workout-programs that hit on everything starting from causal-workouts to heart-rate profiles to intense interval-trainings. In fact, these workout-programs include; 1-manual, 3 quick-goals, 5-training, 3 weight-control, 5 heart-health, 3-interval and 2-custom programs. So it’s upon you to select a workout-program that will help you meet your fitness-goals in shortest time possible.
  1. A 0-12 percent incline: this fitness-machine is also equipped with a quick-access incline button which enable you to increase your incline-range from 0-to-12 percent in order to achieve a more challenging workout that help to burn-up more calories while toning your body-muscles.
  1. A 0-12 mph speed-range: the Schwinn-830 even features a Quick-access speed button which enables you to increase your workout-speed from 0-to-12 MPH so as to get an effective workout that meets your fitness-goals.
  1. SoftTrack cushioning system: this treadmill is integrated with a SoftTrack cushioning-system with 4-cells in order to provide the user with a more comfortable and smooth walking/running experience. In fact, this cushioning-system helps to remove any stress from your joints and this means that it will enable you to work-out for longer with optimum comfort.
  1. A SoftDrop folding-system: the Schwinn-830 treadmill features a SoftDrop folding-system that allows for easy folding and unfolding of the treadmill so as to ensure easy movement and storage of the treadmill in-between workouts. This implies that people living in homes with limited-space will be able to use this treadmill easily since it fit almost anywhere and it even features a foldable-design.
  1. Large 2.5-inch crowned-rollers: the Schwinn-830 is equipped with large 2.5-inch crowned-rollers positioned under the treadbelt and this actually facilitates for a smooth and quiet workout. In fact, with the Schwinn 830 Treadmill you will be able to work-out for longer and with optimum comfort in order to easily meet your fitness-goals.
  1. Pulse grips and telemetry heart-rate systems: this treadmill comes integrated with a pulse-grip and telemetry heart-rate monitoring system. So this means that you use the hand-grip sensors or a chest-strap to monitor your heart-rate-zone in real time while having a workout.
  1. A good-sized treadbelt: the Schwinn-830 treadmill features a 20-inch x 55-inch running belt which provides the user with enough training-space in order to achieve your fitness-goals smoothly and easily. However, this treadbelt may not be big-enough for taller people and sprint-runners so they will need to look for another treadmill with a bigger treadbelt.
  1. A 2.75-CHP motor: this Schwinn-830 Treadmill comes equipped with a powerful, high-torque 2.75-CHP drive-motor which runs smoothly and consistently so as to ensure that you get an effective and efficient workout at any time. Additionally, this powerful motor provides the treadbelt with enough strength to support people with weights of up to 300-lbs.
  1. A cooling-fan: the Schwinn-830 features a 3-speed cooling-fan which is integrated around the console section. In fact, this fan is meant to keep you feeling cool and comfortable as you workout and this implies that you will be able to exercise longer without feeling tired when using the Schwinn-830 Treadmill.
  1. Great maximum user-weight: this treadmill is designed to support a maximum user-weight of 300-lbs which implies that anyone with a weight below 300-lbs can get an effective workout over the Schwinn-830 Treadmill.
  1. A media shelf: there is also a media-shelf integrated over the console of the Schwinn-830 treadmill. This means that you can rest your magazine, book or tablet over this shelf which is in-front of you and then entertain yourself while keeping track of your workout.
  1. An inbuilt music-system: the Schwinn 830 Treadmill features in-console speakers coupled with a media-port that is compatible with iPods and mp3-players. This means that you will be able to easily connect to music-player and then listen to your favorite music as you workout.

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What We Don’t Like:

  • A smaller treadbelt: the Schwinn-830 Treadmill is equipped with smaller treadbelt which is only 20-inch by 55-inch and this makes it too short and narrow for some users most especially runners.

Our Verdict:

The Schwinn 830 is a great treadmill that is equipped with some quality-parts, a lot of workout-programs and can even track or monitor all your workout-data while training. Additionally, the Schwinn 830 even features a great design and great price hence this makes it an ideal treadmill to use at home so as to meet your fitness easily and conveniently without going outside the house.

Schwinn 830 Treadmill Review

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