Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam Rv Mattress Review

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Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress Review - 1

For both a healthy and relaxing good night’s sleep, the Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress, Short Queen is without doubt the best mattress to look out for. This mattress is designed to make your journeys much more enjoyable as it provides maximum comfort and all the luxury you would to have in your RV. Much as it is perfect for use in your RV, the mattress has the lightness durability and comfort to be used even on other beds. It delivers the ultimate support and a cool environment for the healthiest night sleep ever while at the same time supports pressure points around the hips and shoulders for a more balanced sleep surface.

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It further features an all foam core that conforms to the contour of your body which makes your sleep much more restful and comfortable. This memory foam mattress is engineered with a 2.5 lb. layer, a luxurious stretched knit zippered cover together with a six inch layer of firm base for extra support and exceptional durability.


  • This is the most perfect mattress for RV not because of its comfort but also because of its light weight that makes it very easy to carry from any room into the RV, its size nicely fits in there.
  • It provides just the prefect amount of support, unlike other memory foam mattresses that sink in too much, the Serenia sleep 8 inch delivers medium firm feel and maximum support.
  • It expands after a short period of time, since it compressed during shipping once you open the mattress from its box it will expand into the right size immediately.
  • It comes at fair price compared to the prices of many other memory foam mattresses but even then this mattress still performs amazingly so it is worth every single penny you will spend on it.
  • It makes travelling long journeys something to look up to reason being the comfort it delivers helps you to forget all those pains and body aches that you get from cheaply made RV mattresses.


  • The mattress is too firm which means that it cannot be folded back into the box just in case you feel like shipping it back this is however not a problem for many people because with its great performance you will find no reason to feel like shipping it back.


Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress Review



Features overview:

  • High density memory foam: this mattress is designed to bless with all the comfort and make travelling in you RV much more enjoyable as it delivers the ultimate support and cradles on those pressure points on the hips and shoulders. With this mattress you can expect nothing but the most amazing and restful night sleep ever.
  • Luxurious stretched knit zippered cover:on top of that pressure relieving memory foam layer is the zippered cover which gives your room that European style finish and makes your mattress even more durable. There is no way bed bugs, fungus or any bacteria will get even close to your mattress while it is enclosed in this really strong cover.
  • 2 inch layer of 2.5lb memory foam:if medium comfort feel is what you want to get from your mattress then this Serenia mattress has you covered, two inch foam is just enough to provide comfort feel that is not too strong and not too soft either but just medium.
  • 6 inch layer of firm base:this layer of polyutherane foam provide really firm support gives the mattress more quality and increases its durability. You do want to wake up all full of body and muscle pains because of a poor mattress when you can have this high quality memory foam mattress that supports your whole body to ensure that you wake feeling new.
  • Light weight: this 8 inch mattress designed for use in the RV is very easy to lift to and from any bed into the RV or to take it out due to its light weight. This simply tells you that mattress is super portable.
  • Temperature sensitive memory foam:since unbalanced sleep temperature is one of the biggest problems that interrupt with your sleep this mattress has been design with memory foam that is temperature sensitive so that is does not heat up even more when you are already feeling hot. The top layer of memory foam is open celled which allows heat from your body to disperse hence making your sleep time much more loveable.
  • Exceptional quality and workmanship:you have no reason to worry about the quality of this 8 inch Serenia mattress simply because it is molded with professional workmanship and with only high quality material which explains why many people have fallen in love with it.
  • Environment friendly material:it is made in the US, has been tested and found with no harmful chemicals and emissions that could be dangerous to the environment yet it at the same time meets the required durability and performance standards by the certi-PUR-US
  • Hypoallergenic foam:its foam is not just resistant to dust and mites but is also very safe for anyone that suffers for any type of allergy. The mattress is very safe for all members of the family.
  • 20 year warranty: when it comes to bedding products, Serenia sleep is one of the legends in that industry and with the experience of over 40 years you cannot expect anything less than unique and the highest quality. Warranty of 20 years proves that there is nothing to worry about the satisfaction that this mattress will give you.

Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress Review - 1

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Product quality:

When talking about the lightest, most durable and most comfortable memory foam mattress you are simple talking about the Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress. From such an experience quality you can only expect paramount quality and that is what this mattress is all about, it delivers firm feel most especially for those people that love to enjoy medium firm feel and firm support at the same time. It also conforms to the structure of your hips and shoulders and eliminates all those pressure points. Underneath, it features high density foam which gives the user supportive base layer and makes the mattress extremely durable.

Better than all the mattresses in earlier generations, the Serenia sleep top foam layer is open-celled to give way for heat from your body to disperse hence reducing of it getting hotter in the night. If you have any members with allergies on your home, this mattress will leave you with no reason to worry about then simply due to the fact that its foam is hypoallergenic so it will not cause any harm to them. We all know that everyone would love to enjoy a luxurious life and one way of getting there is trying out this queen size Serenia sleep memory foam mattress.

Who does it benefit?

  • Best for those that prefer medium firm feel:this 8 inch memory foam mattress from Serenia sleep is specifically made for to provide medium firm feel yet it at the same time provides support that strong enough. While contouring to your body shape the mattress will eliminate all pressure points to make sure that you get a comfort sleep with just the right amount of support.
  • Much recommended for people who travel long distances:for anyone that plans to travel those very long and tiring distances for a good number of days, there is no way you can look away from the Serenia sleep mattress. It is specifically designed to be used in you RV.
  • It will not do any harm to people with allergies: because the foam used to make this mattress is hypoallergenic is does not contain chemicals and is free of any allergens which makes it such a perfect choice mattress for people with are allergic.

What else do you need?

PREMIUM MATTRESS PROTECTOR: if you want to make your mattress much longer then you will find no problem in investing in this specially designed mattress protector. It covers the mattress to give it much longer life since it water proof and completely hypoallergenic. It prevents bed bugs, mold, bacteria and fungus from getting into your mattress.

Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress Review

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