Shark Rocket Truepet Ultra-Light Upright (Hv322) Review

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Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright Review 3

The Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright (HV322) is a vacuum with all the necessary power but with absolutely no weight which makes it one of those top quality vacuums that you cannot afford to miss if you have pets in your home. It is can easily clean bare floors as well as deep clean carpets without losing suction at all, built with an advanced swivel steering and LED light on the nozzle there is no way you will leave behind even the tiniest bit of pet hair. To make cleaning very simple for you and less tiring, the vacuum comes with all the essential tools that you need for example a crevice tool, new true pet motorized brush, pet hair tool among others that help you to pick up pet hair even those hard to reach areas.

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With the help of its quick release foot pedal you can switch from floor to ceiling with great ease and to get in between narrow spaces and get to high above places using the wand.  The vacuum combines its ease of use with portability to be the most convenient machine you have ever used, it will actually make you love having pets in your home.


  • With great ease, the vacuum can perfectly clean both the floor and the ceiling so once you have this vacuum in your home cleaning your home will only take a few minutes.
  • It maintains suction power no matter which floor types you are working on, you can easily move from deep cleaning carpets to a more smooth a gentle cleaning over bare floors.
  • It is very easy to use and empty, all the features of this vacuum are easily accessible and it has a very large dust cup that can be emptied just with the touch of a button.
  • It is very light in that even when you lift it up to clean high floor areas it does not feel heavy at all. This vacuum only weighs 8lbs, this also makes it easy to carry it away for storage.


  • The vacuum’s brush tends to overly get overfilled with pet hair and threads which means you have to clean it often for it to perform excellently.
  • The vacuum always requires support to stand because it cannot stand on its own, you either have to hook it to the wall or provide support for it personally.

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright Review



Features overview:

  • LED lights on hand vac and floor nozzle: the Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright (HV322) vacuum is designed to leave your home without even the smallest particle of dust or pet hair. This is exactly why it is has high output lights that lighten up the surface that you are cleaning both on the floor and other areas above the floor like the ceiling.
  • Large capacity dust cup:to save you the burden of having to emptying after every clean up, the vacuum is designed with a really large dust cup that holds more rubbish compared to other vacuums so it does not easily fill up. To make matters even much better, the dust cup is very easy to empty all you have to do touch the bottom door release button and the dust cup will dispose debris off.
  • Two speed brush roll:when you have the HV322 vacuum having different floor types is no reason for you to worry because it has two speed settings that perfectly work on all floor types. The vacuum excellently deep cleans carpets to get rid of all that dirt that gets stuck into the carpet, it is very tender on bare floors and at the same time causes no harm to delicate rugs.
  • Washable filters:the filters are not just reusable but also suck up all dust particles that may cause harm to any persons with allergies.
  • Ultra-light weight:instead of getting tired from cleaning, vacuuming will become more interesting for you reason being this vacuum cleaner is super light with a weight of less than 8lbs. even when you are cleaning high up places, it is very easy because the machine is not heavy at all. In addition to that it is also very slim which enables it to easily fit under furniture and maneuver over all areas without any difficulty.
  • No loss of suction:the same amazing suction or power that used to deep clean carpets is the same power you will use to clean bare floors, the vacuum is designed to maintain suction power even when you change to different floor types.
  • Quick release foot pedal and wand:the quick release foot pedal that this vacuum has enables you to move from cleaning the floor ceiling to the floor without any required procedure while the wand greatly helps you to get to high above areas and those really narrow corners and spaces.
  • Hard floor genie: this explains why the vacuum can gently glide over bare floors while sucking up all the dust juts like it does on other floor types. This is surely a multipurpose vacuum.
  • 30ft cord length: the Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright (HV322) is a corded vacuum but that is surely no reason for you to give up on trying out the machine because its cord is long enough to give enough freedom to maneuver over large spaces without any interruptions.
  • Attachments: you will get all you need to have all areas of your house super clean since this vacuum comes with all the necessary attachments that you will need. These include a pet hair tool, new true pet mini motorized brush, hard floor genie, on board storage clip and many others. With all these features this vacuum has the ability to remove dust, deep clean to get rid of dirt and at the same time suck up pet hair.

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright Review 3

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Product quality:

If you are looking for that vacuum cleaner that will meet up to your expectations then look no further than the Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright (HV322) because unlike many other vacuums, this is designed less plastic for long lasting performance yet it still has that light weight that makes it very simple to move it from place to another. With this vacuum storage should be no issue to worry because first of all it is small in size and it is very to fold away for storage. Featuring LED lights both on the hand vac and nozzle you will not only remove dust and dirt but also spot all those tiny pet hairs that seem hard to remove. Transitioning from the floor to the ceiling is very simple when you have the HV322 vacuum cleaner since it is designed with a quick release foot pedal. Along with those features is the large capacity dust cup that takes long to fill up but when it does, emptying is extremely simple since it removable.

Whether you want to change from deep cleaning the carpet to cleaning bare floors, this vacuum makes it more of a walk over due to its really strong suction power and two speed brush rolls. Besides being very convenient to use, the machine is also overly easy to operate, this vacuum is absolutely everything you ever wanted to avoid regretting ever having pets in your home.

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright Review 2

Who does it benefit?

It is an excellent vacuum for anyone that has never owned a vacuum: in most cases the first time of trying out something is very frustrating and tiring but with the Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright (HV322) it is the total opposite. Operating this vacuum is extremely easy reason being all controls are very understandable, it makes switching to different floor types and even simple to assemble. You will find no hardships using the vacuum cleaner.

It is also good enough for people with eye problems: the HV322 vacuum cleaner is designed with LED lights both on the hand vac and nozzle which illuminate to help you spot all those small dust particle and tiny pet hair that you may leave behind while cleaning.

What else do you need?

Micro vacuum attachment kit- 7 piece: this kit involves 7 different pieces that can easily be attached to your vacuum, because your house has different areas like the corners, stairs and many other areas that get really hard to reach if you do not have the right attachments. Having this kit therefore makes it easy for you to get all areas in your home sparkling clean without using too much effort.

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright Review 1

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