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The SHAVING FACTORY SAFETY-RAZOR is a great trimmer that is constructed out of high-quality refined stainless-steel, copper, zinc-alloy and ABS hence making it very strong or durable and it will do the shaving job for quite a long period of time without becoming rusty or worn-out. This shaving-factory razor is designed from the United States with both safety and comfort put in mind. In fact, it’s specially designed using computer-technology whereby it is angled to offer any man with the closest and most comfortable shave while leaving the skin soft and smooth. This razor is also safer to use when shaving because it ensures that the blades are not over exposed to the skin but it will still provide you with an even and smooth shave with less or no skin-irritations.


This safety-razor is not only compatible with any type of double-edge blade, but it also makes it easier and safer to change-out the razor-blade because it built with a special “twist-to-open” mechanism which is easy to use. In fact, the razor-blade will sit comfortably at the base hence making the safety-razor easier to use even on sensitive-skin areas.  If you have used several shavers but when they don’t do the shaving job well and you are planning to acquire quality safety-razor that will be able to provide you with a smoother and more comfortable shave, just go for this shaving-factory safety razor. You can even buy one as a personal testing item or as a gift for a friend or brother.

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  • This safety-razor is well made with a combination of differentmetals which make it to feel really strong and durable. This razor even looks very nice with little doors at the head which open easily inorder to place blades perfectly.


  • The safety-razor is too heavy because it’s made from combination of metals and this is not actually good for novice wet-shavers because they may use too much pressure to shave which leads to skin-irritations.



  • It features refined twist-to-open technology: the shaving-factory has 2 little doors which open up on the top of its head for easy and safe blade replacement. This is done by simply twisting the razors handle inorder to get the doors open or closed after placing the blades perfectly into the razors head. This twist to open technology is very easy to use that everyone will be able to replace blades easily and perfectly without any help.
  • Computer designed perfect blade-angle: The Shaving Factory Double-Edge safety razor also features a computer-designed perfect blade-angle that will provide any man with a closer, comfortable and smoother shave. This also ensures that the blades are angled perfectly onto the skin as you shave hence reducing on the levels of getting skin irritations like cuts or bumps.
  • Constructed from different metal Materials: this safety-razor is manufactured from several high-quality material which include: refined stainless-steel, zinc-alloy, copper and ABS. all these materials are amongst the strongest metals known to man and if combined together, they give-off a safety-razor that is hard enough and durable. This implies that any man will be able to use this razor for a longer period of time because it’s composed of the best materials and it will not be affected by rust due to the chrome plating on top.
  • Lightly textured handle: it comes with a non-slip grip handle that has some light texturing on top that will ensure a secure grip while shaving. This means that experienced wet-shavers will be able to comfortably use this razor under wet conditions.
  • It fits all double-edge blades: this great double edge safety-razor works with all standard-size double edge razor-blades and this have become the most popular blades on the market today. these blades may include: stainless-steel derby extra double-edge razor blades and many other brands, but ensure that you get the best blades in order to achieve the best results from your safety-razor.
  • The razor itself weighs 1.8oz: the shaving-factory weighs about 1.8oz and this is just enough weight for men who are used to safety-razors. This weight will offer any man with the right balance when shaving and this will result into a quick, smooth and comfortable shave.
  • It comes well-packaged: Every shaving-factory safety razor comes wrapped in a sturdy, reusable-case that looks very stylish and functional. This case has enough space to accommodate the razor itself and its useful mirror on the inside. This actually makes this safety-razor a perfect shaving-tool for travelling or for use at your convenience when at home.


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This is a well-built safety razor with a butterfly opening-head that can easily be operated by twisting the razor’s handle for hence facilitating for easy and safe blade replacement. the razor also looks elegant and shiny because it has a chrome finish and it terms of durability, this is razor is just right choice for any man to purchase because its built with a combination of metals which make it to feel really solid and strong whereby it will be able to last for ages.

In terms of shaving, this razor offers a perfect blade angle that ensures all the hair on the face a trimmed closely and smoothly with less or no skin-irritations. In fact the blades are angled in such a way that they don’t totally access the skin as you shave though they will offer you with a perfect shave.

The shaving factory safety-razor also has a lightly-textured handle which provides extra grip when one is shaving under wet conditions and this makes this razor perfect for both experienced and new wet shavers. The other good quality about this razor is its capability to fit any standard double-edge razor blades which are readily available on the market today and at an affordable price.


  • Good for novice users: the shaving factory razor will work just fine when it comes trimming facial hairs by men who new to wet-shaving. This is because it offers a perfect blade angle that ensures that one gets a smoother shave with no skin-cuts or irritations.
  • Works great for men with wide hands: this razor is built with a long, solid handle that feel good in the hands and it also has some nice weight. The simple textures on the razor’s handle also enhance your grip when wet-shaving and this implies that this safety-razor will deliver anyone with a clean and closer shave that a blade would ever give.


What I need

  • Double-edge stainless steel blades: with this safety-razor, you will have to acquire a package of new replacement blades and that is why it’s always recommended to use high -quality double edge stainless steel blades because they tend to maintain their sharpness for quite a long period on time compared to other types of blades.


  • A premium shave-set: this contains several items that will facilitate your shaving process. These may include a shaving-soap for lathering up your face, a bowl that is used to prepare the lather and a brush which is used to lather-up the soap over your face. This set may contain even more items but those three are the basic items that any shaving set must have before you decide to purchase it.

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