SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Office Chair Review

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SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat Review - 1

The SPACE Seating Professional Air Grid is a multi-function office chair that looks modern and even features multiple ergonomic adjustments in order to the user in a more comfortable condition while working.

This office-chair is built with a stylish mesh back-seat with a built-in lumbar support coupled with flipping armrests for extra comfort. Additionally, the SPACE Seating Professional Air Grid chair features a seat slider which will enable the user to adjust the depth of the seat so as to meet their sitting needs. In fact, this office chair has many great features which all ensure that your entire body is kept in a healthy condition and that is why I’m going to throw more light on all the features and advantages of this office-chair.

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  • This office chair is very well-made with high-quality parts beginning from the backrest, seat to the lower-section. This implies that it will able to last for years under usage hence making it of value.
  • The SPACE Seating Professional Air Grid chair feel very comfortable because it features lumbar support in its backrest coupled with leather cushioned seat which feels very soft but durable.
  • This chair is also fully adjustable whereby it features a seat-adjustment, pneumatic-adjustment and tilting mechanism thus enabling the user to achieve the desired sitting position while working. In fact, all these adjustments are well-placed and even very easy to use.
  • Lastly, the SPACE Seating Professional Air-Grid chair has good price tag and i think almost anyone out there can afford it as their home or work chair. In fact, it feels more sturdy, comfortable and durable than some expensive office-chairs on the market today.


  • The first weakness about the SPACE Seating Professional Air-Grid chair are the armrests which are not that durable and stable though they feature multiple height-levels. In fact, these armrests wiggle a bit when placing on your arms as you work and someone may think that they are going to fall-off. Additionally, these arms have a concave design which is good for those with thinner arms but in case you are a large-person with big-arms, then these armrests can become uncomfortable.
  • The other disadvantage about this chair is that the tilt-mechanism only allows to be locked in a straight or upright position or else you will just have to go with a free tilt. Additionally, there is no lock-setting for leaning back and this actually limits the user of this office-chair.


SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat Review



Features :

  • Breathable backrest: this office chair is designed with a breathable and light AirGrid backrest with a built-in lumbar support. Additionally, the mesh at the backrest is very responsive, firm and comfortable hence it will support a variety of back-types adequately. In fact, this backrest features dimensions of 18.5-inches-height x 20.5-inches-Width.
  • Durable seat: the SPACE Seating Professional chair features a thick, padded and contoured black eco-leather seat with a mesh siding for extra breathability and comfort. Likewise, the leather seat cushioning feels comfortable and not over or under stuffed. Additionally, this seat is also sewn with a heavy-gauge stitching which won’t get loose quickly. On the other hand, this seat has dimensions of 3.5” H x 20.5” W x 19.5” D hence it will capable of accommodating large people.
  • Strong base: this professional office-chair features a heavy-duty, angled, Nylon base with oversized dual-wheel, carpet Casters. These casters are very efficient whereby they roll easily and freely without getting stuck even when moving on an office carpet.
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment: the other quality feature found on this office-chair is the one-touch pneumatic seat-height adjustment that enables the user to achieve the desired height while sitting on his/her work-desk. Additionally, the pneumatic Seat height adjustment ranges between 18.75-inches to 23-inches and it will be upon you to select a height that works best for you. Likewise, this pneumatic-adjustment is very strong and can fully support with big weights.
  • 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control: the Synchro Tilt-Control with an Adjustable Tilt-Tension enables the user to achieve a desired sitting angle while working. However, this tilt mechanism only allows the user to lock it in a straight and upright position or else you can leave it unlocked in order to achieve a free tilt. This actually implies that there is no lock-setting for leaning back while working.
  • Adjustable armrests: the SPACE Seating Professional office-chair comes equipped with height-adjustable and angled armrests with soft PU-pads so as to ensure optimum comfort to the arms while working. On the other hand, you will even be given an option of connecting the arms or not during setup it it’s actually upon you to decide whether to put them on this office-chair or not.
  • It comes well-packaged: this office chair comes disassembled and nicely packaged. This implies that you actually need to assemble it before you actually begin to use it. However, the good part about this office-chair is that it can easily be assembled in less than 30 minutes by you while using the provided instructions.

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat Review - 3

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Product Quality:

SPACE Seating Professional Dark Air Grid Back office-chair is of high-quality yet very affordable although it’s equipped with several nice features. First of all, this office-chair features a breathable dark-air, grid and mesh backrest coupled with a built-in lumber that offers extra support to your back even when working for longer hours. When it comes to this chair’s seat, it’s made of a thick padded black eco-leather material that feels gentle and soft to the body yet very durable and will last for some good time. Additionally, the pneumatic seat-height adjustment placed on this office chair enables the user to adjust this chair to different heights while seated while the Synchro tilt-control with adjustable tilt-tension allows the user to tilt this office chair to preferred angle so as to ensure total comfort while working.

On the other hand, the SPACE office-chair comes with height-adjustable and angled armrests with soft PU pads on top so as to ensure that your arms are kept comfortable at the right height when seated. On top of that, this chair features a heavy-duty, angled nylon base which has oversized dual-wheel carpet casters which can enable the user to move from desk to the other while seated hence ensuring total convenience. Lastly, this chair is also GREENGUARD certified and this makes it environmentally friendly because it recyclable. In my own opinion, i think i would recommend this chair to anyone who is looking for an office-chair with most features yet cost friendly.


Who does it benefit?

  • Great chair for people experiencing back-problems: the SPACE Seating Professional Dark Air Grid office-chair is good for people with back problems because it’s designed with a breathable and light AirGrid backrest with a built-in lumbar support. This implies that this chair will offer your back maximum support even when working for the whole day.
  • It works for people searching for an executive and comfortable office-chair: this chair looks modern and even features several ergonomic adjustments which ensure that someone stays comfortable while working. In fact it features a breathable, mesh backrest and a padded, eco-leather seat whereby all these are designed to provide optimum comfort.


What Else Do You Need?

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  • LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp: you actually need a desk lamp especially if you work or study during the night because this lamp will help to enhance your vision without straining the eyes which is for your eye-health. In fact, these lamps come in different sizes but you should try to get a lamp that fits perfectly on your desk for best results while reading or working.

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat Review - 1

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