Spring Mattress Vs. A Memory Foam Mattress

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Everyone has their reasons for either choosing a spring mattress or memory foam mattress but after the details that I am about to give you about these two mattress types you will realize that one is better than the other. I personally think that the main reason as to why most people are using spring mattresses more than memory foam mattress is because they are cheaper and are overly available in any place which is not the case with memory foam mattresses. On other hand the big question is, does all the technology infused in a memory foam mattress really make it a better choice or worth spending the thousands of dollars that such a mattress type costs? Well don’t stress yourself finding answers to all those questions because I am about to answer them all for you.

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  • Memory foam mattress: it has been noted that many people who are using a memory foam mattress get better restful and peaceful sleep reason being the mattress evenly balances out body weight along the surface and is designed to offer more support all through the night. A memory foam mattress also reduces pressure points and dissolves all that tossing and turning from partners which has been identified as number one cause for poor sleep nights.
  • Spring mattress: a spring mattress basically provides a lot of support which is it much recommended for people with back pain otherwise the quality of sleep it offers is just a normal one. There is nothing that special about the quality of sleep you will from using a spring mattress.


  • Memory foam mattress:a memory foam mattress is designed with different layers of different materials where by the top layers adjust to the contour of your body while the other layers at the bottom help to provide added support for all body parts so there is no possibility of waking up with some parts of the body hurting.
  • Spring mattress: it will feel very comfortable when you first lay on it but it inserts the same pressure all through which makes it impossible to get rid of pressure points. With all the tossing and turning that goes on there will be poor circulation of blood to some parts of the body that is why you wake up with some of the body paining. Research has proved that most spring mattresses lose their support just after one year of use.


Pros about each of the mattress types


  • It dissolves partner movements that would interrupt your sleep,you will therefore have a very quiet and comfortable night sleep full of relaxation.
  • It perfectly distributes body pressure along the sleep surface, you will not find a mattress better than a memory foam mattress when it comes to pressure distribution.
  • It is hypoallergenic, the type of foam used is always resistant to dust and dust mites which makes this mattress type a better type for people with different types of allergies.
  • It is more durable and that is always proven by the period of warranty that this type of mattress comes with which makes it a better investment


  • This is a really cheap mattress type, I doubt you will find anything cheaper than a spring mattress anyone can afford this mattress and if you are not the type that is ready to spend a whole fortune on just a mattress then a spring mattress is surely the way to go.
  • It is very firm hence exceptionally durable, it will take more than ten years to get spoil a spring mattress with all the firmness from a big number of springs.


Cons about each of the mattresses


  • This is practically one of the most expensive mattress types, this due to the technology and features that are put together to come up with the high quality that a memory foam mattress has.
  • It does not deliver that much support, since memory foam contours to the shape of your body it only offers a limited amount of support.
  • Everyone that has bought a memory foam mattress complained about its smell when new, the smell is very unpleasant and will only go away after some days.


  • It easily loses support, much as a spring mattress offers a lot of support, it only does that in the beginning but after some years of use it will eventually stop delivering a lot of support like it did at first.
  • They come with only a few years of warranty, in most cases it will have warranty below 10 years yet a memory foam mattress has much more than that.
  • It is poor at pressure distribution so you will wake up with some parts of the body hurting, the pressure your body inserts on the mattress is the same pressure it pushes back at you.
  • It is not recommended for people with allergies due to that feathery top and being non-resistant to dust mites.


Firmness of the mattress

MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS: this type is not that firm that is why it is flexible enough to conform to the shape of your body. This is one of the reasons a memory foam mattress will to be the best choice for people suffering back problems.

SPRING MATTRESS: with all the number of coils put into this mattress it provides a lot of firmness hence more improved support to act as a solution for back ache.


Sensitivity to temperature

MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS: sometimes a memory foam mattress can get really hot since it is very sensitive to temperature. As it follows your body shape, the hotter your body gets is the hotter the mattress will get. It takes long to adjust to the required sleep temperature.

SPRING MATTRESS: a spring simply doesn’t adjust to any temperature, the way it is made is the way it remains.

In conclusion, this is the 21st century there is absolutely no reason as to why you should get stuck in the old tradition of centuries before when you can enjoy the luxury and comfort offered by a memory foam mattress. Unless it is the price that you cannot afford buy otherwise you are going to find everyone moving away from spring mattresses to memory foam mattresses.

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