Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill Review

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Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill Review

The Stamina-InMotion is a classic manual-treadmill that is equipped with dual-weighted flywheels in order to provide the user with electricity-free workout and even raise the treadbelt to 8 or 10 degrees of incline for a more challenging workout. On top of that, this treadmill features a sturdy steel-frame with transportation-wheels coupled with an electronic monitor-display which helps to track your workout speed, time, distance and calories-burned as your training. On the other hand, the Stamina InMotion Manual-Treadmill is equipped with a non-slip walking surface coupled with rubber floor-protectors at the feet in order to provide the user with a very comfortable and stable walking/running platform. So, if you have been on need of cheap but high-performance treadmill to use when at home, then consider getting the Stamina InMotion Manual-Treadmill and you will actually enjoy your workouts conveniently when at home.

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What We Like:

  1. Dual-weighted flywheels: the Stamina InMotion Manual-Treadmill comes equipped with dual-weighted flywheels that are built to deliver a smooth workout whether you’re walking or running. With such flywheels, it will even be much easier for you to set your workout pace in order to easily reach your fitness-goals without over straining your body.
  1. Manual-operation (Self-powered): The Stamina-InMotion is actually a manual-treadmill that offers an economical running/walking workout without relying on an electric-motor or any other power-supply. So, with no electric-outlet needed and no-motor to maintain, you can easily use this treadmill anywhere without worrying about a power-source. Additionally, this treadmill provides you with a smooth and quieter workout since it doesn’t contain a drive-motor and it’s actually self-powered hence this makes it a perfect fitness-machine to use while watching TV or when other people are sleeping within your home.
  1. 2 incline-positions: this manual-treadmill is also designed with only 2 incline-positions of 10 and 8 degrees whereby these incline-levels help the user to get a more challenging workout while toning their body-muscles. In fact, you will even be able to burn-up more calories when training at a higher incline-level and this will in turn help you meet your fitness-goals easily.
  1. Foam-padded front and side rails: this treadmill is also integrated with foam-padded front and side rails which help to provide the needed support and protection as you walk/run over this treadmill. In fact, these rails make the Stamina InMotion Manual-treadmill very safe to use while having a workout conveniently inside your house.
  1. An Electronic monitor-display: the Stamina InMotion Manual-Treadmill’s console features an electronic monitor that help to track and display your workout time, speed, distance-traveled, calories-burned and even scans with just a simple, one-button control. This means that it will be much easier for you to track your workout-progress so that you can be able to reach your target or fitness-goals easily.
  1. A non-slip walking-surface: this manual-treadmill is also designed with a textured, Non-slip walking/jogging surface which ensures that you get a more stable and comfortable workout at all times. With such a non-slip surface, you don’t have to get worried about slipping or falling-down as your workout and this actually makes the Stamina InMotion Manual-Treadmill very safe to use when at home.
  1. A Sturdy, foldable steel-frame: The Stamina InMotion treadmill features a sturdy, steel-frame that folds-up to a 17-inch by 22-inch footprint in order to facilitate for quick and easy storage of the treadmill in-between workouts. In fact, the foldable-design makes this treadmill a perfect fitness-machine to use in homes with limited space while the steel-frame means that this treadmill will be capable of lasting for longer period of time even with regular use.
  1. Built-in Transportation wheels: this treadmill is also designed with built-in transportation wheels which allow the user to easily roll this treadmill into a corner or closet easily in-between workouts.
  1. Rubber floor-protectors: the Stamina InMotion Manual-treadmill is integrated with skid-resistant, rubber floor-protectors on the feet which help to maximize on stability as you workout. This implies that Stamina InMotion treadmill won’t lose stability even when being used on a slippery surface or when heavier people are working-out on it.
  1. A SpaceSaver-design: the Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill actually features a SpaceSaver design because it has smaller running-belt with dimensions of 41-inches by 12-inches and overall dimensions of 47-inches by 22-inches by 45-inches. On top of that, this treadmill features a foldable-footprint of 17-inches by 22-inches and this means that it can fit even in smallest sections within your house in-between workouts.
  1. A good user-weight capacity: this manual-treadmill features a maximum user-weight of 225-pounds whereby anyone with weights below 225-pounds can easily and comfortable workout over this treadmill.
  1. Great warranty-period: the Stamina InMotion Manual-Treadmill comes backed by a 1-year frame warranty coupled with a 90-day parts warranty and this actually a great warranty when compared with the price of this treadmill.

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What We Don’t Like:

  • A low user-weight capacity: the Stamina InMotion Manual-Treadmill is actually designed to support a maximum user-weight of 220-lbs and this is actually low when compared to other standard-treadmills that can support maximum user-weights of 300-lbs. in fact, the Stamina InMotion Manual-Treadmill is designed for small and medium sized people but not very heavy people because of its low user-weight capacity.
  • Few incline-levels: this treadmill is equipped with only 2 incline-levels of 8 and 10 percent whereby these are not enough for most walkers/runners who would love to train at several incline-levels. In fact, the 2 incline-levels on this treadmill are so steep and they will not actually work well for beginners.


Our Verdict:

The Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill is actually a compact and affordable fitness-machine that will help you achieve a great cardiovascular workout inside your home regardless of the current weather-conditions outside or time-of-day. In fact, this treadmill is self-powered and does not contain drive-motor hence it facilitates for a smooth and quiet operation while its 42-inch long deck provides the user with enough walking/jogging space when having a workout. On the other hand, this treadmill features 2 incline-levels, a battery-operated display-monitor, a heavy-duty steel frame and a foldable-design so as to facilitate for easy usage and storage in-between workouts.

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