Steps On How To Make Hair Straight With A Curling Iron

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Straightening hair actually requires using a straightener and this can be a flat-iron or hairbrush. However, you can still use a curling-iron to straighten-up your hair in case you don’t have the tools meant for straightening your hair but this can be tricky and requires you to know some styling-skills. Additionally, it’s recommended to use a curling-iron for straightening bangs and short or smaller amounts of hair but not the entire head with long-hair. In fact, if you have short hair then you can use a curling-iron to straighten-up the entire head of hair. So, below are some of the steps that you can follow when straightening your hair using a curling-iron.


  1. Begin by cleaning your hair: always start by cleaning your hair thoroughly by using a conditioning-shampoo and clean warm-water in order to remove any dirt from it. In fact, if hair is dirty and oily, then it will make the straightening process abit difficult for you to carry-out. So, always wash your hair using a moisturizing-shampoo before you attempt styling it.


  1. Carefully brush your hair: incase your hair has developed a lot of tangles after washing and drying it up, then consider brushing through it using a hair brush/comb depending on its length. In fact, hair with tangles makes it difficult for the user to pull the curler through it during the straightening process. However, be very gentle when combing your hair because if you brush hard, then some of your hair-strands may be plucked-out and this can be painful too.


  1. Dry-up your hair: you really need to dry-up your hair before you begin styling it because using a curling-iron on wet-hair may actually burn it during the straightening process. So, consider using a blow-dryer to thoroughly dry-up your hair and also try to apply a heat-protection hair product in order to protect your hair from excess heat during the styling-process and to prevent hair-damage.


  1. Prepare your curling-iron: after, plug the curling-iron into a power-supply and wait until it gets hot-enough so that you can begin using it. However, consider using a lower heat-setting if you have thin-hair and medium-heat for long, thick hair. On top of that, consider applying a heat protection hairspray to your hair before you begin straightening it using a heated curling-iron.


  1. Section-up your hair: try to section-up your hair into small-areas because this will enable you to straighten-up each section well. Afterwards, get a single strand-of-hair and begin straightening it using your curling iron as explained below.


  1. Clasp the curling-iron to the top of selected strand-of-hair: gently clasp your curling-iron to the top of the chosen strand-of-hair as you would do with a straightener/flat-iron. Once all the hair has been secured, slowly and carefully pull your curling-iron down until you reach the bottom-section of hair (towards the crown-section). In fact, move the curling-iron in a straight motion and not in a curling-motion for best results.


  1. Straighten-up all the hair-sections: you will have to repeat the straightening process until all the sectioned parts of your hair are worked upon. Additionally, is recommended to see yourself in the mirror when using a curling-iron to straighten-up hair in order to avoid making mistakes or prevent burning-up your hair during the styling-process.


  1. Apply a hairspray: after straightening-up all your hair while using a curling-iron, gently spray over it with a hairspray in order to make hair look shiny, achieve optimum-hold and to lock-in your hairstyle. However, don’t apply too much hairspray because it will weigh down your hair which is not good and you should just consider applying just a mist of spray over your hair for best results.


  1. Consider combing through your hair afterwards: you will have to gently comb through your hair using a wide-toothed hairbrush in order to remove any frizzy strands and get rid of any remaining tangles. In fact, combing through hair after straightening it will actually give you a more defined hairstyle than just leaving it there after styling it.



  • In case your skin gets burnt during the styling process, then consider soaking the affected-section into cool-water in order to reduce on the pain caused by heat. In fact, never apply any other home-remedies like toothpaste, honey, butter or anything related onto the burnt section because these products will just increase on the damage caused to the skin.


  • Always apply a heat-protection hairspray all-over your hair before you begin styling it with tools that use heat like a curling-iron, flat-iron and a lot more. This is very important because the elements within the heat-protection hairspray help to shield your hair from excessive heat produced by the tools during the styling process. Additionally, the heat-styling tools tend to make hair very dry and brittle so this implies that applying a heat-protection spray to hair will help to keep moisture within your hair so that it doesn’t become brittle and crisp during the styling process.


  • Make sure that your hair is well cleaned before you begin styling it: you will have to clean-up your hair using a quality conditioning-shampoo and after dry it up using a clean-towel before you begin the straightening process. In fact, dirty and oily hair is very hard to style especially when using heated hairstyling-tools and you may even end-up burning your hair during the styling process.


  • Always apply a hold and shine enhancing hairspray to the hair after styling it because this will help to keep your hairstyle in shape and looking shiny for longer period of time.



  • Using too much heat during the styling process can actually destroy or damage your hair and even make it grow at a slow-rate. So, consider styling your hair at the lowest heat-levels or you may even consider using other methods of straightening or curling hair without using heat styling-tools in order to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.


  • Be very careful when using a curling-iron because it can easily burn your fingers or other skin-area during the styling process. In fact, most curling-iron use electricity and this means that you should avoid using them within wet hair in order to avoid electrocution.

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