The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet Essay

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The internet is a world-wide network of computerized devices and servers whereby data/information is communicated between computer-systems and servers. Today, internet not only allows for communication through emails but also ensures easy availability of images, information, products and other new things that are convenient and make life easier for web-users. However, the internet also has disadvantages and all these will be listed in this post below:


Advantages of the internet:

  1. Easy communication between people: the internet allows people to communicate with each other no matter their location around the world through the use of emails, social-media platforms and internet-calls. In fact, use of internet-communication has allowed companies to expand today since they can easily communicate with their vendors and customers all over the world. On top of that, even personal-communication has become easier today due to the use of emails, social-media platforms and video-conferencing technologies.


  1. It’s a source of information: information is one of the biggest advantages offered by the internet. In fact, the internet has offers information on anything on this planet through the use of search-engines like Google, yahoo and Bing. The internet contains a huge amount of information on almost every subject known to man ranging from, government-law and services, trade-conferences and fairs, marketing-information, new-ideas and even technical-support.


  1. Easy sharing of information through forums: several websites on the internet feature forums that help people to discuss and share their thoughts and information all over the world. These thoughts can be inform of latest events, gossip, celebrity trends, sports, education and a lot more. This actually helps people to expand on their knowledge easily without using traditional means like visiting the library or conducting physical-research.


  1. Facilitates for easy learning and research by students: since the internet contains a huge amount of information, students can use it to make research on their school-projects and even learn new things about different subjects that they are interested in. in fact, many schools and universities have websites that help students to communicate, discuss and even learn from anywhere through the use of the internet. All in all, the internet has become a gateway for people who want to learn but without paying extra-fees or going to foreign countries which are very expensive.


  1. Offer a wide-range of entertainment: Most people today surf the internet in-order to gain access to various forms of entertainment ranging from games to movies. In fact, the internet has become very successful in trapping the entertainment industry whereby you can easily watch or download movies and games, surf for celebrity trends, listen or download your music and videos, etc.


  1. Easy dating: Today getting a soul-mate is getting harder but the internet is actually enabling people to easily date no matter their location around the world. In fact, there are several dating-sites like;, and a lot more that are helping people find their soul mates and even some people have achieved great marriages from these internet-services.


  1. Improved businesses through e-commerce: The internet also features a many websites selling various products online like Amazon, eBay, etsy, Wal-Mart and a lot more. In fact, you can easily shop and make payment online using your Visa-card no matter your location around the world. Additionally, global business deals can be conducted over the internet because of easy transfer of money and communication between business-partners. Lastly, you can easily book a movie-ticket or travel-ticket, transfer-funds, Pay utility-bills and taxes, make hotel reservations, compare prices of products and a lot more over the internet hence making life very convenient.


  1. Source of income: Today, the internet is actually providing a lot of people with a source of income through freelancing jobs, blogging, affiliate marketing, YouTube-channels, online-courses, music-downloads and a lot more. In fact, there are many successful businesses on the internet today like Amazon, eBay, Udemy, Facebook and a lot more.


  1. Social-connectivity: The internet has also led to improved social connectivity through the use of social-media platforms like; Watsapp, Facebook, instagram, tinder, twitter, Skype and a lot more. These websites have helped lonely people to socially network with their friends and family while students can use these platforms for discussions and businesses also use them for negotiations and marketing.


  1. Easy transfer of donations and money: With the internet, you can easily make donations to help different people around the world while online. This has actually helped a lot of people recover from poverty and natural-disasters around the world hence making the internet very important for human-life.


Disadvantages of the internet:

  1. Cybercrime: the internet has led to an increase in cyber-crime which include; online-fraud, eavesdropping, identity-theft and a lot more whereby these have affected a lot of people in the society in-terms finance, emotion ,etc. in fact, the internet is even being used to steer-up riots and revolutions around the world today.


  1. Online addiction: Today many people have developed a habit of spending too much time on the internet whereby this has led to neglect ion of important work by worker while students tend to neglect their studies. In fact, many people are spending their time on useless internet-activities like, watching movies and videos, chatting with friends on social-media-platforms, etc. All in all, people feel helpless when an internet connection is down and this implies that our life is moving at the pace of internet.


  1. Misuse of information: with a large amount information freely available over the internet, theft and misuse of information has increased. For example, today young people can easily access pornographic content over the internet which is actually very dangerous and hackers use your personal information to hack into your bank-accounts hence leading to increased theft.


  1. Reduced interaction between people: today people are losing their ability to communicate with others because of internet-services like; Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, etc which facilitate for quick and easy communication online. This has led to an increase in loneliness and psychological disorders amongst people today.


  1. A decrease in physical activities amongst people: the internet offers a wide range of entertainment-services ranging from games, videos to music. So, most people including children spend most of their time on the internet and this has led to a great decline in outdoor physical activities leading to various health-risks like obesity, heart-diseases, back-problems, eye-problems and a lot more.


  1. Increased violence amongst children: since the internet offers multiple games with violent-content, this has negatively influenced children into doing violent activities like shooting each-other, fighting each other, increased theft and a lot more.


  1. Increase in abnormal spending habits: since the internet is being used as a marketing platform, people tend to purchase extra-items that rarely need and this actually leads to increased economic strain. In fact, the internet is just a trap for people addicted to shopping and they should actually avoid over-using it in order to prevent abnormal spending habits.



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