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The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream 5

A man will shaves for a good number of times during his lifetime and this means that how he shaves is quite an essential element in promoting a healthy and smooth skin. The Art of Shaving has passionately devoted towards helping all men experience a perfect shave by creating the best shaving-creams that ensure optimal shaving performance.

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The Art of Shavingis a great, glycerin-based traditional style shaving-cream that is specially designed and marketed for use by men with normal to sensitive skin types. This amazing shaving-cream can lift soften and lift the facial-hairs including beards so as to achieve a close and comfortable shave while protecting the skin from irritations and razor-burn.  This cream contains rich, natural ingredients like glycerin, coconut-oil and other essential oils which leave the skin smooth and well moisturized. It also generates a rich and foamy lather which greatly protects the skin from any irritations by improving on the razor glide. on the other hand, this cream can even be lathered-up with a shaving brush or with the fingers but its best for one to use a shaving brush because creates a good lather and even lathers up the skin quite well. All in all, it is always recommended to use a shaving-brush together with a glycerin-based shaving cream like the art of shaving cream so as to get a closer and comfortable shave.

The good:

  • This shaving cream generates a rich and foamy lather which creates a good cushioning over the skin hence improving on the razor glide for a smooth and irritation free shave.
  • The Art of Shaving Shaving-cream also helps to hydrate the skin and hairs for a smooth and clean shave. It even leaves the skin well-moisturized, feeling soft and smooth because it contains essential-oils and this makes it a good shaving-cream for those with dry skins.
  • Another advantage about using this shaving-cream is that it can actually be lathered-up using your fingers or with a badger shaving-brush. This makes it very convenient to use especially for men who are always in hurry or travelling.

The bad:

  • This shaving-cream feels thinner and does not have thick luxurious texture like other shaving creams on the market. This mainly because it contains a lot of water in its formulation and this makes thinner hence it will barely last for even month. In fact, you will have to use a lot of this cream to achieve a good lather and even the lather feels foamy rather than slick and creamy like other shaving-creams on the market.


The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream 5

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Features overview:

  • It is glycerin based: this is a rich, glycerin-based shaving cream whereby it contains a good quantity of glycerin, coconut oil and other essential oils. All these work together to ensure that you get a comfortable, irritation-free shave while leaving the skin smooth and moisturized. These essential-oils even help to soften the whiskers or facial-hairs instantly to protect against painful tugging and pulling while shaving.
  • It produces a light lemon aroma: it gives off a rich, light and masculine lemon aroma that smells great. This aroma comes from precious oil which is extracted from peels of fresh, golden California lemons while using cold precision inorder to retain the utmost in-purity for a long-lasing aroma. This scent produced is light, masculine and will work for men who hate shaving-cream with strong scents.
  • It’s formulated with natural ingredients: The Art of Shaving shaving-cream is created using mostly natural ingredients and these include; water, glycerin and coconut-acid, lemon-fragrance, and other 100% essential-oils. All these ingredients help in the formation of expert formula that gives-off a rich, warm and protective lather that acts as a cushion between the shaving-blade and the skin thus preventing irritations and razor-burn. Shaving creams that are that are naturally ensure that the skin is exceptionally protected while shaving and even leave it feeling smooth and moisturized.
  • The shaving-cream is toxic-free: this traditional shaving-cream is free of alcohol, synthetic-dyes, and synthetic-fragrances. It does not even contain ingredients that can be harmful to the skin when absorbed. This makes it a perfect option for men who have very sensitive skin types because they don’t have to worry about this shaving cream when applied to the skin or while shaving.
  • It comes packaged well in a luxurious plastic bowl: the cream is packaged in nice looking plastic bowl with an awesome cover or cap that can be secured onto the bowl to protect the shaving cream when it is not being used. With this plastic bowl, you just have to use either your fingers or wet badger brush to pick lather from it directly and begin to lather-up your skin hence this implies that you don’t have to buy a shaving bowl. On the other hand, this shaving soap weighs approximately 5oz or 150-grams and this is just enough to take you for some good time.


Product Quality:

  • The Art of Shaving has all it takes to be called a high-quality shaving cream.  This cream contains a good amount glycerin, coconut-oil and other natural essential-oils which generate a rich, foamy lather which protects the skin from any irritations by improving the razor glide. These essential oils also leave the skin properly moisturized and feeling smooth. On the other hand, this cream is extracted from natural ingredients which help to hydrate the skin while softening the beards for a close and comfortable shave. The creamy texture of this shaving texture also ensures that one can lather up using either a badger brush or with fingers but this depends on what one prefers.
  • It also produces light, luxurious lemon aroma that is from a precious oil that is extracted from the peel of fresh, golden-California lemons using cold-precision so as to retain utmost purity and a long-lasing scent that is not that strong but simple, light and masculine. In conclusion, the Art of Shaving is a traditional, glycerin-based shaving cream that is formulated for men with normal to sensitive skin types and this is why it’s considered to be one of the best shaving creams on the market today.

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream 5

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Who does it benefit?

  • For men with tough or coarse beards: the cream is formulated with glycerin, coconut-oil and several essential-oils which all help to soften whiskers instantly for a clean and smooth shave without causing any pulling or tugging which is always painful.
  • Good for men with sensitive skins: this is due to the quality lather this cream produces that cushions the skin very well for smooth, quick and clean shave. In fact, the skin will not get any cuts, razor-burn or bumps after shaving. The cream will also leave the skin feeling moisturized and smooth which is a plus for guys with dry skin-types.


What Else Do You Need?

  • An aftershave balm: this balm is an essential element in achieving a perfect shave because it helps to restore moisture while soothing the skin after shaving. All in all, this balm helps to hydrate your skin after shaving and it’s of great importance to people with dry skin types.
  • Badger brush stand: this stand is ideal for drying your brush after washing it when you are done with shaving. This will ensure that the bristles don’t fall apart thus prolonging the life your badger shaving-brush. But it’s recommended to place the brush on the stand with the bristles facing downwards to ensure that water is drained well and for proper storage.

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