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According to New York Times, Gillette as a company supplied thousands of safety razors to the entire United States Army. By then it was the best shaving tool for men, though as time went on, many male grooming companies pop up on the market with all types of shaving tools. Last time I was watching BET and I saw this advert for NoNo Plus Hair Removal System, I have no proof on how it works but the adverts they use to persuade us to use it is irresistible. To my surprise, I did some research online to check on the popularity of Gillette safety razors, popular brands like Baxter of California & Art of Shaving have reported a 60% increase in the sales of safety razors and among these sales, Gillette seems to be among the most sold razor brands, though some men still love (Gillette Aristocrat of 1951, it’s a vintage razor but it seems to rock even in the 21st century.


This time I will feature Vintage razors from Razor Emporium, I tried to query Amazon but I didn’t get the best results, but let’s look into each razors features and discuss its pros & cons.

Gillette vintage safety razors can be used by both men and women; Razor Emporium has collected then over time so you should grand a piece and check out how it works, you might get surprised when they perform better than some popular brands like Merkur & Edwin Jagger. According to Razor Emporium, all these razors have been professionally cleaned and sanitized using high end technology which makes them brand new and ready to give you a clean & smooth shave.



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I have ranked these razors basing on years and rating. I’m sure majority of you where not existing in 1912 and even the type of technology which was being used by then to craft these shaving tools was not that advanced. But unless when you’re told that this ”silver new standard DE razor was for 1912, you would mistaken it with our latest brand ”Merkur 34c HD” because of its shape and shiny finishing. It’s a 3 piece safety razor which has been polished and revamped to perform just as better as recent safety razor models.


Functionality & Features:- The fresh silver plating give this brand a beautiful look and at the same time makes it durable, so you can hold onto in it for the next 5 – 20 years, if possible you can pass it over to your kids. It’s very easy to assemble this tool, simply screw off the top head, the comb will be attached to the handle shell, but the handle can be screwed off, put the blade on the comb and screw back the head and the handle to make it secure and ready for shaving.



  • Strong and durable, this can be proved by its manufacturing date. (1912)
  • Standard design:- I see no change in the design, so if you have been using Merkur razor, then you will find it easy to use this brand. I also love the silver finishing; it gives it a glow look.
  • Well cleaned and sanitized making it ready to clean shave that beard.
  • Its grade has been revamped a little bit to fit your shaving needs.
  • Once you buy it, you will also get a free vintage Ivory case and blades.



  • Broken Case: – I’m not surprised by this imperfection because the razor dates back to 1912.





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If you’re the kind of guy who likes fancy shaving accessories, then this Gillette Tuckaway safety razor of 1920’s  is for you.  It’s handmade which gives it perfection and class, the Gold plating does not fade and its small gold case makes it easy to travel with, it’s very small, in that it can fit in your pocket.

Functions & Features :- This is an improved vintage safety razor, its bar style head will cover a wide area and ensure that no hair is left behind, and the short handle resembles that of the Merkur 34c HD, that type of handle reduces on the pressure you have to use when shaving a thick beard. The razor will always be in a good condition no matter the situation because its gold plating doesn’t fade.



  • You get a full packet of Gillette blades when you order for this 1920’s gold tuckway Razor
  • Fully sanitized which makes it safe to use.
  • You will get an excellent shave because of its nice grip and short handle.



  • It has got a crack on the handle and age stain on the cap, but this has been caused by age.


  1. Gillette 1940s Notched Super Speed Safety Razor

Gillette 1940s Notched Super Speed Safety Razor 1

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In 1940s, Gillette revised this edition and made it super fast, it’s ideal for men who want to get a quick shave. This Notched super speed safety razor falls in the butterfly category, to insert blades, you have to switch on the knob and the head will open, insert new blade or clean the razor and then switch off the knob to close the head. I personally prefer butterfly razors too  3 piece razors because it is very easy to operate a butterfly razor than a 3 piece razor. This vintage razor comes at a good price, so you can own a piece while stock lasts.


Functionality & Features: – It has a standard handle which fits in your hands very well without slipping off even when wet shaving. Its butterfly style makes it easy to replace new blades without going through the hassle of screwing on & off the head.



  • It’s a Double Edge safety razor; this makes it an ideal razor for men with sensitive skins.
  • The nickel finish gives it a shinny look.
  • Standard handle, it can fit in both large & small hands.
  • It has been sanitized which makes it ready to use anytime from now


  • The razor has light stain on its handle, this will not affect its performance but it kills its beauty.

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