Tips On How to Burn More Calories on a Treadmill

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Many people are gaining extra-weight today because of the changing working environment and diet but a treadmill is actually a great cardio-machine that can help people increase on their aerobic-activity, improve on fitness-level and even lose extra-pounds by simply burning-up calories as you workout over this fitness-machine. In fact, running consistently on a treadmill for about 20-minutes and at a preferred-pace can actually help burn up to 300-calories or more which great for your health. Additionally, treadmills feel safer, comfortable and more controllable which makes working-out on them much easier. So, in this article I have listed for you some of the steps and different-ways you can follow in order to burn up extra calories while working-out on a treadmill.


  1. Warm-up before using a treadmill: try to always warm-up before stepping onto a treadmill because if you don’t, then you will be straining your muscles which is not good. So, consider carrying-out some lunges, knee-raises, bum-flicks or jumping in order to prepare your muscles before stepping onto the treadmill. In fact, warming-up will even help your body to burn up some calories before the treadmill starts to burn-up more calories.


  1. Step onto the treadmill: get onto your treadmill and then set it at a normal-speed in order to enable you achieve a gentle walk or jogging that helps to raise your heart-rate by accelerating your breathing. Walk/jog at this pace for about 5-10 minutes in order to prepare your body for the harder tasks.


  1. Increase the workout-speed slightly: afterwards, slightly increase the workout-speed in order to achieve a fast-jog and you should actually try to maintain this speed as you workout since it happens to be your basal-speed.


  1. Increase the workout-pace to a medium sprint-pace: after learning to maintain your basal-speed for about 5-to-10 minutes, gently increase your workout-pace to a medium sprint-race and stay at this pace for about 2-minutes then go back to your basal-speed for about 5-to-10 minutes.


  1. Return to a sprint-pace for 3-minutes: you will now have to return to the sprint-pace setting for about 3-minutes this time and again go back to your basal speed for another 5-to-10 minutes.


  1. Sprint for 4-minutes: go for a sprint for about 4-minutes and then return to a basal-speed. Do these until your legs can’t run anymore and this will actually take about 30-to-45 minutes in case you can really endure for that long. In fact, by the time you stop you will have burned-up a lot of calories which actually a great thing.


  1. Stop the treadmill and get-off: carefully reduce the speed of the treadmill and then switch it-off. Gently get off the treadmill and try to rest abit. However, if you want to achieve a more intense workout, you may get back onto the treadmill after an hour or more for a second session or try doing other exercises like jumping, squatting and a lot more.



  1. Increase on the time-duration of your workout: increasing the length of your workout gradually will actually help to rise on the rate at which calories are burned but try to be careful so that you don’t over-strain your muscles during the process.


  1. Increasing on the incline-level: another great way of burning up more calories and faster is by increasing on the incline-level of your treadmill. In fact, working-out on an inclined-level will provide you with a more intense workout that subsequently burns more calories compared to working-out on a flat-surface.


  1. Increase on workout-speed: increasing the speed at which your working-out will actually help you burn-up more calories or fat but this is not easy because you have to maintain that speed for some time in order to achieve effective results.


  1. Consider introducing high-intensity interval-trainings: if you really want to burn-up calories at a maximum-rate then you should consider introducing high-intensity interval trainings to your workout-routine. In fact, these interval trainings involve running at a much more vigorous pace and on an incline-surface for about 1 or 2 minutes for about 10-rounds until you complete your workout. All in all, high-intensity interval-trainings have been proven to burn-up a lot more calories than any conventional treadmill-workout.


  1. Swing your arms during a workout: bending your arms/elbows at a 90-degree angle and then swing them as you stride will help you burn-up 15% more calories and even help you increase on your workout-speed. However, too-much swinging or side-motion can drag down your workout-pace so try to swing your arms at a reasonable rate while having a workout.


  1. Integrate weights to your workout: holding weights (dumbbells) as you work-out on a treadmill will actually help you burn up to 25% more calories. This is because weights help to ensure more protein breakdown within your muscles so that the body can be able to use more energy to repair and recover itself thus burning-up more calories during the process.


  • The best way to burn-up more calories when having working-out on treadmill is by doing interval-trainings because they raise your heart-rate and even increase oxygen intake and removal thus burning-up more calories during the process.
  • Always try running on inclined-level because this helps to heavily workout your body in order to burn-up more calories and even decreases impact on your knees/joints thus reducing on the risk of getting injuries.
  • Avoid holding onto that handles as you workout and consider swinging your hands as you jog or run over the treadmill. This will actually to burn-up any extra calories and even tone-up your triceps, biceps, core and shoulders.
  • Try to run longer and at a consistent pace because this is actually the key to burning-up calories within your body. However, increase the workout-duration gradually so that you have to strain or put stress onto your joints and muscles which isn’t good for your health. All in all, running on a treadmill does not only help to burn-up more calories within your body but also helps to keep your entire body in a good condition.

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