Tips On How To Choose A Curling Iron

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Some people today may find it a little hard to choose the right type of curling-iron to use on their hair. In fact, curling-irons usually differ depending on the size of curls you want to create within your hair and this is why you need to select a curling-iron that will match your desired curls. on the other hand, the type of curling-iron you select will at-times be determined by the texture of your hair because certain curling-irons are designed to work on particular hair-textures and this implies that you need to know your hair-type before choosing a curling-iron. All in all, knowing the type of curling-iron that will work best in terms of curling your hair is very important before making a purchase. Below are some of the steps that will help you choose the right type of curling-iron.



  1. Check the curling-iron’s heat settings: you need to actually look at the curling-irons heat setting before making a purchase because different hair-types require different heat heat-settings. In fact, thick-hair can withstand higher heat-levels while thin-hair requires lower heat-temperatures in order to prevent hair-damage. However, higher temperatures are needed in case you’re going curl large amounts of hair at once. On the other hand, several curling-irons are designed with adjustable heat-settings and this is a great feature since it allows you to change temperature depending on your hair-type. Lastly, when using a curling-iron to style your hair always stay within 300-340 degrees of heat and try to go as low as 175-degrees for fine and thin hair.


  1. Choose between a curling-iron and curling-wand: a curling-iron actually features a spring-loaded clamp which holds hair in place during the curling process while a curling-wand is clip-less and requires the user to manually curl her hair around the wand. so, you will need to decide on what to buy but most retailers have curling-irons and just a few have curling-wands. On the other hand, curling-irons are available in a wide-variety of barrel-sizes while curling-wands help to wrap hair-ends last hence reducing on split-ends. However, curling-wands can create better beach-curls compared to curling-irons.


  1. Select the shape of your curling-iron: curling-irons are designed in different shapes in order to produce different curling-effects. Some of these shapes include; Cone shaped wands, straight barrels, Pearl barrels, double or triple barrels and Flat irons. So, you will have to select a curling-iron in any of those shapes depending on the curling effect you want to achieve.


  1. Choose a curling-iron made from the right materials: all curling-irons are not made from the same materials and this means that you should pay extra attention when choosing a curling-iron in order to know the type of materials it’s made of. This is because some materials work better on hair than other materials. For example, ceramic and tourmaline curling-irons are very common and safe to use if you curl your hair more often. Titanium-barrels are best for coarse-hair that is hard-to-heat and unmanageable. Chrome and gold barrels are also good but they don’t fight frizz within hair while metal-steam barrels are best for thin-hair that can’t hold curls well.



  1. Decide on the curling-iron barrel to use basing on the size of curls you want: curling-irons actually features different size barrels ranging from 3/8″ to 2″ widths whereby each of these barrels produces a different type/size of curls. So, if you want to create tighter curls then you will have to use a barrel with smaller-width and if you wish to create looser-curls then consider using a larger-barrel curling iron. On the other hand, if you have thin and flat hair then smaller-barrels will work best for you and larger-barrels won’t actually create lasting curls for this type of hair. For those with thick-hair which can retain shape easily, they will be able to use larger-barrels and even achieve nice-looking looser curls for longer.


  1. Select a tiny barrel curling-iron for springy and tighter curls: curling-irons with barrels of sizes of 3/8″, 1/2″, and 5/8″ are best for creating tighter curls. In fact, these small-barrels work best on hair which is short just like past the shoulders and these barrels will also work well on naturally long and short curly-hair. Additionally, women with straight-hair will be able to achieve tight, kinky curls using small-barrels but the process maybe abit time-consuming. Lastly, small-barrels will help to offer touch-ups in case a few strands weren’t curled properly and these types of barrels also work best on thinner hair textures.


  1. Use a 3/4″ barrel in case you want to create vintage curls: a 3/4″ barrel can actually produce slightly looser curls and these great for creating vintage-styles and up-do’s. Additionally, you can even achieve corkscrew-curls while using a 3/4″ barrel. However, a 3/4″ barrel works best medium or short hair and you will also need to gently brush the curls in order to achieve softer-locks.


  1. Use a 1-inch barrel if you’re new to curling-irons (novice): a 1″ barrel is considered as an overall go-to styling tool for creating different curls for any hair-length. So, if you’re buying a curling-iron for the first time then consider buying one with 1″ barrel for best results. Additionally, a 1″ barrel curling-iron works best for short-bobs, long-layered curls and medium-length hair.


  1. Select a 1-1/4″ barrel in case you have medium-to-long hair: a 1-1/4″ barrel is considered to be the most popular curling-iron barrel size amongst women with longer hair. In fact, a 1-1/4″ barrel can create uniform-curls, looping-curls or defined-natural and soft waves. Additionally, a 1-1/4″ barrel can even be used on short-hair to generate volume and to create softer and looser curls.


  1. Use a 1-1/2″ barrel for beach-curls: if you want achieve looser curls then you will have to use a larger barrel of about 1-1/2 inches. In fact, a 1-1/2″ barrel creates voluminous, loose curls and this implies that it’s the best barrel to use if you really want to achieve messy beach-curls or Victoria’s-Secret curls. However, the 1-1/2″ barrel only works best on longer-hair and on some medium-lengths but it can’t be used on short-hair because it’s too-big.


  1. Use a 2″ barrel for a slightly tousled look: this is the largest barrel that only be used on longer hair. In fact, a 2″ barrel is not actually designed to create curls but it’s instead meant to provide a rounded texture to the hair-ends. In fact, a 2″ barrel will work perfectly for girls having straight-hair and wish to apply a little-shape within it without defined curls.

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