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Trimming beards actually involves doing several things in order to achieve a great look. In fact, most beard styles require creating dramatic contrasts at the ends and they range from clean-lines, abrupt-lines to faded-lines. on top of that very beard will need a neck-line, cheek-line or side-burn in order to make it look stylish but this actually requires particular skill and even some people prefer going to a professional-barber instead of shaving and detailing the beard-lines themselves.  On the other hand, you can use different shaving tools to create beard-lines ranging from electric-trimmers to safety-razors but this will actually depend on what you prefer to use. All in all, there is no right way of shaping and detailing a beard but the most common beard-styles require trimming the neck-line and cheek-line in order to prevent an over-grown beard appearance. So below are some of the methods that you can follow when creating a desired neckline:


Most beard-styles actually look great with a well maintained and defined neckline but some men don’t know how high or low they should trim a neckline. So, it’s for this reason that I have listed for you some of the steps that you can follow when trimming a beard neckline;

  1. Know where the neck-line stops: before you begin creating neckline, you need to know where to stop by simply looking straight into a mirror with your head upright and then mark where the neckline will stop. In fact, the hairs that fall below the imaginary neck-line or below the chin-line have to be trimmed off.


  1. Define or mark the neckline: this will involve tilting your head back a bit and then place one-finger of the other hand at the top of the Adam’s apple. This spot actually acts as a natural dividing line between the neck and your beard.


  1. Trim below the marked-spot: get your trimmer and place it at the marked-spot and then start trimming hair while moving downwards. Do the same trimming on the other side while moving outwards from the middle-spot but make sure you stay under the jawline. However, don’t make the beard neckline too-round while trimming it but instead create a slight up-curve.


  1. Choose between a square or round neckline: defining your neckline requires you to choose between a square or shape neckline design. Additionally, carefully define the corners of your beard by simply creating a vertical-line below the ear-lobes and then connect it with the horizontal-line below the chin. In fact, you may leave these corners chiseled or angular or consider gently rounding-off the corners in order to create a more appealing look.


  1. Do the final touches: final touches will include precisely defining the entire neckline and you may even reduce on the amount of hair around the neckline in order to create a slightly faded effect. Additionally, you may apply an aftershave in order to soothe and moist the areas around the neckline hence creating a more a appealing look.



A cheek-line is also another great way for styling your full beard but you have to be extra careful when creating a cheek-line because it can easily ruin the appearance of your full-beard just like a messed-up neckline can do. On the other hand, when it comes selecting a cheek-line for your full-beard then the factor should in your decision should be selecting a cheek-line that optimizes your beard’s appearance and uniqueness. Additionally, there are actually 3-types of cheek-lines and these include; too-low, natural and defined effect of a below are some of the steps that you can follow when creating a cheek-line.

  1. Choose the type of cheek-line: before beginning to trim the cheek-line, you will need to first choose the type of cheek-line to tryout. So, you can go for a too-low, natural or defined cheek-line depending on your tastes and preferences. However, most people go for a natural cheek-line because it’s very easy to create and it even looks great on the beards.


  1. Let the cheek-line go natural: before you begin creating a cheek-line that best suits your full-beard, you need to first see how a cheek-line will look on that beard by simply letting your beard cheek-line to grow-out naturally. In fact, don’t trim your full-beard and give it time to grow-out so that you can be able to see how it takes shape. It is even recommended to-do this during a vacation so that no one will feel irritated by being around your fully-grown beards. so, after letting your cheek-line grow naturally to a sufficient level that you would love to see, then start drawing the cheek-line.


  1. Visualize a line moving from the sideburns to the mustache: this involves defining the full-beard’s cheek-line by simply choosing a starting-point in front of the sideburns where the natural cheek-line begins and then choose an ending-point where the cheek-line meets with the mustache. So, carefully visualize a straight-line from the starting and ending point and try to keep the straight-line as high as possible with the beard-growth filling-up the space below the cheek-line.


  1. Begin trimming the cheek-line: get a safety-razor or an electric-shaver with precision-trimmer and begin creating the cheek-line while following the visualized line. Be careful when buying when trimming a cheek-line because you can easily get nicks if you don’t do the trimming well.


  1. Consider rounding-off the transition from sideburns to the cheek-line: this begins by visualizing a curve that will round-off a transition from the front of the sideburns into the created cheek-line. On the other hand, you may not round-off the transition in order to generate a more angular effect.


  1. Trim all the hair above the cheek-line: afterwards, gently trim away all the facial-hair above the visualized and created cheek-line. You can use a safety-razor or beard-trimmer to cut-off this facial-hair but only after removing guard for precise results. On top of that, be cautious when trimming your facial-hair in order to prevent trimming-errors and to avoid any nicks.


  1. Finish-up: finish by gently trimming the other side of the cheek that same way you did with the first one but try to keep cheek-lines even on both sides. Apply some aftershave in order to moist and soothe the areas around cheek-line and you will actually be good to go.

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