Tips On How To Exercise On A Whole Body Vibration Machine

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A whole-body vibration is actually a neuromuscular training or method that uses low-to-moderate vibration stimulations in order to improve on muscular power and strength. In fact, when performing a whole-body vibration training, a person usually stands on a vibration-platform and then starts doing unloaded exercises like lunges or squats for multiple sessions of about 1-minute per session. During the process, the vibrating-platform will produce oscillating vibrations that will be delivered throughout the entire body. Additionally, the vibrations from the vibrating-platform are always set at a frequency and amplitude that will provide the user with desired stimulus. However, when standing on a vibrating-platform, the lower-body section will receive the greatest amount of vibration stimulus while the upper-sections of the body will receive fewer vibrations during process. So, below are some of the steps, tips and ways that you can follow when exercising a whole-body vibration machine and they will be of great importance to you if followed carefully.


  1. Acquire a whole-body vibration platform: you will have to buy a new vibration-platform from a fitness store in case you have the money but if you don’t, then consider going the gym because most advanced gyms are equipped with vibration-platforms.


  1. Place the vibration-platform on flat and stable surface: after acquiring your vibration-platform, take it home and place it in a room with ample space. Make sure that the vibration-platform sits firmly onto the ground so that you can achieve a stable workout experience.


  1. Stand onto a vibration-platform: the most commonly used mode of a whole-body vibration training requires someone to stand onto a vibration-platform and then begin performing some simple exercises like squat or lunges for specified durations.


  1. Stay on the vibration-platform for about 15 to 30 minutes: when using a whole-body vibration platform, consider staying on it for about 15-minutes in case you have just started using it but you will have to gradually increase on the time you spend on this machine to up to 30-minutes after getting used to it. However, using vibration-platform for longer periods of time can intensively strain your muscles leading to muscle-damage. So, always stay on a vibration-platform for a recommended amount of time.


  1. Switch it off and rest a bit: after enjoying your whole-body vibration training for about 15 to 30 minutes, switch-off the vibrating-machine, leave it and then consider resting for some few minutes in order to regain your energy. In fact, you should consider working-out on vibration platform for just once a day and for about 3 to 4 times a week so that you don’t over-strain body muscles.


  1. Consider doing other exercises after resting: you should also consider carrying-out other aerobic and non-aerobic exercises after using a whole-body vibration platform. These exercises may include push-ups, triceps, running, swimming and a lot more and they will actually help to enhance on your workout experience since a whole-body vibration training only takes a few minutes.



  • You can stand over it: standing on a whole-body vibration platform will actually offer you with optimum vertical support and this will greatly help in maintaining balance as you workout. However, you may consider making some slight adjustments in standing position since this will help to create variations in your muscle-fibers hence making a whole-body vibration training more beneficial. In fact, this muscle-stimulation is equivalent to several hardcore exercises yet it can easily be achieved by slight dynamic-movements on a whole-body vibration platform. Lastly, some of the exercises you can do in order to achieve the variations within your muscles include; squatting, leaning backwards or forward and a lot more as long your body-muscles are engaged.


  • Varying the intensity the whole-body vibration machine: whole-body vibration machines can actually enable the user to change the intensity or level at which they vibrate. So you may consider using the pyramid-method which involves going from low to high to low or you may just consider starting-out at a low-level and then build-up to higher-level as you workout. In fact, with continued use of vibration-platform, you will happen to notice that certain positions tend to work better at particular speed-levels (intensity) than others. on other hand, for some vibration-platforms the levels of 1-to-5 are best used for joint-flexibility, muscle-relaxation, balance, pain-reduction, coordination, neuromuscular relaxation and rehabilitation while the more intense-levels of 6-to-10 are best used for building muscle-strength, weight-reduction, cellulite-loss and muscle-toning. However, you will have to use a vibration platform for sometime in order to reap all of its benefits.


  • Changing the distance between the feet: vibration-platforms actually enable the user to have more control over his/her workout since they are in total-control of the machines’ amplitude or intensity-levels. So, changing the distance of your feet when using a vibration-platform will help to change the intensity of the entire work-out. In fact, if you bring the feet closer to the center of the vibration-platform then less muscle-extension will be required. When you place your feet further-apart like the edges of the vibration-platform, then your workout will become more intense and challenging.


  • Consider doing different exercises or positions on a vibration-platform: in case you really want to target particular areas of your body such as abs, thighs, gluteus or arms when using a vibration-platform, then consider positioning your body in an angle that works out those areas. In fact, you should hold a chosen position for about 1 to 3 minutes but depending on your strength-levels. Some of the exercises that you may do when using a vibration-platform include planks, squats, lunges, triceps and calf-raise but remember to use a digital timer because it will you know the amount of time you need to spend on each body-position. On top of that you may even consider carrying out dynamic-positions on vibration-platform although they can be a bit challenging and these include pushups, step-ups and a lot more.


  • Consider ramping-up your vibration-platform workout: on whatever vibration platform machine you’re using, consider increasing your workout duration form a 10-minute session to a 15-20 minute session for at least twice daily. However, make sure that you give your body enough resting between more intense workouts.

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