Tips On How To Exercise While Sitting At Your Computer

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Most people who work in offices actually find it comfortable and normal to sit on their computers for an average-time of 8-hours a day but this is not actually good for their health. In fact, sitting on computer for longer hours without taking breaks can actually lead to severe backaches due to the poor sitting-posture and can even lead to eye-strain. So, if you have been sitting on your computer all day without taking breaks or exercising then you should know that it’s not good for your health and you should actually begin to integrate some exercises to your working-routine in order to keep your body in a great condition. So, below are some of the steps that you may follow in order to improve on your working-routine so as to maintain a healthy body:

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METHOD-1: Easy Exercises You Can Do While Sitting At Your Computer:

The best simple exercises you can do while sitting on a computer will include stretching your legs, arms, neck and torso-section in order to prevent your body from feeling stiff and below are some of ways you can do these exercises:

  1. Neck stretching-exercises: stretching your neck will require you to slowly flex your head forward and backward, side-to-side and then look left and right. In fact, neck-stretches can be done almost at anytime in order to lessen on tension and strain as you sit at your computer. However, never try to roll your head around the neck because this may cause severe damage to the neck-joints.


  1. Shoulder stretching-exercises: this will involve rolling your shoulders forward for about 10-times and then backwards so as to help release the tension off the shoulders.


  1. Arms and Shoulders stretching-exercises: this stretching-exercise involves bracing your hands on the edge of the desk with each hand about a shoulder-width away from the body. After, begin to twist your hands in so that they point towards the body and then lean forward while hunching your shoulders. Additionally, try to take this further by simply pushing your shoulders and elbows closer the desk for more effective results.


  1. Wrists stretching-exercises: this involves rolling your wrists regularly for at least once in every hour. In fact, you have to roll the wrists for 10-times clockwise and then 10-times counter-clockwise. This in-turn will help to minimize on the potential of getting carpal tunnel syndrome in case you spend a lot of time typing.


  1. Ankles stretching exercises: these involve rolling your ankles regularly in a clockwise motion for 3-times and then counter-clockwise. In fact, this exercise helps to improve on blood-circulation and even prevents the tingling feeling you get when blood-circulation is cut-off.


  1. Chest stretching exercises: this will involve opening your arms wide and then rotate the wrists externally while pulling your shoulders backwards. This stretching-exercise will actually move your body in the opposite-way to being hunched making you feel good across the upper chest-section.


  1. Abdomen stretching exercises: these involve contracting the abdominal and gluteus muscles and then hold them for a few seconds before releasing them. Additionally, you can also perform pelvic floor-exercises while sitting in order to improve on your overall health.


  1. Calves stretching exercises: these involve stretching the calves while sitting by simply lifting-up your legs on the balls of the feet and then set them down. Repeat this process until the legs get tired, rest for about for 10-minutes and then continue doing this exercise for about an hour. Exercising the calves will actually prevent blood-clots from developing within your legs.


  1. Exercise using a few tools: you may also decide to exercise using a few tools which may include; a hand-gripper, an elastic-band, stability-ball, squash-ball and a lot more. In fact, these tools will enable you stretch your arms and other upper body-parts while relaxing your muscles hence keeping you healthy and fit throughout your workout-routine.


METHOD-2: Taking breaks as a way of exercising while sitting your computer:

  1. Stand-up and walk every 30 minutes: it’s actually recommended to stand-up and walk around every 30-minutes in case you have been suiting at your computer. This will actually facilitate for continuous blood-circulation in your legs, arms and will even keep your body away from getting strained.
  2. Look away from the computer: in order to avoid straining your eyes while working at a computer, you will have to look away from and then take a look at distant objects for about 3-to-5 minutes then get back to work. This will actually give you eyes a break and actually prevent them from getting irritated hence keeping them healthy.
  3. Try doing regular exercises during your break: in case you office has enough space and few co-workers, then you may consider doing exercises like push-ups, jumping or even sit-ups for about 5-minutes and then get back to work.


METHOD-3: How to achieve a correct-posture as way of exercising while sitting at your computer:

  1. Sit in an office-chair: office-chairs are actually ergonomically-designed in order to provide someone with a proper sitting posture while doing desk-work. However, when sitting in an office-chair you should consider keeping your back straight, shoulders back and even the top-section of the monitor should be at level with your eyes for best results.


  1. Adjust the screen: if you really need to look down and up, then you will have to adjust the height of your monitor/screen for best results.


  1. Avoid placing wrists on the keyboard or mouse-pad: when working while sitting on a computer, you should make sure that the wrists don’t lie onto the keyboard or on the mouse-pad unless if you have a pad with a wrist-rest. This is actually very important because it helps to prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome which can lead to compression of wrists thus causing loss of feeling, pain and weakness in the arms.


  1. Keep the legs bent at the knee-section: you will also have to keep your legs bent at the knees but make sure that the knees are kept slightly higher than the hips. Additionally, keep the feet flat onto the ground but you short remember to take short breaks as you work while sitting on the computer for best health-results.

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