Tips On How To Get Curly Hair Without A Curling Iron

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Curling your hair will make you look flattering and great no-matter your hair type, length or color. In fact, most people today use curling-irons to create curls within their hair but these tools actually produce heat which can easily cause damage to your hair overtime. In fact, it’s unhealthy to use heating-tool over your hair and this why you need to consider going for other methods of styling your hair without using heated-tools. However, the good thing is that there are various methods of achieving curls without using curling-irons and you will even be able to easily achieve various types of curls like vintage-curls, tight-curls, natural-curls and voluminous-waves while using these simple curling techniques.



  1. Start by preparing your hair: you will need to first thoroughly wash and condition your hair using a conditioning-shampoo, blot hair dry using a towel and after then brush through it in order to remove any tangles.


  1. Wrap hair around the headband: get a soft and elastic headband that can be wrapped all the way around the head in order to keep hair out of your face. While working in sections, wrap hair round the headband and after use hair-pins to pin-up the hair-ends during the process. Continue the wrapping-process until all the hair is wrapped-around the headband.


  1. Leave hair to dry: you will have to let your hair dry naturally by simply going to sleep while wearing a headband so that the hair completely dries over-time. On the other hand, you may consider using a hair-dryer that has been set to a cold-setting or low-heat setting to blow-dry your hair and this will actually help to speed-up the hair-drying process without damaging your hair.


  1. Remove your headband: after your hair has completely dried, gently unpin each section of hair and then remove the headband in order to let your hair curl down naturally. Continue removing the hairpins until all the hair is loose and also consider shaking-out your curls to create some volume and an amazing appearance. Additionally, to keep your nice-looking vintage-curls in place, you will have to scrunch through them using a hair-mousse or a hold hairspray.


  1. Purchase the rollers: you need to first buy the rollers from either a beauty-shop or any online store that sells hair-products. Additionally, big-rollers will help to create large and lengthy curls while small-rollers will help create smaller and short curls. So, you need to know the type of curls you want to create before buying rollers and you may also consider buying an entire set of rollers which contains all sizes of rollers for best styling results.


  1. Clean-up your hair: gently apply conditioning-shampoo into your hair and then scrunch through it using warm-water. Afterwards, carefully pat your hair dry use a clean-towel in order to remove any excess or dripping water.


  1. Brush your hair: after, gently comb all your hair in a proper way in order to remove any tangles. Use a big hair-brush to comb medium-to-long length hair and a regular comb to brush short hair. In fact, you need to be very gentle when combing your hair so that you don’t pluck-out any hair-strands which can also be painful.


  1. Section-off hair in small-bunches: after sectioning-off your hair, gently roll it up and immediately place rollers on each rolled-section. Carefully, pin or attach the rollers in place while following the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.


  1. Place rollers all over the head: continue sectioning and rolling your hair until the head is covered-up with rollers. Be gentle during the whole hair-rolling process so that you don’t cause damage to your hair.


  1. Keep rollers within your hair for sometime: you will now have to leave the rollers within your hair for about 3-to-4 hours so that your hair can achieve a curled shape or effect throughout before removing the rollers.


  1. Carefully remove the rollers: after waiting for about 3-to-4 hours with rollers in your hair, carefully take these rollers out of your hair one by one until all of them are taken-out. Leave hair to drop freely below your head and you will actually be amazed by the nice-looking curls created within it. Additionally, consider shaking your hair abit in order make the curls look abit loose and also try spraying over the curls using a hold and shine-enhancing hairspray in order to achieve a more appealing look.



  1. Start by cleaning-up your hair: before you begin curling your hair, consider washing and conditioning it thoroughly while using a conditioning-shampoo. Afterwards, carefully comb through hair in order to remove any tangles and after blot it dry using a dry, soft towel. However, don’t apply any hair-serum or leave-in conditioner in order to achieve better styling results.


  1. Get a T-shirt and cut it into long-strips: acquire a clean T-shirt probably the one you’re not using and then cutting it into long-strips. Start cutting the T-shirt from the neck moving all the way down to the end while using scissors. Cut-up as many strips as possible for that T-shirt and don’t use sleeves because they are too-short to create long-strips. Additionally, make strips as wide as your wish the curls to be like for tiny-curls you need to cut 1-inch wide strips while for bigger-curls you will have to cut up to 3-inches wide strips. Lastly, if you don’t have an old T-shirt to use then you may consider using long-socks, towels and other types of clothing as long as you ensure that the length of the strips is a few inches longer than the hair to be curled.


  1. Section and roll-up your hair: this involves using a comb to separate a small-section of hair from the rest. After, carefully line-up the bottom the t-shirt strip with the ends of the hair-strands. Begin to roll hair up towards the roots while keeping the T-shirt strip in place all the way up. After rolling hair and the strip up towards the scalp, gently tie the end of the strip in order to hold your rolled hair into place. Additionally, in case you only need to curl the ends of your hair then consider stopping rolling hair halfway up the head and after tie the strip at a section where you wish the curls to stop. Lastly, always roll the hair under but not upwards for the curls which curve towards the neck rather than those that bounce outwards.


  1. Give hair time to dry: leave your hair to air dry by waiting for several hours or you may even consider going to bed with hair rolled into these strips.


  1. Carefully untie the strips: when your hair has completely dried-up, untie the strips within and then loosen-up all the hair. You will actually get tight-curls within your hair and if you wish to get looser-curls then consider running a wide-toothed through hair in order to turn tight-curls into waves.

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