Tips On How To Get The Best Workout On A Treadmill

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Working-out on a treadmill is actually a very convenient way of keeping your body in good-shape without going outdoors. In fact, using a treadmill for cardio-workouts is a great way of burning-up extra-calories, increasing body-strength and even keeps your heart healthy. On the other hand, a treadmill is usually equipped with several workout-programs and it’s actually upon you to choose a program that will help you meet your fitness-goals in the shortest period of time. Additionally, you can even decide to adjust the speed and incline setting manually in order to achieve workout that is more challenging and effective. All in all, below are some of the methods that you may follow in order to get the best workout from a treadmill;

STEP-1: How To Focus On The Heart-Rate In Order To Achieve The Best Work-Out On A Treadmill:

  1. Determine your maximum heart-rate: determining your maximum heart-rate just before you begin having a treadmill-workout will actually help you effective results. In fact, to get your maximum heart-rate you will have to subtract your age from 220.


  1. Consider using the heart-rate monitor on the treadmill: most treadmills are actually integrated with an inbuilt heart-rate monitor which helps you measure your heart-rate. This implies that you will have place your hands to the heart-rate sensors or use a chest strap in order to start monitoring your heart-rate while having a workout.


  1. Workout over the treadmill until you reach 70% of the maximum heart-rate: afterwards, you will need to run/walk over the treadmill until you finally reach at least 70% of your maximum heart-rate. In fact, it’s at this point that your body will maximize on rate at which fat and calories burnt.


  1. Run/walk for as long as you can: it’s actually recommended to work-out between 70%-to-80% of the maximum heart-rate for as long as you can in order to achieve effective results. If you get tired, then consider slowing your workout-pace to a steady-walk so as to build-up enough energy to go back for a 70-to-80% level again.


STEP-2: Focusing On Speed In Order To Get The Best Work Out On A Treadmill:

  1. Increase to a speed that feels fast-enough for you: you will actually need to increase on your workout-speed while over a treadmill to a point where you feel like you’re running or walking with intensity depending on your health-levels. Working-out at fast-pace will actually help to raise your heart-rate, increases on the distance covered and also increases on the amount of calories burnt in the short period of time.


  1. Always increase on the workout-speed gradually: when having a workout over a treadmill, you have to start walking/running at a low-speed and then build-up to higher-speeds gradually. For example, you may decide to walk for about 5-minutes at a lower-speed and then begin jogging at higher-speed for about 10-minutes. You can actually continue increasing on your workout-speed until you achieve sprint but this actually depends on your health-level.


  1. Workout in intervals: working-out in interval while over a treadmill will actually enable you to achieve a more workout and even helps to improve on your endurance. For example, you may set the speed of the treadmill to an easy-jog for about 3-minutes and then increase it to a fast-run for about 5-minutes and after bring it back to an easy-jog. Do this process for about 30-minutes or until you feel that your body can’t handle it anymore. Additionally, you should consider running really hard during intervals in order to achieve the best workout over the treadmill.


STEP-3: Focusing On Incline In Order To Get The Best Work-Out On A Treadmill:

  1. Start by working-out on a flat-surface before inclining the treadmill: you will need to begin working-out on a flat treadmill-surface by simply walking/jogging for about 5-minutes or more depending on your health-status. This is very important because it will help to prepare your muscles and body for a more inclined running-surface.


  1. Increase on the incline-level gradually: afterwards, you will have to gradually increase on your incline-level to about 3% and then 5% or more. In fact, you should continue raising the incline-level until you feel like you’re walking/running the uphill. All in all, working-out on an inclined-level will provide your legs and lower-body sections with a great strength-workout and it even helps to increase of the amount of calories burnt.


  1. Search for pre-programmed settings with an incline-feature on the treadmill: you may actually need to look for pre-programmed settings that include an incline-feature on your treadmill in case you don’t want to incline the treadmill manually. In fact, some treadmills will provide you with a hiking-trail option which provides you with short periods of walking/running coupled with periods of incline.


  1. Integrate incline-levels to your interval-trainings: sometimes you will have to integrate different incline-levels to your different speed training-intervals in order to achieve a more intense workout that meets your fitness-goals. In fact, a gradual change in the walking/running pace and incline mimics how actually workout outdoors and even makes your workout more entertaining but very challenging. All in all, integrating incline to your interval-trainings will provide you with most effective workout that helps to burn-up more calories in order to keep your body in a good condition.


Tips To Consider In Order To Get The Best Work-Out On A Treadmill:

  • Consider integrating warm-ups in your cool-down periods as you work-out on a treadmill because this will help to give your body time to rest, prepare itself and even get recovered from previous physical-activity.
  • Integrate weights to your treadmill-workouts in order achieve more effective results. In fact, this will involve holding hand-weights or dumbbells as you walk/run over a treadmill. Additionally, there are also ankle-weights that you can easily strap onto your arms in order to increase on the effectiveness of your workout.
  • Always keep your arms active as you workout over a treadmill because this actually helps the body to burn-up more calories in less time compared to working-out when holding onto the handle-bars.

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