Tips On How To Hire The Right Developers

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Today, the business-world is tech-driven and having the right tech-developer on your business-team can actually give you an edge over other competitors. So, this may require you to reach-out to developers you know and people within your network who may have some experience hiring developers. Additionally, you must also have an idea on the type of developer you are looking for so that you can be able to craft a detailed job description and then find the best place to advertise your job opening. Lastly, you will also need to create some time for an interview-process so that you can be able to hire the best developer for your business-needs. All in all, below are the steps you will need to follow when hiring a developer.


How To Get Hiring Advice:

  1. Search and reach-out to friends who are developers: In-case you know of a successful developer, then try to reach them because they can be a great resource when it comes to helping you figure out what to look for in a potential hire. In fact, contacting developers within your network will help you get an insight or advice about what to look for in a good developer.


  1. Contact colleagues who have hired good developers before: If you know of someone within your field who recently hired a developer then consider having a chat with them about their hiring process and also try to ask them a few questions like; What are the most important qualities to look for in a developer?, Where and how did you find your best developer(s)? And What sorts of questions do you ask when interviewing a developer?


  1. Consult a Tech-savvy to help you evaluate potential hires: In-case you are not good at Tech then consider asking for help from a tech-savvy on how to spot the ideal candidate. Additionally, if you know of any developers then ask them to be a part of your interview process because they can help you come-up with key-technical questions and even evaluate your potential hire-performance during the testing process.


How To Advertise For Your Position:

  1. Create a compelling job description: The description of the job your offering should be specific and straightforward. This will let potential candidates know exactly what kind of skills and experience you are looking for and even what sort of work would be involved in the job. So, consider including information like; Your Company’s mission and area of specialization, Minimum education requirements for the job, professional certifications or training you are looking for, What kind of programming-languages your candidate should know, Years of work-experience they should have and What type of work you expect them to do.


  1. Ask people within your network to recommend candidates: Tapping into your professional network is actually one of the best ways to finding a good developer. So, consider talking to friends in your field in-order to let them know that you’re looking for developer and also give them specific details about the job and ask them to recommend anyone they think would be a good fit.


  1. Post the Job your offering to appropriate job-sites: Post the job-description to job-sites like; Indeed, LinkedIn and Monster. Additionally, make sure the job is posted on industry-specific job boards and other most popular sites for posting developer jobs like; Stack-Overflow Jobs, Dice, Crunchboard and Github. However, most industry-specific job boards charge a fee for posting a job-Ad but other general job boards like; Indeed and Glassdoor will allow you to post job-ads for free with an option of premium upgrades for at a given fee.


  1. Cooperate with the recruiter if you need extra help attracting candidates: In-case you’re not getting enough responses to your job posting then consider signing-up with a reputable recruiter within a company that specializes in software development talent. These experts will help put you in touch with the talent you’re looking for and even offer advice on how to pitch your position and conduct an effective interview. However, using a recruiter can be quite costly for employers since most recruiters charge a fee of 15%-25% of the successful candidate’s first year’s earnings.


  1. Consider attending a hackathon: This is a popular type of event for software-developers that provides an outlet for programmers to show off their skills, network and even meet potential employers. In fact, hackathons can take a form of physical-gatherings or virtual-meetups that take place entirely online. Likewise, these gatherings generally involve programming contests and are usually centered on solving a particular problem or giving developers from underrepresented groups a chance to shine. So, make an internet search for upcoming hackathons in-order to find hackathons near you.


  1. Tryout an industry-targeted job fair: Traditional job fairs are still a great option for people searching for employees. So, make an internet search for upcoming software developer career fairs in your area and then register for hiring events. In fact, most career fairs offer promotional packages to employers’ in-order to help them attract and connect with potential candidates. However, before going into a career fair, decide whether you are planning to accept resumes or pre-screen potential candidates for interviews.

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