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Improving on your mile time will actually enable you to run for longer so that you can be able to qualify for marathons or long-distance. However, improving on mile time requires a lot of hard work and effort coupled with optimum endurance which is not easy. In fact, you will even have to improve on your speed, strength and endurance in order to gradually improve on your mile time and it’s for this reason that I have decided to provide you with some of the steps that will help you to gradually improve on your mile time without over-straining your body.

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SECTION-1: How To Run Better, Faster And Stronger:

  1. Sprint for shorter distances: you will have to begin by sprinting for shorter distances than a mile. So, this means that you will have to run for about 200-meters, 400-meters or 800-meters but at a faster pace because this will help you to run a mile faster. However, you should know that if you’re able to run for 800-meters in 3-minutes then it will be impossible to run for a mile in 6-minutes because your speed slows down as you continue running.


  1. Do exercises that improve on your arm-speed: having strong and fast arms coupled with strong legs will actually help you run for longer and faster than expected. So, you try to carryout exercises that help to improve on arm-speed and these include; the standing-arm-drive which involve opening up the hands in order to keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle and then drive your elbows down and after move arms back up while moving from the chin to pocket as quickly as you can. Additionally, you can also do the sitting-arms-drive but this will be done while seated with the legs straight-out.


  1. Carryout interval-trainings: interval-trainings actually involve sprinting and resting in sessions for distances shorter than a mile. However, as you get more comfortable with a particular interval-training, you will need to increase on your pace/speed and workout-time for best results. For example, you may run at a race-pace for about 2-to-3 minutes then cool-down for 90-seconds and after run continue with your race-pace. Repeat this process for about 30-minutes in order to achieve a great interval-training. However, there are many different ways you can be able to achieve an interval-training but this will actually depend on your health and fitness levels.


  1. Do exercises that improve on your leg-strength: the stronger your legs become the more endurance and power your legs will achieve and this implies that you will be able run for a mile faster. So, some of the exercises that will help to improve on your leg-strength include; doing uphill-sprints, doing leaps, doing knee-kicks, climbing stairs and other activities that help to work-out your legs.


  1. Consider improving on your endurance: running for mile successfully actually involves integrating both speed and endurance. So, you will have to improve on your endurance in order to be able to run for longer distances and even this helps to train your body to stay stronger throughout the mile. Additionally, try to mix-up your workouts between speed-trainings and endurance-trainings for best results and you should even have a goal for each mile you would like to hit. On the other hand, try adding uphill-run to your endurance-training because this will actually make it much easier for you to run for a mile after some time. However, in case you get bored with running-routines as a way of improving on your endurance, then consider swimming, playing basketball, soccer or any other game that requires continuous motion in order to improve on your endurance.


  1. Try using hand-weights: training with hand-weights will actually help to improve on the strength of your arms and core. However, you should use hand-weights for about 20-minutes or more daily in order to help your arms grow stronger gradually. Additionally, you can even use hand-weights with a variety of exercises that help to tone your triceps, biceps, shoulder and forearms for best results.


  1. Consider doing other exercises that improve on body-strength: there are actually several exercises that you can carry-out at home in order to improve on your body-strength and these include; squats, push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, bicycle-riding and a lot more.


Section-2: How To Improve On Your Running Techniques:

  1. Master the proper running-form in the upper-body section: running with the proper form especially in the upper-body sections will help to keep you away from feeling fatigue and even prevent you from using extra-energy that you may not need to expend. in fact, a proper running-form will enable you to run that mile faster and some of the forms you should do keep your body strong as you run that mile include; tilting the head correctly(looking ahead of you), keeping the shoulders loose and low, using the arms efficiently and keeping your back and torso straight.


  1. Master the correct running-technique in the lower body-section: a proper running-form within your legs and entire lower body-section is very important when it comes to achieving a fast-run when running for a mile. So, some of the proper techniques you can follow include; keeping hips pointed forward, lifting the knees slightly when running and hitting the ground lightly with your feet.


  1. Try to breathe correctly/properly: you actually need to breathe in a proper way in order to maximize on your running-potential. So, you have to learn how to breathe deeply through the nose and then release the air slowly out from your mouth. Additionally, try to work on timing your breath to your steps by simply breathing with every 3 or 4-steps taken for best results.


  1. Master your running-technique throughout the race: if you’re running for a mile on track, then there are some things you can do in order to improve on your time during the race thus using others runners to your advantage. So, some of the things you can do when having a race on a mile-track include; running faster and powerfully at the beginning, knowing your position, staying relaxed in the middle of the race, maintaining the best position on the track, sprinting at the end of the race and always stay focused when running.

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