Tips On How To Install An Interior Door

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Installing an interior door isn’t such a huge or tiring task that you can’t do on your own and it doesn’t matter whether you are replacing an old one or simply fixing in a new one. Once you have a clear set of instructions and important tips just like the ones I am about to put down for you in this particular you will realize how quick and easy installing an interior door is. Interior doors are a great detail that you have to pay attention to as they greatly accent the appearance of your whole interior décor. You can reduce on the cost of hiring someone else to install the door for you by gathering all of you equipment and getting your hands busy on this simple project. Is you are installing a pre-hung then here is what you will need and what you have to do in order to perfectly install an interior door.


Door installation brackets


Power drill

6 inch or 4 inch level



  • Look for a perfect fit door; depending on the size of the opening in your wall, you will have to look out for a door that fits in perfectly. Not all doors that you will find on the market are the same size that is because door opening are of various sizes ranging from 24inch to 36inch. This simply means that you can’t any door in a wall opening is far much bigger than its size or one that is much smaller, it should always be just a little bigger to leave room for adjustments.
  • Make the starting measurements; to avoid making any mistakes, start with making the basic measurements and this will be very easy once you have your 4 inch or 6 inch level. To be guaranteed of more accurate and precise measurements, it is best to use a laser level and one that attached to the wall as it will be quicker and easier for you to use. Draw a plumb line on the wall, beginning just 1/2inches from the door’s hinge side, it is the rough side.
  • Fix the door installation brackets; by now you should already have your installation brackets really close to you. The door comes pre-attached to a wooden frame which many refer to as the door jamb, so outside this area is where you are supposed to fix 6 door installation brackets. Put a bracket at the back of each hinge, there will be three hinges and the remaining three brackets should be put on the opposite side of the door jamb. As you fix the brackets make sure that the first one is 8 inches from the top of the door, another should be just a few inches before the latch stop and the last one also 8 inches before you get to the door’s bottom.
  • Put the door right into the door opening; it is always recommended that you don’t place the door on the bare floor so put 1/4inch or 1/2inch blocks down and put the door on top of them. This way you will be leaving space for a carpet and preventing the door from putting cracks on the floor whenever it is opened and closed.
  • Install the brackets; in the beginning you made a plumb line on the wall and this is when it will be of use. Start with the top most bracket and screw it into the wall with the help of a long screw driver. After installing the first bracket you will have a very clear reference point to follow therefore follow that same one and install the other two brackets and at this point your door will be on the same level but it is still not firm enough. Look at the space between the door jamb and the door (the reveal) before putting in the other three brackets. Keep checking on that space while you install the remaining brackets before leaving the door to hang on its own. When the door is perfectly put up, it is now very okay to remove the blocks that were giving it support from below.
  • Attach the trim; after hanging the door up, the next thing you need to do is attach the trim, these are just small pieces of wood that partly hide the hinge and joints. The trim will help to hide all those installation brackets and hence make your home super elegant with the brackets concealed inside. The best thing about trim is that you can choose which design to cut it into to make sure it fits your style but the color must match the color of your door to give it that elegant touch.


  • Note that the hinges help the door to close or open therefore you need to place them correctly to ensure that opening and closing the door is not too problematic. If the hinges are not well placed then moving the door will definitely not be that easy.
  • To reduce the space between the door jamb and the door just use a screw driver and reverse the screw from within the bracket, you can then adjust the door jamb and then you can make the screw tight again. This helps to improve the stability of your door by making it more firm.
  • Make sure that the door you choose matches well into the door opening in your wall, this will make your job easier and save you the burden of having to cut the door to size again.
  • Use the recommended installation brackets for added stability and security of the door, with about 6 brackets in place you will be guaranteed that the door is firmly placed.
  • Gather all of the necessary equipment early enough before you even get started on the procedure, this will save you a lot of time.

With those few tips and clear instructions on how to install a door, I guess there will be no need for you to waste your money paying someone to install an interior door for you anymore.

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