Tips On How To Maintain A Lawn Mower – Tuning it Up

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To keep your lawn looking its best you will need a really good quality mower but besides that you also need to take good care of the mower to ensure that it performs flawlessly each time you use it. You don’t have to wait for the mower to get some kind of break down problem for you to do some maintenance because for durability and long lasting quality performance you will have to do some maintenance every after using the machine or before putting it away for storage. Well, for those of you who have no idea about how to maintain your lawn mower I can assure you that you are in the right place. In this post I have featured really helpful tips that will maintain the lawn mower in good shape for a long period of time.


  • Do a simple cleaning every after mowing session:wait for the mower to stop running and wipe off its top with either a dump rug or whisk broom. Another thing you need to is remove old gasoline, for every new mowing session it is important to start with new and clean gasoline because it has been found that old gasoline is one of the reasons as to why lawn mowers fail to start at times. Wear gloves and rub off all the grass that may mold up on the mower’s blade and under the deck.
  • Replace the oil:in most cases it is advisable that you change the oil after every 6 months but you can as well change it before that time if you see any alerting signs like the oil being too black in color. Many of the mowers lately have a drain plug that you will have to remove until all oil has totally drained out but just in case it doesn’t have one then just carefully tilt it on the side where the refill is. Make sure the oil you add to the mower is the exact type directed by your manual.
  • Thoroughly clean the under carriage:when too much grass and debris gets stuck on the mower’s carriage it is likely to block it discharge chute. So start by disconnecting the spark plug and use a brush to get rid of all the grass and debris that is stuck onto its carriage.
  • Always clean or replace the mower’s filter: lawn mower technicians recommend filter replacement after a year but before this period of time, it is essential that you clean the filter often so that it does not get clogged. If you mower has a plastic filter then it recommended that you wash it with warm soapy water and leave it to dry in the air. Whenever the filter is filled with dirt, the mower utilizes more oil yet it will not perform to its expectations.
  • Sharpen or replace the mower’s blade: there is no way the mower will perform well of its blade is blunt which is what happens after a certain period of use so you need to sharpen the blades or better yet have it replaced. In the lawn mower’s manual you will find clear instructions on how replace the blade so pay close attention to those instructions. If you have no idea about sharpening the blade then don’t risk it just take your lawn mower to a repair shop, it will not cost much.
  • Replace an old spark plug: these small things that you might ignore about your lawn mower are what may actually spoil it for good. Changing the spark plug is very simple as you just have to disconnect the spark plug wire, take out the old spark plug and insert the new plug without tightening it too much as it could be a cause for the mower’s failure to start.
  • Make sure the mower is in perfect working condition before using it: before mowing, inspect your mower and ensure that all parts are intact and in good condition to perform. If there are any loose bolts, fraying wires or rusted parts then don’t just ignore them, first have those tiny problems worked on before your session. A lawn mower in good condition will definitely give you the best results.
  • Carefully read the mower’s manual: from the manual you can be able to clarify each and everything you need to know about keeping your lawn mower in the best condition therefore don’t ignore it. It always directs you on how best to that particular lawn mower, which gas or oil you must use so that you don’t go wrong on any of that.
  • Take the lawn mower to a repair shop once in a while: some people actually think that you need to wait for the mower to get a problem before taking it to the repair shop. However this is not the case, even when the mower is in good condition taking it to the repair shop will help you prevent any problems that may arise in the future. Technicians will be able to spot the small details that you cannot find out on your own.


  • First disconnect the spark plug: before doing any kind of maintenance with your lawn mower make sure the spark plug is not connected to avoid any accidents. You can easily disconnect it with your hands, this prevents the risk of the mower starting without your knowledge.
  • Align all parts of the mower back after any maintenance: if any of the machine’s parts are not properly replaced, the mower will not start so make sure you align the parts as perfectly as they were before you removed them.
  • Regularly check the oil level of the mower: don’t start the mower with very little oil or add too much oil passed the fill line. Each time you mow it will be necessary to add oil to the mower.
  • Clean and fresh oil is the best:this might seem quite costly but it is for your own good, clean and fresh oil helps the mower’s engine to start fast and operate without any flaws.

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