Tips On How To Start A Lawn Mower That Won’t Start

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Most people with yards or compounds own a lawn-mower because it helps quickly trim grass without overworking themselves. However, there is nothing more frustrating than a lawn-mower that won’t start especially if you have no time – In fact, there are several factors that can make the lawn-mower find some trouble starting-up but some of these problems are simple and you can solve them while others are complicated and will requires you to take the lawn-mower to a technician for advanced repairs. On the other hand, it’s recommended to-do regular maintenance on lawn-mower because this helps to prevent any start-up problems and also lengthens on the operational-life of your lawn-mower. But if your lawn-mower fails to start even when taking good care of it then below are some steps that will help you find and fix the problems that are preventing your lawn-mower from powering-on.

Steps on how to find, fix and start a lawn-mower that won’t start:

  1. Check for gasoline/fuel: always check the fuel-level of the lawn-mower each time just before powering it on. In fact, 80-percent of start-up problems experienced by lawn-mowers are usually caused by insufficient fuel. So, if you hadn’t checked for fuel before and you try to power-on your lawn-mower and it fails, then consider checking the fuel-tank and if it lacks enough fuel then consider filling it with fuel and then try starting your lawn-mower again. Additionally, if the fuel is more than a month old then it may prevent the engine from starting because it clogs the carburetor so consider disposing-off this fuel properly and then fill the gas-tank with fresh-gas.


  1. Check the spark-plug: if the spark-plug is not attached well or wet then it will prevent the engine form starting-up. So, try to remove the plug and clean it up and then insert it firmly into its slot and also make sure that lead-cap the attaches to the spark-plug is properly connected. Afterwards, try to power-up you lawn-mower and if it starts then the problem before was with the spark-plug but it fails to start then it’s something else not the plug.


  1. Check the oil-level: if the engine of a lawn-mower is not filled with enough engine-oil then it will fail to start-up and it may also start but fail after a few minutes. So always consider checking the oil-levels with a dip-stick and then fill the lawn-mower with enough oil for best performance.


  1. Checkout the fuel-filter: a fuel-filter helps to filter-out any sediment from the gasoline but this fuel can easily get clogged by sediments or stale gasoline containing ethanol and this will in-turn affect proper fuel-flow to the carburetor thus preventing the lawn-mower from starting. So, if you notice that it’s the fuel-filter causing start-up issues then consider replacing it with a new fuel-filter so that your lawn-mower can be able to start-up again.


  1. Check the battery if you have an electric lawn-mower: electric lawn-mowers are actually powered by batteries and this implies that if the battery is not fully-charged or dead then the lawn-mower will fail to start-up. so, always checkout your battery to ensure that its fully-charged and if the battery is dead then consider replacing it with a new one for best start-up and operating results. However, if the battery is fully-charged and functional but the lawn-mower still fails to start-up, then the problem must be with some other component of the lawn-mower.


  1. Check the carburetor: you need to check out the carburetor condition and if you notice that the carburetor has white-powder corrosion inside, then its dead and the lawn-mower won’t be able to start. so, if your carburetor is dead then its recommended to replace it with a new one but if it’s just clogged with dirty-fuel then consider opening and cleaning it by inserting a carburetor cleaner-straw directly into main jet-passage and then squeeze the trigger on the can for several times until the spray shoots into the venturi of the carburetor inorder to open-up the fuel-passage. Afterwards, try to startup your lawn-mower and if still fails to power-on then consider replacing the carburetor.


  1. Check the starter-solenoid if you hear a clicking sound at start-up: if you insert and turn the ignition-key then hear a clicking-sound. The problem must probably be with the starter-solenoid and this can only be solved by installing a new starter-solenoid so that you lawn-mower can easily start-up again.


  1. Clean-up a dirty and clogged air-filter: the carburetor actually needs air inorder to keep the engine running. So, if the air-filter is dirty then it will not provide the carburetor with enough air that is required to run the engine. This implies that you will have to open-up the air-filter and then clean-up any clogged stuff and after try to power-on your lawn-mower. In fact, the lawn-mower will now start-up easily but if it still fails to start-up then it’s something else disturbing it.


  1. Set the choke properly: if the choke is not properly set on your lawn-mower then it will fail to start-up. So, always make sure that the choke is properly set before powering-on the lawn-mower if you wish to achieve the best start-up results.


  1. Set the throttle properly: most gas-powered lawn-mowers are equipped with a throttle and if it’s not properly set, then the lawn-mower will fail to start-up. So, it’s recommended to set the throttle between a low-to-high setting inorder to enable to enable the lawn-mower to start-up easily.


  1. Set the lawn-mower to an appropriate cutting-height if gets off while mowing longer-grass: your lawn-mower will actually shut-down incase its being used to trim long-grass at a wrong cutting-height. So, if the lawn-mower stops mid-mow and you try powering it and it starts but goes off afterwards, then consider adjusting the deck cutting-height and it will actually power-up and keep running until you finish mowing.


  1. Check for any safety-features: some safety-features actually prevent the lawn-mower from starting so this means that such safety-features should be disengaged inorder to enable your lawn-mower to easily get powered-on.

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