Tips On How To Use A Construction Rotary Laser Level

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Out of the many different types of construction laser levels on the market, construction rotary laser levels have stood out as the most desired type by for many people. This is basically due to the incredible way in which this type of laser level covers up an entire room to make your job much easier, more accurate and faster. Rotary laser levels project a line all around the room in 360 degrees. A construction rotary laser level is most appropriate for indoor projects reason being that is when its lines are most visible however some people also use it outdoors with the attachment of a laser receiver so as to increase its working range. Many people would like to use a rotary laser level for their various construction projects however not everyone has the knowledge of how to use the device. This is why I took time off to give you some really easy and helpful tips on how to use a construction laser level. After going through this post you will find out that there is actually nothing that hard about using this type of laser level.

  • Set up the rotary laser level; there is absolutely no way you can start using a rotary laser level before setting it up therefore this has to be the very first step that you should do. For better results and ease of use, the very best you can do is set up your rotary laser on a tripod. If you are lucky enough your device will come with its own tripod and if it doesn’t come with one then you should look for a compatible one. If you plan on using your rotary laser from outdoors then you will definitely need to use laser receiver to ensure that the laser lines are visible to the distance you want. Therefore as you go out to buy a rotary laser level, keep in mind that you need a tripod. Alternatively, for those who cannot afford a tripod or simply cannot access one you can try using a small table, elevated area, bucket or sawhorse to set up your rotary laser level.
  • Turn on the laser for it to level automatically; it is much recommended that when you are out on the market, you should always choose a rotary laser that self-levels because otherwise you will have to go through the hassle of manually adjusting measurements which is very tiresome and inaccurate. On the other hand when you are using a self leveling it delivers the most accurate results without you having to strain so much, they are without a doubt extremely efficient devices. With an automatically self leveling rotary laser, each time you level out of range it will beep to let you know.
  • Start taking measurements; point the laser in the direction of the wall onto which you want to work, immediately mark the spot at which the laser line points so that you know where to start from. The laser will continuously show you the different points of reference and make sure that your alignments don’t go out of level. At the end of the day you will see how fast and easy a rotary laser level makes all of your measuring projects. This can be used on projects such as installing floor and wall tiles, fixing kitchen cabinets, inserting windows and so many others.
  • Turn off the laser; after making your measurements, don’t get too excited about getting on with your project and forget to turn the laser off in order to save its battery and keep it in excellent working condition for your next session. Some rotary laser levels actually have an automatic shutdown feature which makes it switches off the device once you forget it on.

That is basically all about how to use a rotary laser level, many people are not familiar with using these devices and feel that they can only be used by people with high level skills but that is definitely not the case. You can use a construction rotary laser level by just following the simple instructions I have given you above and the tool’s manual.


They are just two types of rotary laser levels;

  1. Interior construction rotary laser levels;

Just like they have been called, this type of rotary laser levels is best if used indoors since its laser beam will clearly be visible to the human eye. You can run the device using a remote if you want and sometimes use the laser level outdoors however you will have to attach it to a laser detector or laser receiver. In clear day light, this laser’s lines will barely be visible. You can fix an indoor rotary laser level either on the wall or ceiling without having to use a laser detector.

  1. Exterior construction rotary laser levels;

There is actually no big different between the exterior construction rotary laser levels and the interior ones based on how they perform. The major difference is that exterior rotary laser levels are infused with a grade rod which allows you to attach it to a laser receiver and they must always set on a tripod. A laser receiver helps to double your tool’s working range but you will always have to ensure that the laser receiver you get matches with your laser’s beam.


  • Always keep a your AC adaptor close by if it is what you use to power your laser or a new pair of batteries just in case the old ones run out in the middle of your session. This way you will always be ready for whatever happens before you finish up all of your work
  • Always choose an auto-leveling laser over a manual one, it is the only way you will b able to avoid making wrong measurements.
  • Wait a few minutes for your laser to cool after using it before putting in back into its storage pack. This heat could be of damage to your delicate device so you need to let it cool off first.

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