Tips On How To Use Laser Levels To Establish Level Grade

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Landscapers, large project builders and contractors know how helpful laser levels are when it comes to all grading tasks. Establishing level grade is a complicated project which requires extreme accuracy and precision so you cannot make any mistakes however slight it might be. This therefore means that you will need a high quality and dependable laser level to get such serious projects perfectly done. Establishing level grade is usually done to ensure that any building is given a strong and reliable foundation, it betters the drainage system and reduces the amount of water flowing towards the construction. As long as you the perfect laser level establishing level grade will not be that difficult and if you have no idea about it, here is a full compilation of instructions that you can follow.

Required equipment

For a successful procedure a laser level isn’t the only device or tool that you need, below is a list of all the equipment that you must have in order to have error free results as you establish level grade;

  • Laser level
  • Grade rod
  • Tripod
  • Laser detector

When you have all the above tools, you will be more than ready to start on your project and here are the steps that you should follow;

  • First of all find a dry area that is solid enough on to which you can place your tripod and be sure that it will not shift but remain very stable all through the session and thus deliver very accurate results. Make sure that the tripod’s three legs are equally spread out to avoid it from falling down to cause any kind of danger to the laser level. Your tripod must always be on firm ground setting in order to provide results that are completely free of any errors.
  • After confirming that your tripod is very stable and perfectly positioned the next step will be attaching a laser level to it to start on your job.
  • Switch the laser on, if it is just any standard laser you will have to level it manually by adjusting the screws to make sure that the bubble is right at the center. And if you are lucky enough to have a self leveling laser, you just have to give it a few minutes for it to level itself automatically.
  • When all the leveling is through and the out of level indicator has stopped flashing, find the first height at which you want your grade to be with help of a grade rod. It will be better if you go about this step with aid from someone since you won’t be able to stand in more than one position at the same time. While you determine the grade height, the person helping you will be at the bottom of the grade rod.
  • Make the laser project a line to the spot of your desired initial height and then the person you are working with should help you do some adjusting with the laser detector to make sure that comes into contact with the laser line. You simply have to move the laser detector upwards and down as you wait for the moment when a continuous beeping sound is produced. Whenever the laser detector is not well positioned that is to say if it is way below or way too high, it will give off a sound that is irregular instead of the continuous one. as soon as you adjustments results into the constant beeping sound, you will know that your laser detector and laser beam are in perfect contact.
  • Move the grade rod to different areas in your construction ground while recording the measurements or reading from each location. You definitely have to carry the rod around the site in order to find out if you will get the original reading.
  • After all of this is done you will have established level grade with the help of a laser level. A laser level will guarantee that you have got accurate results that completely free of any mistakes.


Laser levels are delicate devices but your health is delicate too therefore there are some safety considerations that you need to have in mind while you use the device. And below are these tips;

  • Don’t replace the laser level’s battery with another type as it may result into damaging of the device. If your laser level has been using alkaline batteries then make sure that you replace it with the exact same type and not just any other type that is easily available to you.
  • Never use the laser level in conditions of extremely high heat for example when there is an open flame, this could result into explosion of thee device. So before you put your tool out to work, check your environment to make sure that temperature is favorable for you to work from. Remember temperature must not be too high and neither should it be too cold.
  • Don’t ignore the instructions in your laser level’s manual, that manual comes along with the laser level to ensure proper use of the device so you don’t have any reason to ignore those instructions always refer to them.
  • Don’t use the laser level in presence of younger kids because the laser beam could be of damage to their eye sight. Whoever helps you out on your job must be an adult.
  • Make sure that every time you us the laser you don’t project it’s the laser beam directly into your eyes. Direct exposure of your eyes to the laser will end up bringing you really serious eye damage. Try as much as you can to look away as you use the laser.
  • Always use controls and adjustments as directed because even the slightest mistake could turn out to in endangering either you or harming the device. Always adjust the laser level as you have been directed.
  • After using the device, clean it and store it very well.

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