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Today, walking is taken to be one of the best fitness-exercises that will help keep your body in good-shape without over-working the muscles. In fact, walking will help to lower on your blood-pressure, reduce on the risk of diabetes and even help you lose extra-pounds. On the other hand, walking at a faster-pace will help you get more health-benefits without injuring your body like running does. However, to raise your natural walking-pace up to a fast fitness-walking level will require you to use the right posture and consistence for at least 30-minutes daily in order for best results. All in all below are some of the steps that you can follow in order to achieve a fast walk.

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SECTION-1: How To Achieve A Good Form For Fast-Walking:

  1. Try keeping the right posture: keeping the right walking-posture will involving putting your chin up, keeping the eyes directly in-front of you, keeping the back-straight, keeping the chest raised and shoulder relaxed. In fact, you may also try to walk in a straight-line in order help keep the body in correct posture.


  1. Swing your arms: your arms should always be swing on the sides and bent under 90-degrees while walking in order to achieve the best fitness-results. In fact, your hands should not be clenched and you should always swing them from front-to-back but not side-to-side. All in all, using arms while walking will help to fuel-up your workout and even help you burn-up more calories.


  1. Always take smaller strides: taking shorter and smaller steps will actually help you to walk faster compared taking longer-strides. In fact, taking longer-strides will slow you down because your feet take long to touch the ground and even longer-strides tend to compromise a proper walking-form.


  1. Push-off with the toes when walking: pushing-off with your toes helps you walk faster and even helps to engage your legs and muscles thus providing you with a better workout. So, you will have start walking with back of your foot and then roll forward to the toes for a push-off. In fact, the natural spring of the calf-muscles will help to propel the body forward thus enabling you to keep-up with your momentum.


  1. Consider tightening your abs and butt: while walking, try to flatten your back and then tilt your pelvis (hips) slightly forward. Additionally, keeping your abs and butt tight provides you with a more full-bodied workout while enabling you to walk faster.


SECTION-2: How To Make Fast-Walking Fun And Enjoyable:

  1. Wear the right walking-shoes: acquiring and wearing the right pair walking-shoes that offer you with the right cushioning and flexibility will actually enable you to achieve an amazing fast-walk. In fact, research says that low or medium range walking-shoes can actually provide you enough comfort and performance that is needed to achieve a fast walk.


  1. Find a nice walking-place: you should actually try to look for a flat and well-defined place to walk on in order to ensure optimum-safety coupled with effective workout. So, you can get a great walking-trail from a nearby park, school, mall or even in a nature-center. In fact, walking on a trail is a great thing because you don’t have to worry about traffic yet you enjoy the great outside environment. However, if you live in an area where to cold or hot then consider walking inside a mall, gym and you may even decide to work out on a treadmill.


  1. Listen to music: listening to some good music while walking will actually help to motivate you so that you can keep walking until you meet your fitness-goals. So, you will need to acquire a portable music-player and headphones in order to easily listen to your favorite music while walking. Additionally, make sure that the music you’re listening to is energetic and helps to lift you up so that you’re able to complete your walking-routine. In fact, it’s recommended to create a playlist of songs falling under 75-to-130 BPM in order to stay motivated as your walking.


  1. Walk with a friend: walking with a friend will actually help to keep you going because you will be getting some motivation from them. In fact, setting walking-pace with a friend will actually enable you walk for great distance without even getting tired thus improving on your fitness-health. All in all, walking with a friend makes the entire workout exciting and motivating than walking alone.


  1. Try walking at different times of the day: you will actually need to try walking in different places and at different times of the day keep up with your walking-routine. In fact, this will enable you to know the walking-trails you prefer and what time is best for you to walk. Additionally, walking on different trails actually enables you change your scenery thus achieving a more exciting walking-experience.


SECTION-3: How Get-Motivated And Stay-Motivated During A Fast Walk:

  1. Set your fitness-goals: setting-up goals can actually help to keep you on the right track while walking. So, you will need to calculate the steps-taken, set a distance you’re supposed to walk daily and also set the speed and time you will spend while having a walk.


  1. Acquire a pedometer and heart-rate-monitor: if you fast-walk is targeting weight-loss and fitness-health, then you should consider wearing a pedometer or heart-rate-monitor in order to effectively monitor your fitness-progress. In fact, pedometer will help to show the number of steps taken while a heart-rate-monitor will help to monitor and let you know about your heart-rate-zone while walking. On the other hand, it’s recommended to walk for about 12000-to-15000 steps daily in order to achieve the best health-benefits from walking.


  1. Monitor your walking-pace: you should try walking at a minimum-speed of 3-mph in order to achieve a good fitness-walk. However, walking at a faster pace of about 4mph to 4.5mph will make your exercising-routine more effective and even provide you with more health benefits.


  1. Integrate strength-training exercises to your walking-routine: in order to get more out of your walking-routine, you will have to stop every 5-to-10 minutes and then do some push-ups or lunges. This will actually help to make your workout more exciting while working out different muscle-groups coupled with increased calorie-burning.

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