Troy-Bilt TB270ES 159cc 21-Inch FWD Self-Propelled Mower With Electric Start Review

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The Troy-Bilt TB270ES is an awesome 21-Inch, FWD, Self-Propelled Mower that is equipped With an Electric-Start button in order to ensure easy usage. In fact, this lawn-mower is powered by a 159cc OHV drive-engine that provides enough torque so that the user the mower can be able to cut the thickest grass. On the other hand, this lawn-mower is equipped with a 21-inch steel deck that is very durable coupled with dual lever height-adjustment up to 6 unique cutting settings. On top of that, there is also a single variable-speed drive control that offers 4 top-speed settings in order to provide the user with a customized mowing experience while the integrated, innovative TriAction cutting-system facilitates for a clean and even trim on either short or long grass.

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What We Like:

  1. A TriAction cutting system: The Troy-Bilt TB270ES lawn-mower is equipped with a 21-inch TriAction complete cutting system that features a specially designed, sharp blade in order to facilitate for finer mulching. All in all, this TriAction-Cutting-System enables this lawn to provide you with a clean and even trim in just one pass while mulching hence making it a perfect machine for home-use.


  1. A Push-button electric start with Auto-choke: This lawn-mower is also equipped with a Push-Button electric start that facilitates for the easiest and most convenient operator start-up. In fact, with this push-button there is no pull-starting required thus enabling the user to conserve his/her energy while preparing to mulch the green-yard.


  1. A rake-bumper: the Troy-Bilt TB270ES mower features a rake-bumper that helps to lift grass upright while mulching thus facilitating for a clean and even trim no-matter the length or thickness of grass.


  1. A steel, symmetrical deck: this lawn-mower features a durable and versatile 21-inch, steel-deck with a symmetrical design in order to facilitate for superior grass-flow while eliminating clumping or patches in the area being mulched. Additionally, this deck is very strong and durable whereby it can withstand any weather and mulching conditions.


  1. Single-lever height adjuster: the Troy-Bilt TB270ES lawn-mower features an easy-to-use, single-lever height adjuster which enables the user to easily raise and lower the cutting-height in order to facilitate for quick and convenient mulching.


  1. A Great Cutting Height Range: this lawn-mower can be height-adjusted to up to 6 unique cutting-settings that range from 1.25-inches-to-3.75 inches hence making it a perfect garden-machine for mulching both long and short grass. Additionally, these cutting-settings will enable you to achieve a desired grass-level thus keeping your entire compound looking even and great.


  1. A variable-speed drive control: the Troy-Bilt TB270ES also features a variable-speed drive control with 4 top-speed settings in order to provide the user with optimum comfort and control while mulching, side-discharging or bagging. In fact, with this variable-speed setting you will be able to achieve a pace at which you easily control the law-mower with overworking yourself.


  1. A powerful OHV engine: the Troy-Bilt TB270ES mower is powered by a strong and powerful 159cc OHV-engine that is capable of moving the machine-blades efficiently and effectively for a good period of time so that the user can always achieve clean and uniform trimming results within his/her yard/compound. Additionally, this engine features a 159cc fuel-consumption which actually makes the lawn-mower very easy to operate, maintain and budget-friendly.


  1. A 1-quart fuel tank: this lawn-mower is equipped with a 1-quart fuel tank that can actually enable the user to mulch with this mower for a good period of time without making any refills. In fact, you be able to trim grass in wider surface-area before you need to refill this fuel-tank and you may even take long to refill this fuel-tank if you’re mulching a smaller surface-area.


  1. 9 standard-bushel-capacity grass-bag: this Troy-Bilt TB270ES lawn-mower is integrated with a 1.9 standard bushel capacity grass-bag that helps to collect the cut grass while mulching. In fact, with this bushel grass-bag you won’t have to waste a lot of time filling-up or emptying the TB70ES mid-mow. Additionally, removing this bushel-bag for emptying is very easy and it’s even very easy to clean-up this bag after removing any residue from it.


  1. A 3-in-1 Design: with the 3-in-1 capability, the Troy-Bilt TB270ES lawn-mower can actually be used to side-discharge, mulch or bag depending on your gardening needs. In fact, this 3-in-1 design makes the Troy-Bilt TB270ES lawn-mower very versatility and capable of handling any type yard or compound.


  1. Durable 8-inch wheels: This self-propelled mower is also equipped with strong and durable 8-inch front and 8-inch rear wheels that are well-balanced in order to ensure optimum performance even on the toughest terrains. In fact, these wheels will enable the Troy-Bilt TB270ES mower to pass through the longest grass and hilly areas smoothly and quickly hence providing effective mowing results.


  1. An adjustable handle: this lawn-mower also features an adjustable Loop handle with indent in order to enable the user achieve a desired height that fits with his/her arm-length thus facilitating for a more comfortable mowing experience.


  1. A self-propelled lawnmower: The TB270ES is actually a Front-wheel self-propelled lawnmower from Troy-Bilt. In fact, the easy-to-operate front-wheel-drive transmission on this lawn-mower helps to eliminate pushing while mulching thus enabling the user to conserve his/her energy.


  1. A premium deck-wash: this lawn-mower is also integrated with a premium deck-wash which helps to thoroughly clean-up the entire deck after using the lawn-mower for mulching.


What We Don’t Like:

  • It lacks a 4WD feature: this lawn-mower actually lacks a 4WD-feature and this actually implies that it may move efficiently in hilly-areas and under wet-environments.

Our Verdict:

The Troy-Bilt TB270 ES is a nice-looking looking lawn-mower that has been equipped with a great, innovative TriAction® cutting-system with specially designed blades and a rake-bumper in order to ensure superior grass cutting/trimming while eliminating clumping. Additionally, this lawn-mower features a standard electric-start button that facilitates for quick and easy startup while its front-wheel self-propelled drive-transmission eliminates any pushing while mulching. Lastly, this lawn mower features a 3-in-1 design whereby it can be used to mulch, side-discharge and bag.


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