TRYM II – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit Review

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TRYM II - The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit 5

Hair clippers or trimmers really do a great job when it comes to keeping your face looking clean and well-groomed. Some of these clippers have attachments that allow someone to select the length they want when grooming their facial hair.

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However, some trimmers may not have these attachments but all in all, there are several quality hair-clipper on the market among them is the TRYM II hair-clipper. TRYM II is an excellent hair-trimmer that is capable of trimming beards and also well when it comes to total body grooming. The TRYM II is cordless and rechargeable whereby it comes with a stronger battery coupled with sharper blades compared to its predecessor. It has a sleek trimmer that really looks great and any man will pleasantly be surprised by the looks, improvements and capabilities of this hair clipper.

The good:

  • This hair clipper really looks great when placed anywhere in your bathroom it actually fits perfectly well with any modern interior designs. This is because the TRYM II hair-clipper features a sleek, modern and streamlined design compared to other trimmers on the market.
  • The TRYM II hair-clipper will provide any man with a clean and professional trim because it has a powerful-motor and ultra-sharp blades that work perfectly well. In fact, this is an efficient and easy to use trimmer that will offer you with a barber-shop shave at home.
  • Lastly, the TRYM II hair-clipper is lightweight and compact hence this makes it comfortable to hold and use incase you are going for a long grooming session. Likewise, it even comes with a simple, compact base which does not a lot of space when placed onto the counter.

The bad:

  • The only thing someone will not like about this trimmer is that it needs tobe cleaned on a regular basis and incase you fail to clean it, you experience some pulling and pinching because blades will be struggling to trim your hairs and this even reduces on it performance.

TRYM II - The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit 4

Features overview:

  • It has an ultra-sleek, ergonomic design: the TRYM II features a minimalistic and modern design that offers a sleek and aesthetically pleasing look that will attract anyone. In fact, this clean, Apple-esque design really makes the hair-clipper to look great in any bathroom while not in use and on display. On the other hand, this trimmer even has a lightweight design which is just perfect for the long tasks of grooming your facial-hair.
  • A strong battery: it is also designed with strong, rechargeable battery and this implies that you will never have to get worried about switching-in for fresh batteries. The battery life of this hair-clipper is extended over the previous model and this means that you can actually use it cordless for quite a long period of time. To charge this hair-clipper, you will just have to use the included charging-base and then plug the AC adapter into a wall socket or power supply. This trimmer also gets fully charged in about an hour and this will actually save a lot of your time.
  • The TRYM II is equipped with sharper blades: TRYM II hair-clipper uses sharper and higher quality blades than its predecessor. It is equipped with special compound metal-blades and these are crafted for optimum cutting and even last for long because they are durable. With such blades, this hair-clipper will never snag or pull at your hair while shaving. All in all, these are professional-grade blades and this makes them suitable for top-notch trimming coupled with excellent precision.
  • Includes 4-trimming attachments: this hair-clipper is provided with 4 easy-to-use trimming attachments of lengths of 1.5-mm, 3-mm, 6-mm, and 9-mm. this implies that whether you want to achieve a rugged, stubble look or just wish to trim your existing hair, there is always an attachment for you. These attachments are also sturdy, rigid, and built to last.
  • It comes with base dock: TRYM II includes a base-dock that also acts as a charging base. This base dock coupled with the sleek & modern design of the TRYM II looks great on any countertop and will greatly enhance the look of any bathroom.
  • The TRYM II packed with several accessories: this awesome hair-clipper is well packed in a nice looking box and inside this box includes the TRYM II hair-clipper, charging-base, power-adapter, four-trimming attachments, a cleaning-brush and blade-oil. The other additional accessories that come with this hair-clipper help to keep it in an excellent condition even after many years of usage.

TRYM II - The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit 3

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Product Quality:

  • At first glance, this hair clipper may not look like a typical beard trimmer because of its ultra-sleek design that gives it a minimalistic appearance. However, with the TRYM II hair-clipper, functionality is a top priority since that’s what people always need from a trimmer.  It is equipped with several top-end features that are meant to impress any man when this clipper is put to a test. This hair-clipper is designed with a special compound metal blade which provides excellent cutting performance without any pulling or tugging. It even comes with 4-attachments will enable one to achieve any look of his choice ranging from rugged stubble to a clean trim. Lastly, this is a rechargeable hair-clipper that can become fully charged in hour and it has an improved battery that will be able to last for quite long when using this trimmer in a cordless mode. It even has a charging base where you place it when not in use and infact this base dock coupled the modern, minimalistic design of the trimmer creates a great look your bathroom countertop.
  • Overall, the TRYM II modern hair-clipper makes a great choice for men who want to trim their beards as well as anybody hairs. This is because it is of high-quality, affordable, looks great and it’s very efficient and effective.

TRYM II - The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit 5

Who does it benefit?

  • Good option for men looking for beard and body trimmer: the TRYM II rechargeable, modern hair-Clipper actually works as a professional beard trimmer and also as body groomer because it’s equipped with special compound metal blades that offer an excellent trim coupled with 4-attachments that provide a look ranging from rugged stubble to a clean trim.


  • A perfect hair-clipper for men who like stylish and modern design trimmers: this clipper features a clean Apple-esque design that looks modern and streamlined. this design really looks great on a bathroom countertop and it perfectly fits into interior designs hence this makes it perfect choice for guys who prefer stunning and modern looking trimmers.


What I need

  • Beard oil and conditioner: this product gives the beard a great, healthy sheen thus making it very soft and manageable. This oil even soaks into the beard quickly which makes it look nice, soft and tamed. Overall, this oil helps to control your beard while reducing on itchiness and irritation.
  • A beard balm: this balm will help to soften coarse and rogue hairs so that you can easily trim them. It even stops itching caused by new growth. It will also condition and help in the process of new hair growth.

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