4 Major Types of Technology Developed and Used Today

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Technology has always been part of human existence far back as history goes and as civilization becomes more advanced, even technology evolves and it will continue to evolve. In fact, older technologies are being replaced by newer and more efficient technologies. Various technologies are developed to help people construct structures, communicate information, manufacture products and to transport goods or people. So, below are the 4 major types of technology developed and used today;


The 4 Major Types of Technology Developed and Used Today:

  1. Communication Technology: this is technology used to communicate ideas and information. In fact, this technology transforms information into signals and media messages.

For example, communication technology is used to sales-orders, it can be used to communicate the availability of a product to potential customers through advertising and sales-reports can communicate product-success to the company-management. However, companies have to pay for communication-services in-order to help keep communication-technology developers in business.


  1. Construction Technology: This technology is used in the construction of structures for housing, business, transportation and energy transmission. In fact, construction-technology helps to transform materials and manufactured products into structures.

For example, constructed roads help people to gain access to mines and factories, constructed power-lines help to bring electricity to various manufacturing sites and constructed dams and pipelines help to provide water to factories.


  1. Manufacturing technology: This technology helps in the manufacturing of products from materials. It actually helps to transform raw-materials into products and this technology involves 3 major activities which include;
  • Locating and extracting the raw-materials like iron-ore, limestone and coal into steel, cement and energy.
  • Producing bars of steel or sacks of cement from the extracted raw-materials using technological-systems installed in factories/industries and human-power.
  • Making/forging a crowbar from the steel-bars or using cement to produce pavers and bricks which are referred to as final-products that can be transported to the market for consumer purchase.

However, all these manufacturing activities can’t exist without the use other technologies like communication which helps in the transfer of information about the amounts of materials being produced, construction which transforms raw-materials into manufactured goods and transportation which helps in the transportation of finished products to stores.


  1. Transportation technology: This technology involves transporting people and goods from location to another. In fact, transportation uses energy to power-up vehicles that move people or goods to different locations.

For example, transportation systems are also widely used to move raw-materials like iron-ore to a steel-mill and moving steel-rods from the mill the tool-manufacturer. Afterwards, the finished products will be delivered to a hardware-store by transportation-trucks and customers will use their public-transportation systems to visit the store in order to purchase the finished products.

Note: Today technology is developed by research and development personnel and then applied by industrial and business enterprises through production activities and after the outputs (finished-products) will be sold to customers through various marketing efforts. Likewise, the profits gained from selling products developed technology help to keep a technological-system operational. All in all, technologies are developed to help people construct structures like factories and houses, communicate information inform of messages, manufacture products from raw-materials and even transport people and finished-products to the markets so that consumers can easily access them for purchase.

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