Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set Review

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Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set

The Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set comes with everything required by a wet-shaver to achieve the most comfortable shave. This set comes with a nice shaving soap that lathers up well and it’s far better than most shaving soaps.This soap also gives off a nice smell that is pleasing and will stay on you even after shaving.

On the other hand, the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set comes with a bowl that can be used whip up some lather. This bowl can be used with either soap or any glycerin-based shaving cream and it is even very durable whereby it can last for a life time if handled with care. The set is also equipped with a boar hair badger brush that is certainly better than any synthetic brush. This brush makes preparing the lather quite easy and it also helps one to lather-up quickly.

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In conclusion, i think the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set is nice yet it can be got at an affordable cost. It comes with a bowl that is fantastic; the soap is also great and fits well into the bowl. This set is actually a perfect choice for guys who want to get into wet-shaving without spending a huge amount of cash.


  • The Van Der Hagen Premium Shave set makes lathering up quite simple and quick. This is because it shaving-soap creates a lather that is slick enough to offer a good cushion while shaving. In fact, the badger brush also retains water well inorder to achieve a nice lather and it even feels great in both circular and back or fourth motions while lathering up.
  • This shaving-set has a nice bowl that is deep enough for one to easily prepare the shaving soap for lathering. In fact, this bowl reduces on mess and prevents tipping while preparing your lather.


  • One thing you will dislike about this shaving set is the plastic handle on the badger brush that does not feel that solid when held into hands while shaving. This brush is also small it its quite hard to achieve a solid lather while using it. The bristles on the badger brush will also tend to become very soft after repeated use and this is not a good thing.

Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set

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Features overview:

  • Hypo-allergenic shaving-soap: each tab of Van Der Hagen Premium Shaving soap is specially formulated and contains about 40-percent humectant moisturizers that help to soften hairs including the toughest beard inorder to achieve a close and comfortable shave. This soap is also works well on men with sensitive skin types by ensuring that they don’t get irritated while shaving. This soap also weighs about 2.5oz and this means it will be able to offer you with good shaves for good time.
  • The soap is formulated with natural ingredients: this soap is made with natural ingredients and it’s over 10-percent glycerin. It contains natural ingredients like; emollient Shea, mango, cocoa butter, aloe Vera and many others. However, this soap does not contain Sulphate and paraben which can be harmful to the skin.
  • This soap contains a light fragrance: the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave soap has a very mild yet pleasant fragrance that is not too strong and it will also stay on the skin even after shaving. This scent is actually produced by the natural ingredients that are used to create this shaving soap.
  • It comes with a ceramic bowl: the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave set comes with a hand dipped ceramic bowl that looks nice. This bowl is designed to make lathering up much easier whereby it helps to hold the shaving soap in place and it also fits comfortably in shaver’s hand. This bowl can also be used to prepare shaving soap or any glycerin shaving cream and it will do the job perfectly well. This bowl looks durable and this means one will be able to use it for a long period of time. On the other hand, this bowl is quite deep and this actually reduces on the mess associated with preparing lather and also prevents tipping.
  • The set includes hand-made shaving brush: the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave set includes a badger shaving brush that is hand-made using the finest quality, 100-percent natural boar bristle which is certainly better than synthetic brushes. However, the handle on this brush is made of plastic which feels ok while using this brush.

Product Quality:

  • Each Van Der Hagen Premium Shaving set is packaged well and contains high-quality items. Each set includes a hypo-allergenic deluxe shaving soap that contains 40-percent moisturizers with aloe Vera and Shea butter. the hand dipped 2-toned ceramic shaving bowl that comes in this set is built to make lathering quick and easier because it holds the shaving soap and also fits well in the shaver’s hands. This bowl also somehow deep compared to most shaving-bowls and this actually helps to minimize on the mess which occurs while preparing lather and even prevents tipping.
  • Lastly, the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave set comes with a quality shaving-brush that is hand crafted using the finest quality, 100-percent natural boar bristles which are very strong and durable compared to synthetic bristle brushes.  This boar brush actually retains water well and this actually helps in the creation of good lather and it also feels great while using it either in a circular or back and forth motion though it has a plastic handle. Overall, this shaving set is of good quality and it will work for men who are new to wet-shaving just at a fraction of the price.

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Works well on men with thick or tough beards: the shaving hypo-allergenic soap that comes with set contains 40-percent humectant moisturizers that help to soften thick and tough beards so as to achieve a close and comfortable shave. So, incase you have a tough beard and you are looking for a soap that will lather and soften it well, the just go for Van Der Hagen Premium Shave soap.
  • Good product for men who want to join wet-shaving: this is because the Van Der Hagen Premium Shaving set comes with everything required for one to achieve a wet-shave but with without a shaver or safety-razor. In fact, one won’t have to spend alot of money to acquire this shaving set yet it can work for long enough for someone to learn all the wet-shaving basics.
  • For men with sensitive skin: the shaving soap that comes with the Van Der Hagen Premium Shaving set is hypo-allergenic, contains humectants moisturizers the soften hairs and its glycerin based whereby this offers a smooth cushioning while shaving hence offering one with a smooth and close shave that is irritation free.


What I need

  • A brush and safety-razor stand: it is a great tool that will help to store your brush and safety-razor when it’s not being used hence protecting them from potential damage. This stand also makes sure that excess water is drained out of the badger brush and this actually helps in hindering the development of bacteria that can be dangerous to the skin.


  • A double-edge safety-razor: you will have to purchase a quality double-edge safety razor of any brand you prefer because the Van Der Hagen Premium Shaving set does not provide one for its users. This implies that you will also need to purchase double-edge blades as you order for this safety razor.

Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set

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