Vtech Dm221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor Review

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VTech DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor Review

The VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor will always keep you updated on you little angel so you do not have to worry when you away from their room. With its digital transmission, the baby monitor gives you peace as you can clearly hear every little sound from that little mouth by getting rid of that frustrating feedback and static from any other wireless devices. The parent unit that comes with this baby monitor features a vibrating sound alert that ensure you never miss out any sound that your baby makes while you are away.

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Even when the parent unit does not make any single noise, the sound indicator with 5 levels shows you how much sound is in your baby’s room for perfect monitoring. All babies do not like sleeping in the dark which is why the monitor is molded with a loop that at the same time acts as a light that soothes you baby when it wakes in the dark. Even outside the house you will get every sound that little baby makes.


  • The unit is light weight which makes it very easy for any parent to carry.
  • The signal is encrypted with this baby monitor’s great technology, you are therefore rest assured to be the only one listening to your baby at all times.
  • The entire device is fully controllable starting with the volume levels to the vibration and even the LED light.


  • The battery does not hold battery for as long as it is advised to, as you use this monitor you will realize that it need to be charge much more often. In actual sense it does not delivers usage for just about 8 hours and not 18.

VTech DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor Review



Features overview:

  • DECT 6.0 digital technology:just to make sure that the only sound your get from the nursery is your baby’s room, the Vtech DM221 audio baby monitor features DECT technology that ensures the clearest sound with no intrusion at all. Furthermore, this same great technology transmits and encrypts signal data therefore absolutely no one can eavesdrop on your baby’s sound besides you of course.
  • 5 level volume indicator:on the parent you will find a set of five LED lights and they are to specifically show how much sound is in your baby’s nursery. With the therefore you have the ability to monitor the level of noise visually even when the receiver does not produce any noise. When you have this baby monitor it is not just about hearing you baby make sounds but also hearing how the level of noise coming from there.
  • 1000 feet of range:whether you are just in a separate room from that of your baby or even outdoors this safe and sound digital audio monitor gives you the chance to hear your baby’s sound no matter where you may be. This is why you are always at peace since you know that within 1000 feet you will still monitor what is coming from the room of your little baby.
  • Two way communication:you should underestimate the sense of your baby because as little as they are, there is a lot that can be surprising about them like the fact that even just your voice can calm them down. It is therefore due to that reason that the DM221 audio baby monitor is made with the talk-back feature. When you are not right there, you can still say something to your baby through the receiver to soothe while you get to them.
  • Rechargeable battery:on a single charge this baby monitor will deliver all the way to 18 hours of monitoring, this makes it much more convenient for you to move with the monitor to different parts of the house. Unlike corded monitors that limit your freedom to move around, the Vtech just makes it much easier for you. it also features a low battery indicator that shows when the monitor needs charging so you do not miss monitoring your baby due to low battery.
  • Night light:any baby would be scared of the dark but that has now been solved with this audio baby monitor which has a loop acting as a night light at the same time. It turns on when the lights are off but if you feel like it is not necessary you can always turn it off just so it does not become an inconvenience.
  • Vibrating sound alert:with just the just the sound alert, it is very easy for you to miss out your baby’s call especially if you are in a noisy place or if there is something taking up most of your attention. This is exactly why this baby monitor has a sound alert accompanied by vibration, as it makes sound the vibration tickles you to let you there is something coming from your baby.
  • Belt clip:you can easily carry the monitor without misplacing it to any part of the house or even out of the house if you so wish since it has an inbuilt belt clip. And since the monitor also has such a light weight carrying it around is much easier compared to using a heavy monitor.
  • Volume control:you can always adjust the volume of the monitor to either make it louder if it is too low and you cannot hear when your baby makes sound or when it is too high and irritating you can always reduce it.
  • Backlit display: whether lights are on or off you can read you can still read information on the monitor because of the back lit display.

VTech DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor Review - 2

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Product quality:

Whether you are a new parent or not knowing what sound your baby is making is one of the most important things that is why you will need a reliable audio baby monitor like the Vtech DM221 safe and sound. With its great audio sound, this monitor offers great peace of mind and helps to perfectly monitor your little angel at all times. Designed with DECT 6.0 technology the monitor transmits sound crystal clearly without any of that annoying feedback and static therefore the only thing you hear is the sound of your baby. And it is only you that can hear your baby not anyone ease. Then, it also has a vibrating sound alert that will help hear your baby 1000 feet away from its nursery so that you quickly run to its rescue in case of anything. So it does not matter whether you are just in another room different from that of your baby or outside of the house you can always be sure that your baby is safe. The DM221 baby monitor utilizes a rechargeable battery, belt clip and lightweight which all make it very easy to carry around if you so need to.

The loop of the monitor can also be used a night light that helps to calm your little one down during the dark while the 5 level sound indicator even allows you to know how much sound is in your baby’s room. Its strong battery delivers 18 hours of monitoring on just a single charge which means you can always charge the monitor and be ready for it to monitor your child for a really long period of time. Always free to say something to the baby if you are not there in time so that they calm down by the sound of your voice because this monitor has a talk back feature.

Who does it benefit?

It will be good if your baby sleeps on a separate floor from yours: if you are one of the people with extremely huge houses where by your room is on another floor from that of your baby’s nursery then you will need this monitor. It transmits data from 1000 feet away so there is no way you will miss out on anything coming from the baby’s room.

What else do you need?

AC charger: since the monitor delivers a really huge amount of usage time on just a single charge, an AC charger that allows you to charge from anywhere in the house will be of great help.

VTech DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor Review - 1

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