Wahl Professional 785110 5-star Series Balding Clipper Review

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Wahl Professional 785110 5-star Series Balding Clipper 2

The Wahl Corporation is known for manufacturing the best body grooming products of the highest quality and it has actually done this for quite a long time.

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Because Wahl is amongst the leading shaver manufacturers, it ensures that all the products it produces are equipped with new and innovative features so that the users can experience extra comfort and best shaving results. the Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Balding-Clipper is amongst the new shaving tools from Wahl that will offer any one with a close to skin trim. This balding-clipper is built with a powerful single-cut clipper which offers the user with a free and effortless trim while keeping the skin safe from irritations.

This hair-clipper even contains a sharp surgical blade coupled with a v5000 magnetic-motor speed that cuts hair 2-times faster than other clippers but with extra precision and accuracy. the motor also runs quietly thus maintaining a peaceful experience while shaving and this hair-clipper even stays cool when used for a long period of time. with all the innovative and quality features, i think the Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Clipper will meet all your cutting and shaving requirements and in a limited period of time.

The good:

  • TheWahl balding clipper really makes the hair removal process very fast and clean. This is mainly because it’sequipped a powerful motor together with sharp blades that make this quite easy. In fact, if this clipper is set to the closest setting, it will offer you with an extremely close shave that you can only get when using a razor.
  • This hair-clipper is very easy to use and to adjust while trimming your hair. This is because the blade and cutting guides actually make this hair-clipper very easy and effective to use and user-friendly. This balding-clipper even features an ergonomically shaped body that makes it convenient to use even for longer hours. But always try to keep this hair-clipper well-oiled and maintained for best shaving results.
  • Lastly, this high-performance, sleek hair-clipper is available on the market at a reasonable and affordable cost. In fact, its performance is much higher compared to its current market price and it’s actually a good investment.

The bad:

  • You have to be very careful and cautious while using this Wahl balding-clipper because it features very sharp blades that can easily irritate your skin. It’s even advised that for people with excess fat at the back of the head or with small humps, they should be very careful when using this hair-clipper to shave because its sharp blades may cut them.
  • Another drawback about this balding-clipper is that it only supports direct plug-in usage or corded use only. But this is not big problem and even the cord or power-cable that comes with this hair-clipper is long enough to ensure free movement while shaving.

Wahl Professional 785110 5-star Series Balding Clipper 2

Features overview:

  • A single cut clipper: The Wahl Professional 8110 comes equipped with a powerful single cut clipper that is capable of cutting through the thickest hairs hence offering the user with a very good, bald shave.
  • It’s equipped with the sharpest surgical blades: the Wahl balding-clipper has fine-tooth surgical blades that can provide the user with the closest shave possible. This 6×0 blade is adjustable for zero overlap inorder to offer razor-close balding and skin-tight fades. Likewise, these blades are rust-resistant, operate with high precision and are also chrome-plated.
  • 2-cutting guides: This hair-clipper comes with two cutting guides whereby one is 1/16-inch, and the other is 3/16-inch but you can always choose from any of these 2-guides while shaving but depending on your preferred cutting length.
  • A powerful magnetic motor: This professional quality, hair-clipper is built with a powerful, electrical motor which has strength that cannot be found in most battery operated models. This v5000 magnetic-motor can also cut 2-times faster than other hair-clippers and with accuracy. On the other hand, this motor runs very quietly for a friendlier and peaceful shaving environment and it does not even become hot after extended use and this actually means that you can use the hair-clipper continuously for many shaves.
  • This is a durable electric clipper: The Wahl Professional 8110 is also has a sturdy firm body that facilitates for long lasting usage. This hair-clipper will definitely last for longer even when you happen to drop it accidentally once or twice and this is because it was built to last.
  • It supports cordedoperation: It doesn’t come cordless and this implies that it only supports corded operation since it is electric. So you will need to stay close to a power outlet while shaving with this hair-clipper but the good thing is that its power-cord or cable is long enough to ensure free movement as one is trimming off his or her hair.
  • The balding clipper comes with several, qualityaccessories: This clipper also comes with a barber-comb, a pre-shave brush, a blade-guard, blade-oil, a cleaning-brush and operating instructions. This probably means that you won’t lack anything within your shaving routine when using this hair-clipper.

Wahl Professional 785110 5-star Series Balding Clipper 2

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Product Quality:

  • It terms of quality, i think the Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Clipper is far better than most shaving tools on the market today. This balding clipper actually comes equipped with a single cut clipper with powerful surgical blades that can provide a nice, extra-close and bald shave. This is a pivot motor hair-clipper and this actually makes it operate very fast twice the speed of any average shaver. Likewise, the 2-cutting guides that come with this hair-clipper ensure that one gets a desired length while shaving.
  • This professional quality clipper does not come cordless and it supports corded usage since its electric. This means that you have to stay around a power outlet when using it but good enough, this hair-clipper is designed with longer power-cord or cable that ensures free movement while shaving. On the other hand, this hair-clipper is also sturdy and durable and this implies that it will for quite a longer period of time while offering you with awesome clean and bald shaves. Lastly, it comes complete with barber comb, pre-shave brush, blade-guard, blade-oil, cleaning-brush and instructions. This makes the Wahl Professional 8110 and perfect clipper that can meet all your cutting and shaving requirements.

Wahl Professional 785110 5-star Series Balding Clipper 2

Who does it benefit?

  • Perfect hair-clipper for professional barbers: the Wahl Clipper 8110 has all the qualities and attributes of a barber’s shaving-tool whereby it’s equipped with the sharpest surgical blade 6X0 that gives anyone a precision cut with maximum comfort. This is also a small but powerful clipper that hair very fast and will provide a close shave in little time. Lastly, tis powerful motor does not get hot after extended usage and this implies that it can actually be used continuously to achieve several shaves.


  • Good for men who want to get a very close and bald shave: this is a perfect hair-clipper for balding your hair because its capable of cutting hair deeply from its roots hence offering a very close shave similar to that provided by a straight or safety razor. But you have to be extra careful when using it because it has very sharp blades that can easily nick your skin.


  • It is also perfect for home use: the Wahl Clipper 8110 can be easily used by a friend or family member to trim hair whether thick or fine with perfection in just a few minutes. This is because it comes with a user manual that can guide you on how to use it thus making it very easy to operate.


What I need

  • Blade or clipper oil: you will have to purchase additional blade-oil because the clippers cutters need to be oiled after each use in order to keep them operating efficiently and effectively while trimming any hair on the body.

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