Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser (Wp-440w) Review

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Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser (WP-440)In case you have a soft mall bathroom and you don’t want a flosser that will take up too much space or your always on the move and cannot leave your flosser behind there is no doubt the waterpik cordless professional flosser WP 440W is made just for you. This flosser does not only stop at that, it also allows you to enjoy the convenience of flossing just anywhere you feel like since it is extremely portable and cordless so you just have to make sure it is charged.


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This cordless professional flosser features a dual water pressure control system which gives you the chance to have a completely personalized flossing experience as you adjust to any water pressure intensity you feel is most appropriate for you. It has a very ergonomic design comprising of an easy to refill reservoir and rechargeable batteries. For your brushing needs, it comes with a really effective Nano-sonic toothbrush which removes plaque in all those areas that seem really hard to reach. You cannot compare the performance of the waterpik cordless professional flosser to sonicare air flossing or even traditional dental flossing.


  • It is extremely portable and convenient, since it cordless you can always and easily take your flosser to anywhere you feel like. Most flossers are corded which means you have to use it from one particular place but this completely the opposite for the WP-440w flosser.
  • It is very effective when it comes to eliminating plaque, it has all the necessary tips to remove 99.9% plaque in treated areas.  This makes the flosser very ideal for people with crowns, implants and also bridges.
  • It has an ergonomic handle that makes the whole experience very comfortable as it offers firm grip so that the flosser does not keep slipping through your hands.
  • It cleans excellently around braces, it comes with the orthodontic tip which easily gets under those wire to remove even the smallest debris and duct that might stuck in there. Cleaning your braces does not have to be that hard anymore when you have such a professional flosser.
  • It gives you the freedom to move around during your flossing session since it is cordless, this also makes it very easy for you to carry along when on the move.
  • It is extremely effective in improving gum health and you will be able to start experiencing the results in a period of just 14 days.


It is comes with only 4 four tips unlike other waterpik flossers that comes with over six or seven tips. The fact that it comes with only a few tips limits how many activities you can use the flosser for.

It has a very small reservoir so you have to refill it every now and then which is tiring. Its reservoir capacity is only 45 seconds which is not enough time for some people to thorough clean their whole mouth.

Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser WP-440 Review



Features overview:

  • In handle dual water pressure system:first of all, the water pressure controller is placed right on the handle making it very easy to access at any time you feel like adjusting the water pressure. And then also it has two different settings that you can choose depending on what your needs are, the high pressure setting which cleans deeply and the low pressure setting which is more comfortable for those with very sensitive gums.
  • Nano-sonic toothbrush: even your brushing needs are put into consideration, this toothbrush breaks up all plaque using vibrations and since it is designed with the high-low bristles, it can easily get to all those areas that seem difficult to get to. Just like the flosser, the toothbrush is alsobattery operated.
  • 4 tips:for different flossing needs, this cordless professional flosser from waterpik comes with four tips. These include, for general use it comes with 2 classic jet tips, for excellent and effective cleaning around crowns, implants and bridges and lastly the orthodontic tip which leaves braces spotless clean.
  • 45 second reservoir capacity:given its portability, the WP 440W flosser is reservoir offer you 45 seconds of flossing but the good news is that it has a reservoir compartment that can be refilled in just a breeze.
  • Advanced ergonomic design:the flosser has such a lightweight and more to that it has a firm grip handle which makes flossing much more comfortable and easy. With such a design you can easily carry the flosser along when you are on the move.
  • Cordless with rechargeable batteries: if you want to enjoy the convenience of flossing just anywhere this is the perfect flosser reason being it is cordless. It comes with rechargeable batteries so all you need to do is ensure its battery is well charged and enjoy the freedom of flossing just wherever you wish.
  • Two year warranty: you are guaranteed to start experiencing thee exceptional results of this flosser in just 14 days, compared to string flossing, using the waterpik cordless professional will be more effective by up to 50%.

Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser WP-440 Review 3

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Product quality:

If you are looking for that really convenient water flosser you cannot look beyond the waterpik cordless professional flosser WP 440W, this cordless flosser only requires you to recharge its batteries for you to floss just anywhere you feel like. It is very portable making it super easy for you to carry it to your favorite flossing place or even when you have to travel you can always take it with you. This cordless professional flosser is engineered with a non-slip ergonomic handle for firm grip all through the session together with a dual water pressure control system which allows you to customize water pressure intensity to you individual needs. This system has a low pressure setting most suitable for those with sensitive gums and a high pressure settings for deep cleaning so it is entirely up to you to choose what best works for you.

In the same package with the waterpik cordless professional water flosser, you will also find 4 different tips,  classic  jet tips, plaque seeker tips that gets to problematic areas and the orthodontic tip which cleans braces.  In addition it also comes with rechargeable batteries plus a reservoir compartment that is extremely easy to refill. Just because it does not come with a tooth brush tip doesn’t mean it leaves your brushing needs unsatisfied, it comes with a Nano-sonic toothbrush which easily accesses areas that seem hard to reach to leave your mouth fresher than ever before. The tooth brush is battery operated and has high-low designed bristles to ensure that it easily gets to areas that usually give you hard time to get to. Just like all the other flossers from waterpik , the cordless professional has also been clinically proven to effective eliminate gum disease and plaque much better than sonicare flossing and traditional dental floss.

Who does it benefit?

Ideal for people with smaller bathrooms:in case you have limited countertop space in your bathroom, you will find the cordless professional flosser very convenient simply because it is small so it will not need too much space. It is not like other flossers that have very big reservoirs making it an excellent for a small bathroom.

It is also much recommended for people who are always travelling: the waterpik professional flosser is very portable but also cordless so you only have to recharge the battery to use it. This therefore means that you can carry it with you even when on the move

What else do you need?

WaterPik Cordless plus Water Flosser Travel Case, Model WP-450 1 ea: when you want to carry your flosser with you to those long journeys so you will surely need this travel case. It is nylon and detailed with attractive blue color and also water proof. It is made with waterpik’s original and durable quality.

Waterpik Sonic Toothbrush Replacement Head: dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush head after every three months and this pack has three replacements heads to sort you for some good time. They all have very soft and round bristles that easily reach areas that are hard to reach.

Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser WP-440 Review 2

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