Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review

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Waterpik Ultra Water FlosserFor the easiest and most effective flossing look no further than the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser. This flosser features an advanced design which is extremely quiet to make your session much more comfortable without that irritating noise making it different from the old models.

More so it also has an ergonomic handle which fits well in your hands and the pause button for extra convenience when using the flosser. It has been clinically proven to get rid of up to 99.9% plaque and at the same time is more effective than dental flossing by about 93% to ensure extremely healthy gums.


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If you have been having hard time to get your braces clean, well this water flosser from waterpik is your perfect solution as it has been clinically proven to excellently clean around braces with its orthodontic tip making it just as effective as the floss you would get from the dentist. From this overly trusted oral-health brand, the flosser features incomparable quality not just to promote the wellbeing and health of users but also to ensure energy and water conservation.


  • It excellently cleans your mouth to leave it fresher than ever before with its 360 degree tip rotation that effectively and easily get rids of any dirt even in those areas that are really hard to get to.
  • It effectively eliminates plaque, unlike other flossers that are praised just to make sales the waterpik ultra water flosser has been proved by clinical tests to eliminate 99.9% of plaque in areas that are treated.
  • It makes your gums healthier compared to the traditional dental floss that you used to get and clinical tests have proven it to be more effective at bettering the health of your gums.
  • It comes with many tips to suit just about anything you want to use it for whether it to clean around your braces, implants, floss your gums and so many others using any of the 6 tips that it comes with.
  • It can easily get to areas that seem very hard or impossible to clean like under the teeth and below the gum line that would not be possible to clean with just a regular toothbrush or tradition dental floss. With this flosser all debris and plaque is completely eliminated.
  • It has very many pressure setting for you to choose from depending on what you desires are ass an individual. It therefore gives you maximum control over your whole session.
  • It is extremely comfortable first of all due to its ergonomic handle that is very easy and comfortable to hold and secondly because it is does not produce that irritating noise that other flossers produce.


The waterpik ultra water flosser is only compatible with 120VAC/6OH outlets which limits its use in many different areas as it can only be used in North American. Many other people would like to try the flosser but they just can’t because it not compatible with the voltage in areas that they are in.

It has also been found to have leakage problems, I am not saying the flosser is not durable but some customers have complained about it leaking after some years of use.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 2



Features overview:

  • Contemporary design:the waterpik ultra water flosser features a smaller design, ergonomic handle that makes it easier and comfortable to hold in your hands all through the flossing session. In addition, this flosser has been made different from all the rest manufactured before as it is quieter to prevent you from getting irritated by noise.
  • 10 water pressure settings:it has 10 adjustable water pressure settings for you to choose from depending on whether you want water pressure that is gentle or prefer deeper cleansing. You can customize your setting from between 10 to 90 PSI and for each minute come with 1400 pulses to leave you with the healthiest gums ever.
  • 6 different tips:for all your teeth cleansing needs, this flosser has sure got your sorted, whether you want to clean around your braces, implants, clean areas under the gum that seem difficult to get to, it has all the necessary tips. These include 2 classic jet tips, plaque seeker tip, orthodontic tip, toothbrush tip and pik pocket tip to meet all your needs.
  • Covered reservoir with in lid tip storage: for safety purposes and prevent contamination, the flosser’s reservoir is covered and has a lid tip storage in which you can safely keep all your tips until the next time you will be using them.
  • Pause button:the waterpik ultra water flosser has a pause button placed right on its handle so that whenever you feel like taking a break, you can do with just a single touch on the pause button. Being placed on the handle makes the pause button easily accessible.
  • 360 degree tip rotation:this ensures that all the different tips can easily get to all parts of your teeth and gum to leaving your mouth extremely clean and fresh. The flosser performs even better than floss you would get from the dentist.
  • Reservoir capacity of 90 or more seconds:the waterpik ultra water flosser’s capacity is big enough to offer you 90 seconds or more of use.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review

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Product quality:

The Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser in another of the best flosser coming from the most recommended water flosser brand by dental professionals. It is designed to give you an extremely easy but effective way to floss with its super advanced pressure control system having over 10 pressure settings for you to have that personalized flossing experience. Its reservoir capacity is up to 90 seconds or even depending on how you use it but there is no doubt you also fall in love with pause button placed right at the handle of the flosser for you to pause you session at just about any time you feel like it. With its 360 degree tip rotation, the flosser can clean every single part of your teeth exactly the way a dentist would do it. Thewaterpik ultra water flosser is made smaller than other models before and it is much quieter for added comfort all through your flossing time. To keep it very clean and prevent contamination it is designed with a covered reservoir and built in tip storage for you to store all the tips when they are not in use.


This flosser eliminates up to 99.9% of plaque in treated areas with in only 3 seconds and laboratory test have proved it and also clinically proven to be 50% more effective in improving gum health as compared to dental floss. It exceptional cleaning around braces is one of the greatest reasons as to why the waterpik ultra water flosser is number one for many people, it has that orthodontic tip which excellently cleans around braces. To back up the quality of this flosser, it comes with 3 year warranty so that if within 14 days you are not pleased with its performance you can just take it.

Who does it benefit?

It is very beneficial to people with braces and crowns: without the right flosser it becomes very difficult to clean around braces and crowns yet all dentists will advise that you must always keep your braces very clean as food can easily get stuck there and cause infections to your teeth and gum. This is when the waterpik ultra water flosser becomes beneficial to people with braces as it comes with an orthodontic tip which has been clinically proven to be extremely effective in cleaning around braces. If you want to have the cleanest and most attractive braces then you will definitely try this flosser out.

It is also great for people with implants: even using the water flosser just once a day gives eliminates 99.9% of plaque in areas that are treated and also massage gums to ensure better general oral health. Therefore if you have implants you can be rest assured this flosser will keep the gum around your implants extremely clean.

What else do you need?

PRO-SYS® Premium Mint Floss: this is simply the perfect dental floss you need to use with your flosser. It features shred resistant material which slides through teeth with great ease, excellently removes plaque in all areas but even more interestingly has a very beautiful mint scent to help you get rid of bad breath.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

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