Ways on How You Can Become a Microsoft MVP

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A Microsoft MVP is referred to as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. In fact, an MVP is an individual that has been selected to receive an annual award for outstanding contributions within communities that use Microsoft technologies. On the other hand, Microsoft MVPs are usually nominated by their peers, Microsoft-employees and by other MVPs for their achievements within the past 12-months. Additionally, Microsoft MVP award recipients are usually distinguished members of a technical-community and are normally recognized for sharing their expertise and knowledge with others both online and offline. So, if you want to become Microsoft MVP then below are some of the tips and suggestions on how to become one:


Steps On How To Become A Microsoft MVP:

  1. Know what the Microsoft MVP award means: You should know that a Microsoft MVP award strives to facilitate the unrestricted sharing of knowledge online or offline. So, your goal should be providing reputable resources that encompass expansive expertise that can benefit all members of the community in-order for you to achieve this award.


  1. Know that individuals that are given the Microsoft MVP award do not work for Microsoft: You must also know that the individuals given the Microsoft MVP award do not work for Microsoft nor do they represent the company. In fact, Microsoft MVP’s are meant for independent individuals that were chosen based upon their accomplishments within the technical communities.


  1. Consider age as one of the requirements for a Microsoft MVP: One of the requirements to be nominated and selected as a Microsoft MVP is to be at least 18 years of age or older. In fact, the age requirement reflects Microsoft’s guidelines relative to the privacy and safety of minors.


  1. Know what is involved in selecting Microsoft MVPs: The process of selecting Microsoft MVPs usually includes a review of accomplishments and achievements made by technical community members within the past year prior to nomination. Additionally, the factors that are considered during the evaluation process include the quality and quantity of contributions coupled with the influencing effect within the technical-community.


  1. Know that the Microsoft MVP program extends worldwide: You should also know that the scope of the Microsoft MVP program extends worldwide and includes millions of active, participating members within a technical-community. In fact, Microsoft’s customer base is expansive and comprises of a broad-range of technologies.


  1. Know that Microsoft MVPs normally have extensive knowledge on a particular Microsoft product or technology: You should know that most Microsoft MVPs usually have extensive knowledge on a particular Microsoft product or technology. So, individuals that receive a Microsoft MVP award are not required to have extensive knowledge and expertise covering all Microsoft products and technologies.


  1. Know that Microsoft MVPs do receive benefits and services for their award: you should know that Microsoft MVPs receive benefits and services as a result of receiving an award. However, Microsoft MVP Recipients do not get any form of payment or monetary award.


  1. Microsoft MVP award Recipients maintain that title for 1 year: You should know that the individuals selected for a Microsoft MVP award maintain that title for only 1-year. On top of that, Recipients must follow the MVP code of conduct and adhere to the Microsoft community rules during that period.


  1. Microsoft MVP nominees are selected from community members: You must know that Microsoft MVP nominees are selected from community members from more than 90-countries worldwide. Additionally, potential new MVPs are selected from a variety of venues including news-groups, public-forums, social-media-sites and event-speakers.


  1. Consider applying directly for a Microsoft MVP award: you may also consider applying directly yourself to be awarded the title of a Microsoft MVP. However, you can even be nominated by fellow peers within the technical community or by Microsoft.


  1. Learn more about the application process: You should also learn more about the application process for becoming a Microsoft MVP by simply visiting Microsoft’s website. Additionally, remember to include the nominee’s name, email-address, country of residence and primary language spoken when completing the nomination process.


  1. Provide some examples of technical community activities that you participate in: You will have to provide examples of technical community activities that you or the nominee regularly participates in. These can actually be podcasts, forums, newsgroups and blogs.

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