What Are The Best Loopholes In Technology That You Have Come Across

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Although technology has revolutionized almost every aspect of life today, it also has several loopholes that make it very dangerous to use. In fact, inadequate security is one of the biggest loopholes in technology today but there are also other minor loopholes that make technology unreliable to use. So, below is a list of some of the best loopholes in modern technology that you may have come across.


List Of The Best Loopholes In Technology That You May Have Come Across:

  1. Data Security Loops: With digital technology, huge amounts of data about organizations and individuals can be collected and stored but it can actually very difficult to keep all data safe and secure. For example, if a single breach is made to technological-systems then vast amounts of private information will get into hands of criminals like; terrorists, foreign-enemies and other malicious entities.


  1. Anonymity loopholes: The relative anonymity that users can enjoy on the internet is one of the biggest problems of technology today. For example terrorists and drug-dealer use anonymous identities to promote and themselves and even trade items using the dark web. Additionally, authoritarian regimes also use anonymous identities to sway or distort elections in democratic countries.


  1. Complexity loopholes: Although technology is good for our daily lives, some technologies today have become very complicated that only a few people can use them and manipulate others. For example, most people today no-longer understand the devices and machines that they are interacting with on a daily basis.


  1. Privacy loopholes: It has become very hard to achieve personal privacy digital technology. This is mainly because your personal-data can be easily can be easily stolen and sold by malicious attackers. Additionally, digital-cameras can watch and record our movements in public places and photos/videos taken by Smartphones can be easily uploaded and posted over the internet thus making it very difficult to control your personal information.


  1. Digital Media Manipulation Loopholes: Today, photos, audio and video clips can be easily edited using different software and this has led to a wide spread of media-manipulation worldwide. In fact, with technology, it’s not easy to tell what is real and what is fake anymore. For example, photos can be edited using tools like Photoshop and videos/audio clips can be doctored.


  1. Easy access to inappropriate content: with digital-technology, kids can easily gain access to inappropriate content like pornography and this is actually a huge loophole. However, there are several filters and software that can be used to avoid this but there are also ways to bypass such software.


  1. Crime loopholes: with digital-technology there has been an increase in digital-crimes like; scamming, fraud, bullying, trolling, stalking, threatening and even insulting behavior due to the increased use of internet.


  1. Data Storage loopholes: Although technology offers various data-storage options, it also has a lot of loopholes which include; easy access to data by malicious people, accidental deleting of data, losing of data if the storage-devices goes missing and limited storage space for smart-devices. Additionally, it can also be very hard to store and maintain data for long-term purposes with digital-technology because file-formats tend to change over time. In fact, traditional media stored in books can last for longer than digitally stored data and this is a very huge loophole.


  1. Safety loopholes: With digital-technology, weapons can be deployed anywhere in the world without any human military presence. Additionally, drones can be used for wars and spying on people, Satellites can take photographs and videos from space whereby all this has greatly reduced on the safety of people today.


  1. IoT attacks or loopholes: The Industrial Control Systems Computer Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) has reported an increase in the number of data-breaches recently. For example, some cars internet-connection can be used immobilize them remotely on highways which can be very dangerous.


  1. Software loopholes: Today, most software contains loopholes that can be used by hackers to manipulate company and personal information. However, these loopholes can fixed apply software-patches although the process can be very expensive to maintain by companies.


  1. Usability loopholes: Although technological-devices are designed to enhance on the way we do things, some devices actually have usability-loopholes whereby they are very has to use and control. For example, some Smartphones and other advanced gadget tend to be very hard to use by novice users.

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