What Are The Major 2 Types of Processes Used By Technology

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A process involves a series of identifiable tasks that must be completed through various steps. In fact, technology is characterized by actions and tasks that should be accomplished over a specific period of time. On the other hand, technology uses 2 major types of processes which include; problem-solving processes and transformation-processes but there are also other types of process which will be listed in this post.


2 Major Types Of Process – (Problem solving & Transformation)


  1. Problem solving process: These are procedures used to develop technology. In fact, technology develops and uses tools, machines and systems to extend human-ability in-order to control and modify the environment. The problem solving process actually involves 5 major steps as listed below;


  • Identifying the problem: This step involves collecting basic information about the problem and then design limitations are developed.
  • Developing solutions to the problem: with this step, several possible solutions to the problem are developed and redefined through idea-creation and brainstorming (creative-thinking procedures).
  • Isolating and detailing the best solution: This step involves selecting the best solution and afterwards refine’ it for best results.
  • Modeling and evaluating the solution: Here, physical and graphic models of the selected solution are produced and tested by the design-team.
  • Finalizing the solution: This involves selecting the final-solution and then prepare it for production and use.


  1. Transformation Process: When a technological-device or system is designed, it has to be built and operated and this process is referred to as transformation. In fact, resources are used to transform key-input into a more usable form. For example, technology can be used to transform trees into lumber which is then used to make furniture, oil can be used to develop petroleum/fuel that is used in cars and other purposes. However, the transformation process requires 2-types of technological processes which include; production and management
  • Production-processes: These are actions completed to perform the function of a technological system. In fact, production-processes are used to change natural resources into industrial-materials, convert materials into products, convert information into media-messages, convert form into energy and to use energy into powered-transportation vehicles in order to move people and finished-products. on the other hand, production-processes involve 5-major actions as listed below;


  1. Analyzing the design: this involves analyzing the design of a device, product, service or system. In fact, a design is an output of the problem-solving-process.
  2. Obtaining Resources (inputs): this involves gathering resources needed to produce a device, service or system. For example, getting raw-oil which will be used in the productions of fuel.
  • Producing the product: This step involves using the acquired resources to produce a device, service or system. For example, extracting the fuel from the raw-oil.
  1. Delivering the product (output): this step will involve delivering the finished device, service or system to the market or customer. For example, putting the fuel into transportation-tankers and then distributing it to different fuel-stations so that customers can easily access it.
  2. Operating, maintaining and servicing the product or system will be the next step and the last step will be disposing or recycling worn-out device product or system. For example, a car will need maintenance after a given period of time and its scrap can be recycled to produce new products.


  • Management processes: These are actions used to ensure that a production process operates efficiently and appropriately. In fact, management-processes are used to direct the design, development, production and marketing of technological devices, services or systems. on the other hand, management activities involve 4 functions which include;


  1. Planning: This step involves setting-up goals and courses of action in order to reach desired goals.
  2. Organizing: This step involves dividing tasks into major segments so that the goals can be met and resources are assigned to complete each task.
  • Actuating: This step involves starting the system to operate by assigning and supervising work.
  1. Controlling: This involves comparing system output to a desired goal. In fact, management-processes are used b individuals and groups of people to organize and their activities. For example, you may have a task to complete like writing a book but you should first plan this task by selecting a topic, establish major-steps to be completed and then set deadlines for each task. Afterwards, obtain resources like reference-materials, writing-equipment and time then finish by editing and drafting the final book. In fact, this is referred to as control and includes; evaluation, feedback and corrective-action.


Note: For any product to get fully developed before reaching the market requires going through the listed processes in order design, produce, deliver and even evaluate it in-order to make some necessary changes that will make it very functional to use. In fact, some products today can even be recalled by the manufacturers’ in-order to correct their design-flaws through a series of processes. However, design-flaws are usually identified by the users after reaching the market and this actually makes production expensive due to repeated processes.

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