What Is Callback Technology – Full Definition

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Callback technology aims at improving customer service experience by eliminating the need for customers to wait for long periods of time on phone. With Callback technology, when a customer calls and will be waiting for a longer period of time for an agent or representative to respond, it will automatically give the customer an option of leaving a number so that an agent can return his/her call. In fact, this technology even gives customers a time-frame within which they should expect to receive a return call from the agent. All in all, callback-technology helps to improve on a company’s customer service by allowing customers to receive assistance without holding for long periods of time and even helps a company to reduce on the total-number of calls by avoiding repeated callers.


How to implement Callback Technology:

Companies that want to implement callback technology actually have 3 primary options to choose from which include;

Purchase a hosted system: Getting a hosted callback system will require a company to pay an initial-charge and a monthly service-fee which is actually a great choice for startups that don’t have the money to spend on a standalone callback systems.

Purchase an on-site system: Some businesses can also consider purchasing an on-site system from a callback-provider but this will require greater initial-investment and maintenance-costs which can only be afforded by large-companies. However, getting an on-site callback system will help a company to avoid paying for monthly services thus saving them a lot of money.

Create a callback system using existing equipment: For companies with great expertise in communication-technology, they may be able to configure a callback-technology system using their existing equipment. This can actually be a great alternative to technological startups that don’t have a lot of money to spend hosting callback-systems.


Benefits of Call Back Technology for Your Company’s Contact-Center:

  1. Improved Agent Productivity: With callback-technology, a customer will send a call-back request to the agents who will actually receive the entire caller’s information on the screen. So, the agent will simply click on the callback-button to get connected to the customer when having time. In fact, this process will help to save a great amount of time and effort of the agents leading to increased productivity since they will no longer need to search company CRM systems to get customer-information and contacts.


  1. Decreased Call-Abandonment Rate: Longer holding time actually leads to abandoned calls which in-turn leads to higher repeated calls, lower first-call resolution and dissatisfied customers. However, with a callback-system your customers will no-longer have to hang-up calls or think of switching to another competitor due to lengthy waiting queues. In fact, customers will simply request for a call-back and then go back to their daily duties as they wait for an agent to return their calls.


  1. Agents never lose a lead to customers: with callback-technology, agents won’t lose a lead to the customers even if they are pre-occupied and can’t answer calls on time. In fact, as soon as a customer opts for a callback-service, their contact-information gets recorded and then any available agent will be able to contact the lead/customer as soon as he/she is free.


  1. High First-Call Resolution: First Call Resolution is an important metric when measuring the performance of a call-center. In fact, it helps to accelerate higher customer satisfaction, leads to more efficient utilization of agent time and fewer inbound-calls. Additionally, a callback-process provides an agent with enough time to view the previous caller-history and necessary-information of a customer in a CRM-system before making call-back thus leading to reduced call-abandonment rates and high First Call Resolution.


  1. Reduced calling costs: Long call-holding time can lead to higher toll-charges and increases on the cost of business operation. However, callback technology helps to eliminate longer call-holding time since the callers won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting in a queue hence saving companies a lot of money on telecom-costs for call-centers.


  1. Higher customer retention rate: Since callback-technology allows customers to save time by not waiting in a calling-queue, they will actually become more satisfied with the services provided and even stick your company brand thus leading to a higher customer retention rate.


  1. Smooth Multi-channel Transitions: Today, customer-information can be easily transferred from a web-page or another source to a call-center agent immediately. For example, if a customer gets a problem while browsing on a company-website, a popup-window asking them a callback-number should immediately appear in order to capture their information and then a suitable agent can give them a callback and help in resolving any issues.


  1. Eliminates hold-time and improves on customer experience: Most customers can actually tolerate being placed on hold but will tend to lose patience quickly resulting into an angry-caller or an abandoned-call which in-turn leads to a poor customer-experience. So, replacing hold-time with callback-technology will help to improve on the experience you provide to customers and even improve the image of your company.


  1. Call-back technology reduces on high call volumes: Some companies today experience regular peak-periods at their call-center while other occasionally experience spikes in call-volume. However, call-back technology helps to defer calls in order to make high call volumes more manageable. In fact, call-back technology is a great insurance policy for your company call-center because when call-volume spikes, you will be assured that your call-center can handle the traffic.


  1. Calls will be made shorter: Most customers tend to become frustrated while on hold and an angry caller often complains about the negative-experience when talking to an agent and this will increases on the length of calls. However, with callback-technology customers will be patiently waiting for a call-back and even receive smooth conversation with the company agent resulting into lower handle times and improved agent efficiency.

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