10 Best Beard and Stubble Trimmers 2019

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Best Beard Trimmer

On this list, I have featured the Best beard & stubble trimmers on the market. I based on customer rating from various stores to compile this list. But during our data collection process, we noticed that ”Philips Norelco QT4070/41” which used to be every-man’s favorite has been replaced by Remington MB4045B


SHOULD YOU TRIM OR SHAVE? Shaving will clear off your beard, yet trimming will leave you with a groomed beard / pubes. Choosing on whether to shave or trim will be determined by your goals and needs as a man. I personally shave all beards on my jaws and neck, but leave on some beards on the chin, I use a beard trimmer & a clipper to groom my chin hair and also shape my side-burns and mustache. However, using a good beard trimmer will give you both faster and better results. Check out our list below:






Best Beard Trimmer

When shopping for the beard trimmer, you have to consider many factors. A good trimmer has to give you a perfect trim just like what your barber should have given you while using a clipper. These trimmers come in different types; we have the laser trimmer which uses laser technology to shape your beard and a blade trimmer which uses sharp traditional blades to groom your beards. Consider the following factors when buying a beard trimmer:


  • Length Settings: – Make sure that it has a multiple level setting. This will give you the opportunity to trim as you want.


  • Battery Life: – This is a basic factor which you have to look out for immediately when you start shopping for the best beard trimmer. Because, a good trimmer should be in position to perform for at least 30 – 50 minutes of no charge.


  • Size & Weight:- Trimming is not related to shaving. While trimming a beard or pubic area, some hair has to remain, meaning you don’t cut from the roots of the hair. Now, if you use a heavy trimmer, it will weight you down and find yourself clean shaved.



  • CONDITION YOUR BEARD BEFORE TRIMMING:- You should use a good beard conditioner to make your beard soft, because the same way we treat our hair should be the same way we treat our beards. Wash out the conditioner and dry your beard using a soft hand towel, this will make it easy to trim.


  • CHOOSE A SHAPE: – Before trimming your beard, look out for some interesting beard shapes, remember you don’t want to shade it off completely, so look at photos for men with well trimmed beards, websites like , Google Images and Pinterest have the best examples, all you have to do is type a keyword ”Trimmed beards” in those search engines and get what you want.


  • CONSIDER YOUR FACE SHAPE: This is a factor which most of you might ignore, but I think it’s important, because the shape of your beard has to match and complement your face shape. So as you look out for examples of trimmed beards, I suggest you compare your face shapes with the examples you have liked the most.


  • SET THE TRIMMER:- Advanced beard trimmers like Philips Norelco QT4070/41Panasonic ER-GB40-S, Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100 have more than 17 secured length settings. This means you can determine the height of your beard automatically. Using Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100 can give you the best results because it features a turbo power boost button which you can set and increase on the speed of the machines, this functionality makes it easy to trim long & thick beards.


  • SHAPE THE EDGES OF THE BEARD: – After getting the right length of your beard, you need to do one extra thing and that is shaping the edge of the beard. You need to twist the trimmer so that its blade trims the edge of your beard easily. The blade has to touch the skin just a little bit, that is the only way you will get a perfect shape.


  • TRIM AND SHAPE YOUR SIDE-BURN:- This option is for men with sideburns, lucky me I don’t have one, or maybe I’m not that lucky. To leave that aside, the height of your sideburn has to be relative to that of your beard, make sure they balance very well. Shape the edges of the sideburn so it looks pretty and well groomed.


  • APPLY BEARD OIL / CONDITIONER:- After getting a perfect cut, you need to look after the well groomed beard, you can do this by applying beard oil / conditioner on a daily basis, you can do this every morning before going for work, it will keep your beard soft all day long.


  • COMB / BRUSH YOUR BEARD ON A DAILY BASIS:- You have to brush that beard after washing it, this will make the beard look neat yet at the same time exfoliate you facial skin.





1. Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer:

What Is The Best Beard Trimmer
If you’re looking for the best Norelco beard trimmer, look no further, because this Norelco-QT4070-41 will allow you to trim that mustaches / goatee / beard and sideburn with ease.

Its name has now been changed to Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300, but still that does not change its functionality, it’s still the same old QT4070 we have always been using. If you have long whiskers of beards, this shaving machine comes with sharp blades which trap and cut whiskers and long hairs, hence giving you a messy free trim

Functionality: – When it comes to functionality, I doubt if there is any beard trimmer which out competes this Norelco-QT4070-41, you can easily define the length of your beard / mustache by setting the machine, everything is automated, just choose a desired length and leave the rest to the machine.

Popularity:- Norelco-QT4070-41  competes with Wahl 9918-6171, these two beard trimmer brands are very popular, but if I make my conclusion basing on customer reviews posted on AMAZON, Norelco-QT4070-41  wins, it has gunned some 1397 reviews, all these men have tested the product, but only 147 clients give it lower rating.


  • Strong Battery Life: – This Norelco-QT4070-41 charge time is only 1 hour and its running time without plugging it into power is 50 minutes, this is enough time for you to have a good stubble. So, you don’t have to be worried if you get caught up on the plane / train, the battery will give 50 minutes of beard trimming, and that is almost an hour. Norelco-QT4070-41 battery performs better than Stubble Trimmer pro QT4022, because charging QT4022, it will take you 10 hours yet its running time is only 35 minutes. Now I see why Philips had to modify QT4022 & QT4050, how on earth can you charge a beard trimmer for 10 hours?
  • Clean Trimming: – When you shave with a regular beard trimmer, hair will be all over the sink, cleaning that mess can be frustrating and time consuming. Philips had that in mind because their clients wanted to get the best shaves yet at the same time save time. So, they invented this Norelco-QT4070-41, it has an integrated vacuum cleaning system which captures hair as you trim, this leaves your sink / shaving area clean. So after trimming, you will remove the vacuum system and get rid hair at a go.
  • Stubble Setting:- To get the best results while trimming, you need to set the trimmer at a specific level, this will ensure your beard & sideburn are of the same height, this QT4070-41 features a 1/2 millimeter stubble setting, you can adjust the height as you want and get the best shave.


  • Poor Comb Design: – Some users have reported that the comb design of this Norelco-QT4070-41 is not perfect. If you’re not careful, you might stab your lips with this comb and it can even result into uneven trimming.


2. Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Beard Trimmer:

Philips Norelco BT9285-41 9100 Beard Trimmer 5

Philips Norelco makes some of the best beard trimmers, I will feature more on this list, but if you want a perfect beard with well defined edges, this is the best machine for you. It uses laser technology to shape the outline of your beard and side-burn. Its stainless blades are sharp and strong enough to cut through any thick course beard.




3. Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer (Best Mustache Trimmer of all time…)

Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer

The last time I checked Amazon they had only 3 Wahl 9918-6171 beard and mustache trimmers left, I’m sure more will come in stock because this is the best mustache trimmer…

, it even out-competes our Philips-Norelco-QT4070-41.  When I look at its shaving head, it features high-carbon sharp hardened steel blades which can trim and cut any beard / mustache. The cordless functionality will give you the pleasure of shaving from anywhere at any time. When you look at its design, it was tailored to fit in any man’s hands, the sides of this trimmer have an ergonomic design, making it easy to use while in the shower.

Functionality:- Wahl-9918-6171 features 6 position adjustable guide comb which will allow you to set the level of the trimmer, you can easily attach the combs and they come in different sizes making it easy to get a good stubble.

Popularity:- Once you buy this Wahl-9918-6171 beard trimmer, you will get a 3 year warranty and live customer support, that is a very impressive customer service provided by Wahl and this can be proved by 1,377 reviews the machine has got over a period of time, this figure should be high but some clients don’t post reviews.


  • Self- Sharpening Blades: – Wahl-9918-6171 features self-sharpening blades, so you don’t have to worry about manual sharpening, this machine will sort out its blades automatically. The blades are very strong, so it doesn’t matter how thick your beard / mustache is, this machine will trim it with ease.
  • It trims long & short beard: – You will actually feel no difference when this trimmer passes through a long / short beard, it all feels the same. All you have to do us to set the level of trimming attach the comb and start trimming. If beards clog the blades, you can use brush to remove them.
  • Adjustable: – The only way you can get a good stubble is when you set the level the trimmer has to work on. Otherwise if you try to level your beard / mustache manually, you might end up messing up your beard, because it’s very hard to cut beards at the same level. But this Wahl-9918-6171 comes with different sizes of combs which you can attach on the head. Yet at the same time, the head features 6 beard guide memory function which allows you to customize any desired length.
  • Affordable: – When we talk about using beard trimmers to get a good stubble, some of you get scared by the price, (how much it will cost you)..Actually, that should not bother you anymore, because you can grab this Wahl-9918-6171 at a low price.


  • Has no vacuum clean system :- So when you shave via the sink, it will be clattered with hair which you have to clean manually, this is not a cool thing, because Philips Norelco QT4070/41 capture hair in its vacuum which saves you time and leaves your sink hair free.
  • Some of the accessories that come with this trimmer don’t do a perfect job. Some can work for the first time, but they can disappoint you as time goes on. Also the battery runs out so first, so you always have to recharge it, or use it while in charge.





4. Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer: 

Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer

This Remington MB-200 Mustache Trimmer competes with her sister Remington touch control, MB4550T, majority of men use Remington MB-200 because of its traditional design and high performance, but when I look at Remington MB4550T Remington touch control beard trimmer, it’s design is quite modern even though it has not become as popular as MB-200, however, we shall compare them in detail in my next post. So let’s get down to business and see why men love using MB-200 Mustache Trimmer.

Functionality: – According to this product’s manufacturer, this trimmer will give you a clean cut without causing any irritation. Now those are words from the Remington, sometimes I don’t trust what they say in commercials, but at the same time, I don’t have the facilities to test each and every beard trimmer on this list, but I have scanned through Remington MB-200’s reviews on amazon, 641 people give it a 5 start, most of them say that they can’t believe a nice performing trimmer could cost that less.

Popularity: – Whenever I talk about the popularity of the product, I use both positive and negative review stats and then I calculate the rating of that particular product from 3 prominent stores. This Remington MB-200 mustache & beard trimmer has scored at least 1,421 customer reviews, but 641 give it a 5 start and 227 give it a 4 start and makes a total of 868  (5 & 4 ratings), that means 55% of users of this product are happy with the results.



  • Good price: – On this list. This is the most affordable beard trimmer, it is even cheaper than its counterpart (Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion).If your budget is limited, you can forego the Philips & Wahl, get something good at an affordable price.
  • Durable blades: – If you think of its price, you might think its disposable beard trimmer, but you will get shocked when the machine works smoothly for months and years. Its blades are self-sharpening and durable. Sharp enough to cut through any thick beard. These titanium coated blades can rust or get damaged by water.
  • Length Setting Feature :- We saw that Wahl 9918-6171 features 6 length setting, but this Remington MB-200- has 9 length setting, It actually give you more trimming levels than Wahl 9918-6171
  • Rechargeable :- You can easily charge this trimmer and use it as a cordless trimmer, however, it might take you 14 hours to get a full charge yet Philips Norelco QT4070/41 charges fully in 1 hour and gives you 50 minutes of nonstop shaving / trimming. But still, what would you expect to get when you spend less. The best solution is to charge it when you’re going to sleep, when you wake up in the morning the machine will be fully charged and ready for the challenge.


  • Longer battery charging hours:- It’s battery is not strong enough, it takes over 14 hours to get the battery full and it can’t last for long when you unplug the trimmer to get a cordless shave.


5. Remington MB4040 Lithium

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Mens Rechargeable Mustache Beard and Stubble Trimmer

For those who love Remington brands, this is another option for you, it also comes at affordable price, so you don’t have look around for a cheap beard trimmer, this Remington MB4040 Lithium is just friendly to any guys pocket, if you’re a student and you need to save money yet at the same time get a good stubble, this Remington MB4040 Lithium beard trimmer is more like a gift from Remington as a company. I like the idea of making affordable products which perform exactly like expensive brands. Because in the actual sense, all we need is something which works.

  • Functionality: – What exactly do you expect from a 3 precision blade beard trimmer?  ”The best results”, despite of its low price which most people might associate with poor performance, this Remington-MB4040 has proved to be among the best beard trimmers, it will give you a good stubble and leave you without any doubts. It is quite interesting that a low priced beard trimmer can actually perform better than some expensive brands that I know of. It’s blades are also self- sharpening just like its brother ”Remington MB-200”, so you don’t have worry about sharpening blades manually, everything is automated.
  • Popularity: – I have checked both ratings and reviews for this Remington MB4040, you will be surprised, It’s actually more popular than  Remington MB-200, total reviews are just 942 and I expect that to grow. Its rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars yet its brother Remington MB-200 has a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars. If I’m to base on these customer ratings, trust me, I will vote for Remington MB4040. …(PERIOD)


  • It’s Highly Durable: – It’s frame and blades are titanium-coated, this makes it durable and long lasting, however, I’m not sure if it can survive a crash test. I guess I will have to do that test manually, after roll; it costs less.
  • Affordable: – If you have been always looking for an affordable beard trimmer, look no further, because Remington is using its pricing strategy to out compete its counterparts. As an entrepreneur, I like the price strategy method, because the end users benefit more out of this pricing strategy.
  • Sleek Design: – This is a feature you shouldn’t ignore, because the shape and weight of a beard trimmer is very crucial. The curvy sleek design of this brand makes it easy to hold in either small / big hands
  • Strong Battery: – Some customers have reported strong battery charge, this brand can be charged once in a week that is if you’re not a regular user, but still, even if you use it on a daily basis, the battery can last for long without plugging it again in power to charge.


  • Battery dies in 6 Months: – I have no proof on this, but I got I read this from customer reviews posted on Amazon. One user said that the battery was okay at the beginning, but it later died after 6 months of daily usage. Now this could be caused by various reasons which I can’t outline now. But I think you should give it a try and see. May be you can give us a feed back using the commenting box below this post.




HOW TO USE A BEARD TRIMMER? : Before you start trimming your beard, you have to get it ready, this has to be done a few weeks before the trimming day. You have to exfoliate and condition your beard  so that it gets fine and easy to trim….continue reading….

HOW TO MAINTAIN STUBBLE?: If you leave that stubble to grow out, it will become a full beard, so you have to keep it groomed and shaped very well using any of these beard trimmers featured in this post. However, before trimming that stubble to a desirable length, it is better you let it grow just a little bit, this will give you a chance to style it in any way your want….read more…..


6. Panasonic ER-GB40-S Cordless

Panasonic ER-GB40-S Cordless Moustache


This is an All-in-One Hair, Beard & Body Trimmer, so you buy one, but you will have the opportunity to use it for more than one purpose…., isn’t that promising and rewarding. In my opinion, it’s money well spent, because this Panasonic ER-GB40-S can work in both wet & dry shaving condition, at least it does something better than its competitors on this list. Even though it’s popularity is not that huge compared to Norelco QT4070/41, that doesn’t take away its unique features and functionality, so you might consider having one this season.





The shape of your mustache, says a lot about you, so the shape you give it will define your true nature as a man. Mustaches are traditional facial hairstyles for men of all ages; they differ in thickness and shape, but let’s see how you can use a beard trimmer to shape that mustache.

  • Wet / Damp the mustache: – The same way we treat a beard before trimming is the same way we treat a mustache. You have to damp it with a good beard shampoo / conditioner; this will remove dirt and dead skin that might be hiding beneath the mustache.


  • Brush the mustache straight: – This will make it easy to trim and groom. You can use a small fined toothed comb to brush that mustache straight.


  • Set the trimmer:- All beard trimmers featured on this list can be set to a desired length. You know how long & thick your beard should be, set the trimmer to a desired height.


  • Choose a shape:- I guess every man has a choice when it comes to mustache grooming. The guy I have featured in the photo above has a batman mustache, this is a popular mustache for bikers, so you have to choose a shape basing on your values and profession.


  • Start trimming and shaping your mustache: – Be gentle while doing this, if the trimmer is making some little noise, bare with it, after roll it takes minutes to trim a mustache. Oil and brush your mustache after trimming.


  • Keep the shape and status of your mustache by trimming it every week or every after 3 days, this duration will be determined on how fast your facial hair grows.





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