5 Best Electric Shaver for Women 2019

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Panasonic ES2207P Ladies 3-BlademarkPanasonic ES2207P – Available on Amazon… is the best electric shaver for women , it’s a 3 blade shaver crafted for sensitive skins, its blades are hidden beneath the foil to avoid direct skin interaction with the blades. Most advanced ladies shavers use nickel-free, hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades because ladies have very sensitive skins compared to men. So, don’t get tempted to use your husband’s electric shaver, it can nick and irritate that soft skin and cause you trouble.

Shaving your body is a basic hygienic practice, it should not sound new to you. Last night I was watching TV and I
saw adverts for No!no! Hair Removal System, it has feminine colors but I doubt if it can compete with any of these shavers for ladies featured on this post.


CaptureI was having a debate with my friend about these two products. Both electric shavers and hair removal systems provide related results but one of them has to be better than the other. If we look at our best electric shaver for women which is Panasonic ES2207P, its a foil shaver with smooth foils that glide on any ladies skin without causing irritation, it will give you a clean close shave in a few minutes but when I compare it with Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro hair removal system, their is a great difference, a hair removal system will pluck out hair completely from its roots just like it would be with a bikini wax, results last for at least 6 months yet when you shave, results last for only 3 – 5 days.

Shavers for ladies are not expensive as those for men, so in terms of price, they win, but results don’t last for long, yet on the other hand, hair removers are quite expensive compared to shavers, but results last for long, giving you more pleasure to do things you want and worry less about shaving. In terms of price shavers win, but in-terms of results, hair removers win.



  • Panasonic ES2207P:

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies 3-Blade

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  • Works well on parts of the body; instead of getting different shavers for different parts of the body this time round you will use one shaver to shave any where you want without any hardships. Many of the people who have used the shaver said that the shaver works perfectly on the legs, arms and all facial hair. Spending some money one something that will give you perfect results will never hurt because you will be paid back for every single coin that you spent instead of wasting your money on cheap things that will end up frustrating you.
  • Great performance with shaving cream; this will be good news to those with sensitive skin or those that just enjoy wet shaves, in the past years many people thought it was impossible to shave with electric shavers and shaving cream but today most shaver brands have come with innovative technology that is why now you can find a shaver like this one that will give you perfect shaves with shaving cream. In fact it comes even closer to skin when you use shaving cream without even causing you skin irritations.

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  • Panasonic ES2216PC

Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet-Dry Shaver

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This 100% water proof Panasonic wet and dry shaver is made to offer you the convenience of shaving whenever and wherever you want, whether in or out of the shower. The shaver is made with 4-floating head that pivots in different directions enabling the shaver to offer you a close shave in all areas without causing you irritations. The pop up trimmer to remove hair growing in all directions and for those of you who love styling your bikini area, it comes with a bikini attachment. Its long lasting sharp blades will cut hair off very fast so you do not have to take a lot of time shaving. The hypo allergenic blades will take good care of the sensitive skin.


  • Very easy to clean; it will only take you a minute to clean the shaver, just like many other shavers you will just open the shaver head and remove the whiskers with a cleaning brush. It is time you made an upgrade and moves away from shavers that will never get clean even when you take your time to get it clean. You just have to rinse and the shaver will be all new and clean in a minute.

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  • Satiny Smooth by Conair Dual Foil

Satiny Smooth by Conair Dual Foil Wet-Dry Rechargeable Shaver

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Satiny smooth is a unique ladies shaver made to give you the smoothest shaving results, its unique shape and design will fit comfortably in your hands so that you can be able to shave the entire body without any discomfort. It is just one of those unique shavers with dual foil and works on both wet and dry skin in the same perfect way. Its 2 full size trimmers will help you to cut hair to any length of your choice, for that sensitive bikini area it has a pop up bikini trimmer since ladies love to take more time when it comes to that area.


  • Removes all hair; one of the reasons that people had moved away from electric shavers is because most of those shavers just pulled and tagged hair and at the end of the day they did not get hair off but the nicely shapes shaver is made that way to ensure that it can fit all parts of the body and with its sharp blades to be able to remove all the hair leaving you with just a smooth skin.
  • Works well even on sensitive skin; the shaver features hypo allergenic blades that are most recommended for any kind of sensitive, these blades are not so exposed to come too close to your skin since it can cause irritations on your skin
  • Remington WDF-3600

Remington WDF-3600 Smooth - Silky Women's Shaver

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Remington WDF 3600 features extra smooth blades that will glide along your skin without causing you any pain or damage on that sensitive skin. Its bikini trimmer is made in a more unique way compared to the ones you are used since it has a head guard that will help trim the bikini line without worrying about cutting yourself. You will also get to enjoy that fun of trimming your eye brow and any other grooming needs with the detail trimmer.


  • Hold charge for a good period of time; the shaver has that strong battery that will hold charge for a good period of time at least it will not stop in the middle of your shave. In fact if you are one of those ladies that travel a lot you will need a shaver like this one because even when you are on the move you can carry the shaver with you so that you do not go through the embarrassment of moving around with bushy under arms or legs.
  • It will not cause you any irritations; if you know the trick behind using electric shavers well there is definitely no way the shaver will cause you any irritations like red bumps or razors burns whether on the legs or the arms. You however need to remember that you should not make multiple passes on the same area and use less pressure when shaving or else you will blame it on the shaver yet in actual sense it was juts you who did not use it well


  • Braun Silk Epil Ls5160wd

Braun Silk Epil Female Lady Shaver Ls5160wd 1 Count

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Everyone would love to enjoy the comfort of shaving without any difficulties now this is number reason as to why you should try out this female shaver from Braun. The shaver is designed with a rounded head for great adaptability to all parts of the body together with rounded trimmer tips for the shaver to smoothly glide all over those body contours.


  • It comes with batteries that work; some shavers that use batteries will not come with batteries that work but this shaver is made with batteries that, in that even immediately after getting out of the box you can be able to use it there and then. The better is that the batteries also work for quite some time although after a period you will have to buy new batteries for the shaver work as powerfully as it did in the beginning.
  • It is ergonomically designed and comes with easy instructions; if you do not know how to go about to using the shaver, well you have nothing to worry about since the shaver comes with very easy and understandable instructions that will help you know how to use it. It has a really ergonomic design that makes it fit perfectly in different areas of the body. The ladies will definitely love it.

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A woman’s hygiene should always be the most important thing and I do not think there is any other part of the body you should be paying attention to more than the bikini area / pubes. It is recommended by doctors that you keep the hair down there very short because it can keep dangerous bacteria that causes infections.


Most electric shavers are designed for daily use so they cut hair very short or to stubble length and I do not think a woman would want to shave her arms every single day, this is something you only do once in a while. This simply means that you will need something that cuts hair close enough so that it does not grow back that fast. This is why it advised that you shave your arms with a razor because razors come much closer than electric shavers do. However if your aim is not to remove hair for long period of time you can use the shaver just to trim that excessive over grown hair.  Some people even advise that if you have thick and really fast growing hair on the arms, it is much better not to cut it off because this will make it grow back even much faster than before.


To prevent hair on the under arms from growing back too fast you should do this twice a week, remember that you are a woman and you cannot be seen walking around with hair on the under arms. When it comes to women even the smallest things can kill your image;

  • Take a shower; the best way to have hair in the arm pits soft is to take a shower prior to shaving this will make the hair soft and open up the skin pores making your entire shaving process much easier.
  • Apply shaving gel or foam; you should apply a moisturizer shaving gel to add some more moisture to your skin so that the shaver can glide smoothly.
  • Raise one arm and use the other to shave; keep your hand well raised so that the skin is well stretched remember skin on the under arms is folded and it can be a bit of a problem to get a close shave. Keep the shaver at the right angle in order to be able to get hair off.
  • Shave in different directions; hair on the arm pits grows in different directions so shaving in just one direction may not help you to get hair off.
  • Wait to apply deodorant or spray; applying deodorant to your newly shaved armpits will cause itching and when you scratch yourself you will end up getting swellings in the arm pits. Wait for at least a full day before applying sprays and deodorants because they contain alcohol that can cause irritations.


Shaving with an electric shaver is quite easy compared to using razors because with electric shavers it is not that easy to cut yourself yet with razors even the experts still can cut themselves when shaving. They are just 4 simple steps that you have to follow when using an electric shaver and you will be able to get that unwanted hair all off.

  1.  Preparation; before you start shaving you need to prepare your skin so you should wash your face with warm water and apply shaving oil to make the shaver glide more smoothly along your skin and prevent irritations. Or if you are the type that loves wet shaves then you should apply shaving cream or shaving soap for more smooth results, women’s skins are usually irritated by shaving creams they are not used to so use a shaving cream that you know will not irritate your skin or one that is recommended by your skin doctor.
  2. Start shaving; to be able to get a close shave you should shave in the directions opposite to the direction of your hair growth, keeping in mind that you should not press the shaver too hard on your skin. Start with areas that are more sensitive so that when the shaver heats up you are already one with those areas. Also use one hand to the skin this way you will make the shaver come closer to your skin.
  3. After shaving; at this time your skin will have gone through a lot of strain and will feel dry so you need to apply after shave specifically made for women or a moisturizer. If you have a dry skin, moisturizer is a better option for you as it prevents your skin from becoming too dry. But if your skin is too oily even after shaving you opt for after shave that contains a very small amount of alcohol since too much alcohol will cause stinging and even cause irritations.
  4. Clean your shaver and where you shave from; cleaning your shaver helps to keep it new and hygienic, open your shaver and clean under water with a cleaning brush until all whiskers are out then you can put it back on its charging stand.


Shaving the bikini area is one of the biggest problems that women have found when it comes to using electric shavers but this is something very simple I do not even know why many ladies have found it a problem shaving their bikini area. But for those who really want to know I will definitely provide with the best steps on how you can achieve a really sexy shave on that bikini area;

  • First trim the hair with a pair of scissors; hair on this area grows very fast and long in such a short period compared to hair on the rest of the body so trimming the hair with scissors will help to make your shaving work easier as hair will be shorter after you have trimmed it with scissors.
  • Wash the area with soap or take a bath; you can sit in the bath tab for just a few minutes to make hair soft, when hair is soft even the first pass with the electric shaver will take off hair so you will not have to make multiple passes which lead to irritations.
  • Apply shaving gel; use warm to make lather out of the shaving gel and carefully it on the area you are going to shave, make sure not even the slightest part of the lather gets inside your private parts because it can cause you serious infections. So only apply it to the outside part that you are going to shave.
  • Start shaving; with the bikini area I suggest that you shave in the direction of your hair growth in other wards shave with the grain not against the grain since this area is very sensitive you can easily get irritations if you go against the grain. Do not use any pressure when shaving and take long strokes to prevent making double or triple passes on the same area.
  • Wash the area with clean water and dry with a towel; gently pat the entire area until it is dry but don’t rub because this can cause irritations. Apply baby powder or oil it will prevent your skin from running dry and feeling really smooth.



If we are to look at this from our own point of view, you will think that there is actually no big difference between apart from of course the color of most female shavers, they are made to look more feminine as those for men are made with the masculine colors such as blue. But after making a thorough research on the difference between these two I was able to find out that most significant difference between the two is with the shave angle. Men’s shavers are made with a greater angle along the blade because men’s beards are much tougher than those for women and they grow in different directions so they require more effort to be cut. on the other hand women have softer hair and very sensitive skin that cannot handle those sharp and over exposed blades that is why their shavers have blades more hidden.


  • Always wash the area you want to shave before shaving; you should either shave after showering or just wash the area you are going to shave with warm water, this will help to kill the bacteria and excess oil on your skin which would be a problem when you start shaving. It also opens up the skin pores and makes hair stand up so that shaving becomes much easier hence reducing on the risks of your getting irritations.
  • Do not press the shaver too hard; whenever you force the blades or press the shaver too hard, you are forcing the bales to come too close to your skin which in the end stresses your skin too much resulting into red bumps or razor burns. When you start shaving juts pull your skin and let the shaver do its job without forcing it.
  • Get more used to wet shaves than dry shaves; if you have a really sensitive skin which most women have the chances of you getting skin irritations are higher and dry shaves are definitely not an option for you. You therefore better learn how and get used to wet shaves that are more protective of the skin.
  • Avoid cheap shaving creams and soap; some of those cheap shaving creams and soaps make your skin dry instead of adding moisture to it so when you start shaving the shaver blades will come direct to your skin hence leading to those irritations that you are trying to prevent.
  • Always shave the most sensitive parts first; when you start shaving your shaver actually feel cool and you do not feel any heat from but as time goes by the shaver will start to heat up and this is common with all electric shavers. On that note you are advised to shave the sensitive areas first before the shaver starts producing heat, which irritates your skin.
  • Try to use moisturizer after shaving in place of after shave; one f the ways of preventing your skin from getting irritated is by applying after shave but finding after shaver that does not contain alcohol is not that easy yet applying that one that contains alcohol stings your newly shaved area and brings about red bumps. Therefore you are recommended you to use moisturizer to prevent the skin from becoming dry and getting irritated.
  • Do not make multiple passes on the same area; the more you go over the same area several times the more you increase your risk of getting irritations. so on every pass that you make sure that you


  • Razor burns;  these are usually causes by going over the same area several times and using a lot of pressure when shaving therefore to prevent razor burns you are advised to shave very gently to ensure that the shaver remains very smooth on your skin.
  • Ingrown hairs; these are uncomfortable and can cause a raised red bump on the skin that is itchy and these are usually caused by using shaver that are not sharp enough and do not cut hair from the roots making it to grow back under the skin. You should always shave with a sharp shaver that is very clean to prevent ingrown hairs.

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