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Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl With HandleBuying a shaving bowl should not be that complicated, the basics are too simple but we shall look into that later. If this is your first time to wet shave, I’m sure you’re wondering why you need a shaving bowl or mug. The answer is simple, shaving bowls / mugs are used to melt down / mix shaving soap / cream. By default, saving soap is solid in nature, so there is no way you can apply it on your beards when it’s in its solid state, that is to why you need a good shaving bowl / mug to melt it down and then use a good badger shaving brush to lather up.


  • Depth of the bowl: – When shopping for a shaving bowl, you have to consider the depth of the bowl; it has to be deep enough to hold enough shaving soap.
  • Width: – The width of that shaving bowl is supposed to be moderate, because you will always dump that shaving brush in and out as you’re lathering up.
  • Make:- We have three types of shaving bowls and these include; wooden bowls , stainless steel bowls and ceramic bowls. Now what you have to note is that stainless steel bowls heat up very fast so your shaving soap will melt in no minute, ceramic bowls take long to heat up but they keep heat for a longer time than stainless steel bowls, Wooden bowls heat up very fast but they don’t retain heat for so long.



  1. Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl With Handle

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl With Handle

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When it comes to design, no shaving bowl out competes this Ceramic Edwin Jagger Porcelain bowl. It comes in two colors; black & Ivory, so you can choose from any of these two colors. Ceramic shaving bowls take long to heat up but they keep heat for a long time, so as you prepare your shaving brush and safety razor, I suggest you start warming up that shaving soap by putting this bowl in hot water / a warmer. This Edwin Jagger Porcelain shaving bowl is ideal for use with any type of shaving brush / soap. It’s width and depth is perfect, so you will find it very easy to steer and use melted shaving soap.

Manufactured From:

I’m sure the place where a product is manufactured from contributes to its quality. Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving bowl / mug is made from England just like all Edwin Jagger products.

Type of Shaving Soap for this Mug:

Due to its wide opening and deep length, it can take in any standard shaving soap, it does not matter if you have ”Art of Shaving soap / Sandalwood Shaving Soap, any brand can fit.

Keep It Jagger:

This is optional, but if you own an Edwin Jagger Safety Razor, stand and brush, then keep it Jagger and use an Edwin Jagger bowl. This bowl has a very good handle which is easy to grasp even when the mug is hot.


2.      Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Lid

Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Lid

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This stainless steel bowl is so beautiful and attractive, so far it’s voted as the best selling shaving bowl on Amazon. It has a very good width and its depth is not that bad, so it can also hold any type of shaving soap out there on the market. However, unlike ceramic bowls like that of Edwin Jagger in position one, stainless steel bowls heat up very fast and they’re durable, so even when it falls off from a table to the ground, it will stay intact, which is pretty a different story when it comes to ceramic mugs / bowls.  Ladies, if you have been looking for gift for your husband, dad or boyfriend, this bowl should be on your shopping list.

After use, wash the bowl very well and wipe it clean & dry with a clean towel, this will help the bowl retain its polished finish. It has a standard size of 3.5 inches at the top, 4 inches at the bottom and 2.25 inches deep. If your bathroom has stainless steel bars and accessories, complement it with a related accessory, it will add on its beauty.


3.       SimplyBeautiful Deluxe Chrome Shaving Bowl

SimplyBeautiful Deluxe Chrome Shaving Bowl

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It looks more like Schöne stainless steel bowl though the shape is quite different. It has a very wide opening so it can take in any size of shaving soap. However, the exterior has chrome finishing which fades over time; I guess that’s to why it come at an affordable price. The body is not too thick, so it heats up so fast but I’m it also loses heat very fast.

Simply-beautiful Deluxe Chrome Shaving Bowl is rust free, so even if you leave it in the shower for long, it will still retain its looks, however, you have to clean it well before storing it, and this maintains its shinny look & beauty.

4.       Colonel Conk Model 111 Santa Fe Shave Cup

Colonel Conk Model 111 Santa Fe Shave Cup

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I have featured only two ceramic shaving bowls on this list. This Colonel Conk is handcrafted and it looks amazing, however, it has no handle like Edwin Jagger bowl featured in position one so it might be very difficult to hold when it’s very hot, however, it being ceramic, it can keep / hold heat for quite a long time so you don’t have to warm that shaving soap so many times.  On the other hand, this ceramic shaving bowl looks nice, place it on the bath counter and add beauty to your bathroom.

5.       Genuine Mango Wood Shaving Soap Bowl

Genuine Mango Wood Shaving Soap Bowl - Classic Style - from Parker Safety Razor[markSee price on Amazon….]

If you’re a great fun of wooden shaving bowls, I’m sure you will fall for this Genuine Mango Wood Shaving Soap Bowl. It is crafted by Parker safety razor Company, so I have no doubt about its quality and durability. I like the curvy shape and coffee brown finishing of this bowl; it’s too elegant and manly. Its interior dimension is 3-inches by 1.35 inches deep so it can take in any size of shaving soap. After using this wooden shaving bowl, clean it very well and replace the lis as appropriate. It’s wood is water resistant, so it can’t be damaged by water.

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