What Is The Best Shaving Soap – Detailed Review (Good on Razors)

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Proraso Shaving SoapThe old ways of shaving have been abandoned with the evolution of new practices such as using shaving soap, this way people no longer have to suffer the pain of skin irritations after shaving. The problem however is that some shaving soaps are fake while others are original but you might not be able to tell the difference between the two yet it is very essential since using fake shaving soap could make the severity of the irritation much worse. Wet shaves have become a favorite for many people because they tend to be much more protective of the skin unlike dry shaves that is why I found it inevitable to come up with this post that features some of the best shaving soap and details on all the questions that you had about shaving soap.




They are just two types of shaving soap and these are what I am going to provide for you here;

  • Glycerin soaps; this is the commonest type of shaving soap because it is quite cheap and it much easier to make however it does not last so long much as it can help to deliver perfect shaves their quality is just as good.
  • Triple milled soaps; this is the second type of shaving soap and it is quite expensive because they much longer than glycerin soaps. This type of soap contains more fat and more ingredients that leave your skin feeling really smooth and well moisturized.




  • Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury (SOAP)

Van Der Hagen Mens Luxury Shave Set

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Tired of that shaving soap that makes your skin scaly and drier than it was well I will give the good news that there is a shaving soap made with great quality and it totally hypoallergenic not to cause you any skin damages like in the past. The shaving soap is made with its own mug and a brush so that when you want to make lather out of it, you do not find any hardships.


  • Perfect for first users of safety razors; beginners always find problems when it comes to shaving with safety razors and when it comes to shaving with soap it can become a whole mess. So for any beginners out there that do not know how to use shaving soap this one will be a really great option to start with. Because it helps to keep your skin well protected from those nick and cuts that are very common when it comes to shaving with safety razors. The shaving soap will make your beard very soft and gives your skin the moisture it needs for the shaver to glide smoothly along your skin.
  • The entire kit lasts quite a long time; unlike kits where only the soap will work, this entire kit from bowl to the brush and the shaving soap are all completely amazing so the kit will last for some long time without getting spoilt. You can be rest assured that this is not a waste of money so do not think twice about going for it.
  • The set is very easy to use; you will not find any problems on how to use anything in the kit because everything is very easy to use. The soap lathers up quickly, the brush is large enough to apply the shaving soap to any part of your face in a hurry together with a really strongly constructed mug.
  • Contains a big full brush that works well; a fuller brush will help you to apply the shaving soap more evenly to all the parts that you want to shave and will also retain moisture for quite a longer period of time so that you do not have to make more lather over and over again. The brush is also made with strong bristles hence enabling it to last for a longer period without getting spoilt. It is now time for you to get rid of those brushed that you only use once and find all bristle falling apart just after the first use.

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  • HENRY CAVENDISH ‘’Shaving Soap with Shea Butter

HENRY CAVENDISH Shaving Soap with Shea Butter

Men with very sensitive skins, you need to use shaving soap which is non toxic, because most of them out their have strong chemicals which just make the all shaving process a nightmare. I therefore recommend Henry Cavendish shaving soap, it has Shea butter which is an organic ingredient, so friendly to your skin. Shea butter has many uses, and once applied to your skin, it will get natural oil from the butter its self, so not will you get a close clean shave, but also your skin will remain healthy and smooth. It contains no parabens or synthetic fragrances which makes it the best shaving soap for men. One the hand, guys who are just begging to shave, you might not know the status of your skin, so my advice to you is to start with a guaranteed shaving soap, one used by majority and rated highly. This product has scored a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, that means majority of men who have used it have appreciated the results, actually most of them say it smells natural and good, yet it has zero synthetic fragrances. Please, don’t miss the Shea butter ingredient in this shaving soap, because it will leave your skin smooth and tender, just that of a baby.

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  • Proraso Shaving Soap

Proraso Shaving Soap

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It is no news to find proraso shaving soap topping the list of best shaving soap because it has been recommended by almost everyone who has used the soap before. It is very easy to form lather out of the soap and it is made the most important natural eucalyptus ingredients to keep your skin well moisturized and feeling smooth so that when you begin shaving the whole process will be much more enjoyable as you will not suffer any pulling or hair tugging.


  • Feels great on the skin and has an amazing smell; it is not like that other soap that feels uncomfortable from the moment you apply it to the end of the shave. This soap remains feeling comfortable on your skin and has a totally adorable scent that you will love. it is neither too strong nor is too dull, it is just the perfect one to try out.
  • Lathers up really well; one of the main qualities that will help you tell whether shaving soap is good or not is how well it lathers up, this is why proraso has continuously beaten any other shaving soap. It makes a really good lather without you having to go through too much trouble.
  • Makes shaving much faster; the soap contains just enough amount of fat hence when you apply it the lather makes the shaver move much faster helping you to achieve a clean shaver within just a few minutes. With the soap you can even shave without a mirror and be rest assured of perfect results however you should only do this is you are professional with your shaving skill.
  • Can even heal some skin irritations; the shaving contains eucalyptus which is well known to cure different skin irritations so it will work both as shaving soap to protect your skin from any kind of damage and at the same time heal those small irritations you were suffering before. This is what they call shooting two birds with one stone.

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  • Van Der Hagen Premium Shave (SOAP)

Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set

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If you thought you had the toughest beard and have tried all types of shavers but all in vain they did not deliver the perfect results then it is high time you tried Van Der Hagen shaving soap. the soap contains moisturizers that are strong enough to dissolve into each hair strand to make it very soft without causing you any skin damage even when your skin is super sensitive because it is hypo allergenic. The shaving soap also comes with its own bowl where you can make lather and a brush that you can use to apply it on your face. It is that detailed and simple.


  • Works just as advertised; many advertisers are fond of praising their products and even saying things about the product when in actual sense it is just to trick you into buying the product but when you use it you realize that is the exact opposite of what you were told. But from the many reviews that have been posted about the product on Amazon, I realized that many of them confirmed that the product worked as it was advertised. There is nothing over exaggerated just to make you buy the shaving soap, it is simply details of what the soap contains and how good the results will be if you use it otherwise it would not have over 1000 reviews.
  • The entire kit is made with quality; the essence of buying products from great brands is to ensure that we put out hands on quality staff and whenever that does not happen we suffer the frustration of wasting money on things that were not worth it. That is why I advise every one out there looking for shaving soap to try Van Der Hagen because is highly recommended by many people who have used it before due to its great quality of all the staff in the shaving kit.
  • Great solution for the lovers of wet shaves; like always described, wet shaves are not shaves with water but shaves with either shaving cream or shaving soap and many people tend to treasure wet shaves because they are protective of the skin. this is why those with sensitive skin prefer to have their shaves in the shower with shaving and if you are one of that kind you cannot afford to look any further than this shaving soap as it will make your wet shaves much more enjoyable than before.
  • Has a really well built brush; the brush is made with strong but naturally soft bristles that quickly absorb moisture, hold it for the required time and distribute that shaving soap in the most even way possible. Brushes have always been a problem for people who use shaving soap but with this one you will have all those problems ended.

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  • Barbershop Shave Soap

Barbershop Shave Soap Bar in a Jar

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Improve your shaving experience with this shave soap. It works with all safety razors and it saves your skin from getting cut and irritated when shaving with a safety razor / straight razor. Majority of men have found this product very useful and skin friendly. To apply it effectively, you can use a badger brush, it will take a few minutes and lather will build up all over your beard preparing you for a great smooth shave. Natural ingredients found in this product will protect your skin from any infections and at the same time ensure that you enjoy a smooth clean shave. Some of the ingredients found in Barbershop Shave Soap Bar include; natural vegetable ,orange and clove. Stop worrying, start shaving with Barbershop Shave Soap Bar.

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What should I use? Choosing between these two is actually something that you can choose as an individual, if you are more of the traditional type it is more likely that you will prefer shaving soap because it is what has been in existence from way back however it delivers really safe shaves. Shaving cream also protects your skin but it more of a tube that you just apply on the skin and then shave. Shaving cream is easier to use as compared to shaving soap since with shaving soap you have to first create lather which is hard for some people. Both shaving soap and cream produce lather but shaving soap has been given more credit for producing lather that is slicker. in conclusion, we can say that there is actually no big difference between the two, because in terms of results they deliver almost the same.



For beginners building a good lather from shaving soap may not be that much of a walk over however below are some of the steps that you can follow to get a good lather from shaving soap and how to apply it. Ensure to have your dish or mug ready to prepare the shaving soap;

  • Using hot water wet the brush; fill a dish or sink with hot water and deep your brush in the hot water for about 60 seconds to make it soft and for the brush can be able to hold water for a longer period of time.
  • Remove the brush after it being soaked well; the main purpose of making the brush getting really soaked well is to ensure that the moisture that remains in the brush so that when you put it against your face to make the beard soft and open up the skin pores. But remember not to use the brush on your face while it is still dripping wet, that excessive water is not good for making the lather.
  • Make lather from the soap; use the brush to make lather by making circular movements in the bowl or container for about 25 seconds until you see that the bubble from the soap are much smaller to make that warm and really thick lather.
  • Apply the lather on your face; use the shaving brush to put lather on your face, continue to make circular movements as you apply the lather, this way you will be able to make the layer of lather thicker. Applying the lather this way also makes the beard much softer while keeping the whiskers standing up so that the shaver can easily take all hairs off.
  • You can now shave; after applying the shaving soap well you will now be good to start shaving because your whiskers will be more prepared for you to have a smoother shave. If you need to make a second or third pass, you do not have to apply more soap because just hot water will be enough to for you make the second pass.
  • You can then clean your brush; remove the excess water in the soap jug, leave in the air to dry.



Shaving soap is quite different from regular that you use every day either to wash or to bathe that is why it is not advisable to shave with just any soap. Take for example washing soap it contains chemicals that are too strong on your skin and when used it will leave your skin very dry and when you shave with your skin dry, the shaver tends to lag which causes skin irritation, nick and cuts sometimes. shaving soap is however different because it is made with different quality that produces different lather which tends to be creamy so that when you start shaving your skin is really smooth making the shaver glide perfectly along your skin without you having to worry about any effects.



Yes you can use shaving soap on the bikini area you however need to be really careful when applying the shaving soap to make sure that it does not get inside your private parts, this is most harmful for the ladies. But if you take your time and apply it well you will definitely find no problem shaving the bikini area with shaving soap.



  • It lubricates and protects the skin; applying shaving soap will help to keep your skin well protected from any irritations and heat from the shaver because shaving soap contains fat that lubricates the skin and keeps it well protected from any skin irritations like red bumps and razor burns since your skin is not too exposed. If you are the type that has a really sensitive skin then wet shaves are the best for you so you are advised to leave the dry shaves alone as they will be of great damage to your skin.
  • Prevents the shaver blades from coming into close contact with your skin; as you know, the major cause of skin irritations is blades coming too close to your skin that is why it is always recommended that you apply a thick layer of shaving soap before shaving. One other thing that you should not forget is that you should not apply pressure when using the shaver because each time you press hard you make the shaver blades come too close to your skin which in the end causes irritations. Therefore besides using shaving soap to protect your skin also keep in mind that you should let the shaver do its purpose rather than forcing it.
  • It makes the shaver glide more smoothly along the skin; the shaver will not move smoothly on bare skin like it does when you apply shaving soap hence reducing on chances of the shaver nicking your skin. Shaving soap helps the shaver to glide along the skin really easily thus enabling you to have a much more comfortable shave.
  • It makes the beard soft; when you apply shaving soap it dissolves into each strand of your beard making it softer and easy to cut so when you start shaving you will have all the hair removed in just a single pass. When your beard is softer you go through less of a burden when shaving and this is all the importance of shaving soap.
  • Helps you to achieve much faster shaves; the time you spend when you shave you bare dry skin will not be the same time you will spend shaving when you know your skin is well protected under shaving soap. The shaver will glide much faster and you yourself will shave at a faster speed without worrying about damaging your skin.



  • The best shavers to use with shavers are double edge razors or what man why refer to them as safety razors because they have their blades exposed it is much advised that you use with shaving soap so that it can act as a barrier between the blades and your skin. Reason being when the blades come to close to your skin they can cause skin irritations and if you are not so careful they can even cut you. The amazing thing about using double edge razors with shaving is that they are sharp enough to go through the shaving soap and remove hair smoothly without causing you any damage.
  • Straight razors are also good to be used with shaving soap but since they have fallen out of fashion, most people actually think that they are for old fashioned men. They are extremely sharp and some people actually call then cut throat razors so they will be perfect when used with shaving soap.
  • The last alternative when it comes to the best shavers to use with shaving soap are electric shavers however you need to be more careful when using electric shavers for wet shaves with shaving soap or else you may not be able to get a close shave.



It is always good to prevent rather to cure that why you should stay away from cheap shaving soap as some of it is not made with the required amount of fat and when you apply it on your skin, instead of adding more moisture to the skin it will instead make your skin dry hence increasing on the risk of your skin getting irritated when you shave. That cheap shaving soap will act like any other washing soap it will therefore not provide any protection for your skin when you shave.

Also when you are making a second or third pass you should not apply more shaving soap reason being you will be applying the soap on an area that has been shaved already. so the problem is that this soap contains some chemicals that can cause irritations to an area that has be shaved. When taking the second pass only deep the brush in some warm water and massage the area but do not apply more shaving soap to that area.



Any part of the body can be shaved with shaving soap but the question is, how well do you the shaving soap on different parts of the body. on parts that are not extra sensitive such as the legs, arms, chest and the cheeks it is fine to apply the shaving soap whichever way you want following the steps that were provided above about how to use shaving soap. When you are applying shaving soap on the face you need to be very careful with the eyes so that the soap doesn’t enter your eyes as it can cause a lot of itching in the eyes and sometimes even cause worse complications.

The most complicated part to apply shaving soap is the bikini area, you need to use a lot more extra care when it comes to this area most especially the ladies. When you are going to use shaving soap on the bikini area ensure that the soap does not enter into your private parts a it may cause irritations in there.



  • Do not rub your skin; after shaving with soap, you will obviously have to wash your face and dry it but remember that the towels you use are made of hard fabric and your skin has already been through a lot of strain therefore when you are drying your face, do not rub just pat gently until the shaved area is dry.
  • Wash your face with cold water; some people actually advise that you wash your face with warm water after shaving but this is just another mistake people make because warm water leaves your skin pores open and what you need at this moment is for your skin pores to close and it is cold water that helps to calm your skin down from all the stress and closes your skin pores.
  • Apply after shave that is non alcoholic or lotion; much as your skin was protected when you were shaving you still need to apply after shave when you finish shaving. to prevent irritations you should use after shave that contain nothing like alcohol or better yet you can just apply lotion because it largest ingredient is water, it is therefore less likely to cause any irritations to your skin.
  • Give yourself a few minutes before you can go out in that hot sun; the heat is also another cause of your skin getting irritated so a few minutes away from the sun immediately after shaving will not hurt. Wait to walk out in the sun for the first 5-10 minutes and after this your skin will have cooled down a bit.

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