Why Can’t I Grow A Beard – At Age 18 / 25 / 30 and 35 Years (SOLUTION !!!)

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Why Can't I Grow A Beard In this post: You will learn ‘’why you can’t grow a beard, determine if it is possible for you to grow one / not and also learn about proved solutions that can help you grow one’’.

SO, HOW ARE BEARDS PRODUCED? There is a chemical called dihydrotestosterone ”DHT” (it is an endogenous androgen sex steroid and hormone) which facilitates the formation of dihydrotestosterone ”DHT” from testosterone in specific tissues such as prostate gland, skin, hair follicles and so much more.
During growth in adult males, dihydrotestosterone ‘‘DHT’’ acts as a primary androgen in hair follicles – thus boosting beard & hair growth in adult males.

A genetic mutation can result into failure to grow a beard . Men with pseudohermaphroditism condition (which is genetic mutation) have a large deficiency of pubic, beard and body hair and they always suffer from hair loss as they age.

Growing a beard is a sign of maturity to most men and it has become fashionable to have a fully grown beard.

Men in the past used to grow full beards to protect their faces & keep them warm during winter season – but also beauty was among the reasons why they used to grow full beards. And for Arabs / Muslims, a beard (Sunni) is a sign of recognition (so it is a mandatory to grow a beard).

It is true some men can’t grow a beard even when they try using ”beard growing products / supplements” – they have a generic problem which stops them from growing a beard so they have what i call a ”baby face”. This is not a medical problem so don’t rush to the hospital thinking that you’re sick – but as we saw in the introduction of this post, it is a genetic issue. However lets us look at other factors that might delay beard growth in a normal man.




Why Can’t I Grow A Beard?

  1. Genes:- I have already talked about genes and their effect on facial hair growth. We can’t speed up the performance of our genes and at the same time it is very difficult to correct them once they go wrong. However, let us see learn about the 3 ‘’BEARD GROWTH STAGES / CYCLES:
  • Anagen Stage:- At this stage, roots of hair are dividing themselves rapidly and hair grows at about 1cm each month. The cycle is quite long; it takes about 2-7 years until hair goes into another phase of growth called the Catagen stage.


  • Catagen Stage:- This cycle / stage does not last long as the Anagen stage – it takes about 3 weeks after the Anagen cycle and this is when your hair becomes a club / group. Blood supply to your hair is cut off so cells which promote hair growth are stopped from producing more hair. The Catagen cycle is a stage when your hair enters its last hair growth phase.


  • Telogen Stage:- This is when your hair follicles take a brake (rest). Meaning that hair starts dying and it starts falling off. But you might not notice it easily.


As you have seen; those three stages of beard / hair growth take a while so you have be to very patient and let nature take its course. I know you might be eager to grow a full beard simply because you see your friends / idol with one. But nature has its own rules and principles.


  1. Age: This is pretty clear – you can’t grow a beard at a certain age. For example, if you’re below 18 years of age, the possibility of growing a beard is next to zero but as you grow older 18-yrs and above, your hormones in charge of beard growth & pubic hair growth will start doing their job. In some men it takes longer (25 years of age) and in others it comes at an early stage (adolescence / puberty stage – when a child develops into an adult.). So if you’re wondering why you can’t grow a beard at age 15 – 17, please wait until you become 18 / 20 years. For those who have made 25 years and you see nothing on your face – try beard growth supplements because they support beard growth from within and accompany them with beard growth oils like beard grow xl


In brief, let us see hair growth pace / speed in different age groups – may be this will address your problem very well and make you feel relaxed or force you to take another step.

  • 12-18 years of age: – At this stage, your facial hair starts appearing on your face and it is often soft & patchy. So if you’re between this age group and you notice a few facial hairs on your face – don’t rush for beard supplements / oils. At this stage, your testosterone is getting into action but not fully active to offer you with good results and it is at this stage that most guys get bothered as to why they can’t grow a full beard.
  • 18 – 25 years of age: – Men who fall within this age group start growing thick facial hair and their beard grow full if not shaved. However, chances are high that you won’t get a fuller beard like the rest of the people and this is because our genes are different – so you have to wait for more months or years to get a full beard. The other thing you can do is to boost your testosterone levels.
  • 25 – 35 years of age:- This is the stage when your beard grows to its fullest. The speed at which it grows is faster than ever before – if you feed it well with organic shampoo and natural beard oils – it will smell and look awesome. During these years, growing a beard takes a very short time because your genes are super active. You can trim it to the size of your choice or let it grow long and thick as some guys do. The choice is yours to make.


  1. Testosterone Levels: I have no proof about this but according to what I have read on various websites, they say that if your testosterone levels are low, chances of growing a beard are low as well. To some extent I agree with this argument because we all saw that dihydrotestosterone ”DHT” chemical is developed from your testosterone – so if your testosterone levels are low, it will affect the amount of DHT produced thus reduce on your chances of getting a fuller beard even at 30 years of age. I have done some research on Amazon and I found ”Test Worx” It is a top selling Testosterone Booster Supplement (made in USA) – It has ingredients proven in human trails; so you can give it a try and see what happens ( It increases your testosterone within 2-4 weeks, so don’t expect instant results).


  1. Health & Skin condition: Poor health conditions and skin diseases ‘’Alopecia’’ can also affect the growth of beards. Alopecia areata is a condition when your immune system accidentally attacks hair follicles, which support hair growth. Once your hair follicles are damaged, less hair will be produced which sometimes results into a patchy beard. However, this damage does not last for long, it goes by its self and your beard / hair will grow back as normal. Alopecia areata is very common in people under 20 years of age but it can still affect adults..



  1. BEARD GROWTH PRODUCTS:- Truth is that if you can’t grow a beard, no beard supplement / oil will work for you. It is only men with potential to have beards that need these supplements because the genes are active and all they need is support.  To save money during this process, I recommend investing in one beard growth kit which has everything you need to archive your goals. The most popular beard kit is Ultimate Beard Growers Kit’ – it has the following products ‘‘Beard Growther Oil Xt (For Beard Growing), Beard Shampoo (For Beard Cleaning), Beard Vitamins (These work as supplements), Beard Balm (Use this to protect your beard – it keeps it intact).

  1. Minoxidil:- I was reading a thread on reddit on how Minoxidil can be used to boost facial hair growth. Many users where doubting its ability to supplement beard growth but Minoxidil can boost facial hair growth. It was approved by the FDA in 1988 that Minoxidil can be used as a hair-growth product and it should be marketed as ROGAINE…..( ). For faster results, you should apply it twice a day and you will start noticing results in 2 – 4 months. But it should only be used externally and you should consult a doctor before using on your face.


  1. Avoid stress & Eat well:- You can help your hormones work well and faster by eating well and leaving a stress free lifestyle. I know it is very difficult to leave a stress free life style but that is the way to go. Exercising your body regularly will lower down your stress levels and at the same time increase your blood flow.


  1. Don’t Shave:- I know most of you have heard of people who say that when you shave your beard, it grows back fast and full. Truth is that, it won’t and it will actually take long to grow full. Put that electric shaver / safety razor on the side and wait until it grows to the size you want. Trim it with a clipper or beard trimmer so that it gets a good shape and moist it on a daily basis with beard oil.


  1. Time: – Let nature take its course. Our genes are responsible for our growth and there is nothing you can do when they delay or fail to do their job. Be patient, time will fix everything. Only get worried when it seems to be too late to have a beard – 35 years of age. If you notice some beards, please don’t get tempted to shave.


  1. Get treatment for a skin disease: If you have a skin disease like acne, go get treatment because that skin disease blocks skin pores where hair follicles sprout from. You can buy acne tubes over the counter.



  1. NO. This might sound like bad news to some of you but genes determine beard growth and once they fail, there is nothing you can do. Simply take it easy and enjoy a baby face – by the way most of us with beards shave them off every week to have that smooth face – at least you won’t be bothered by those expenses of buying electric shavers, shaving creams…..etc….Embrace what you have and live life to the fullest. But if you’re still young – relax and let time & genes do their job.



  • A PATCHY BEARD:- This is a great sign that you can grow a full beard. These patches are either caused by Anagen stage (when the roots of the hair are still dividing them self to form a full beard) / Age (when you’re not fully grown to have a full beard) / Genes (when your genes are reacting slowly towards beard growth). A patchy beard can be fixed with beard supplements like Beardlizer and Oils like Beard Growther Oil XT


  • GENETICS:- If you don’t see any beard on your face, try to look at your older brothers, uncles and father – if they have beards, chances are high that you will also have one. We carry on genes from our parents and ancestors. Evolution is still taking place.



For further research, you can check out these resources and understand why you can’t grow a beard.

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