Xtava Rimini 1800w Iconic Hair Dryer Blue With Diffuser Review

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xtava Rimini 1800W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer with DiffuserFor salon grade styles, shiny and extremely smooth hair the Xtava Rimini 1800W Iconic Hair Dryer is absolutely the way to go, this hair dryer is just what you needed to have your hair looking its best without spending a lot of money and time. It features a 1500watt motor which reduces the time that your hair will take to dry as it makes it dry even much faster yet it at the same time makes hair smoother and shinier due to itsr advanced ionic technology.

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This Xtava Rimini 1800W Iconic Hair Dryer is designed to create all your favorite hairstyles juts the way you would like them as it comes with a concentration nozzle  and customized diffuser which maximize control of condensed airflow to that on area that you want to work on. Furthermore, the hair dryer is entirely adjustable offering you three heat leaves together with two levels of power giving you the chance to style your hair just as desired as the cool shot button helps to retain the style for long. Its lightweight and ergonomic handle will allowsyou to get to all areas of the hair very easily without having any worries about your hand getting exhausted.


  • It is extremely easy to use so you don’t have to ask for any help just to dry your hair every morning. It has a really comfortable handle that fits well in the hands and has such a lightweight that helps you to move the dryer in all the various directions that will help to make hair dry faster.
  • It takes half of the time to dry hair compared to other hair dryers and even natural hair drying, you can now be more than sure not to spend too much time waiting for your hair to dry.
  • It gives you the freedom to switch to any settings that you feel are most appropriate for your hair, this is because it is designed with three heat levels and two power settings.
  • It can also be used to create different hair styles with a lot of precision allowing you to pull the style off exactly the way you would want it to be.


  • It produces a very horrible loud noise that is very hard to stand, there is no way you can enjoy other activities like watching television or listening to music while using this noisy dryer.


xtava Rimini 1800W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Features overview:

  • Powerful 1500 motor:if you have been having problems getting your hair dry as fast as possible then solve that problem with the Xtava Rimini as it is designed with a very powerful motor that reduces time in which you have to dry the hair. With such a motor the dryer is able to dry hair very fast even if you have that thick natural hair that seems hard to dry sometimes.
  • Customized diffuser and concentration nozzle:for all your best hair styles, this hair dryer offers all the precision you need to create your favorite style without any sort of difficulty. Its concentration nozzle together with the diffuser direct condensed airflow to the specific part that you want to work on. This hair dryer does not only stop at drying your hair but can also work perfectly as a styling tool to save you the burden and expense of going to the salon every other time.
  • Adjustable three heat levels and power levels:it always feels nice to create your style with extremely adjustable settings which is why this hair dryer offers you three different settings. The high heat setting which is best for thick and coarse hair that tends to take long to dry, medium heat setting is perfect for all hair types and the low heat settings which is perfect for those with weak hair. In addition to the different heat levels it also has two power settings, it therefore all up to you to customize heat and power to what you feel will be most appropriate.
  • Cool shot function: with the cool shot function which makes hair cool very quickly and can also be used to seal curls if you choose to dry style with a round brush.
  • Light weight 1.31lbs:the Xtava Rimini 1800W Iconic Hair Dryer is made with such a light weight that ensures that your hands do not get tired at all no matter how long you take for you to blow dry your hair. It has an ergonomic handle that is very easy to hold and feels really comfortable in your hands to make you enjoy your blow drying experience.
  • Ionic technology: the Xtava Rimini 1800W Iconic Hair Dryer features advanced iconic technology which leaves your hair with that extra shine, makes it smoother and gets rid of all the frizz.

xtava Rimini 1800W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

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Product quality:

For that effortless and really quick way of getting your hair dry and looking healthy every other time, the Xtava Rimini 1800W Iconic Hair Dryer Blue is the perfect way to go. This is simply one of the lightest hand dryers you will ever use since it weighs just 1.31lbs, with such a light weight absolutely anyone would enjoy using this styling tool. It is not heavy at all to make blow drying a night mare but just something you will always look forward to. Featuring a powerful 1500 watt motor, it is able to dry hair in just a breeze thus cutting down on how much time you will use to make your hair look its best. The Xtava Rimini 1800W Iconic Hair Dryer is also infused with iconic technology that makes hair extremely smooth, shiny and helps to reduce chances of hair getting frizzy. This hand dryer is different from the many you have come across reason being comes with a concentration nozzle which helps you to create all your favorite styles precisely just the way you want them together with a customized diffuser that maximizes condensed air flow control on to that specific area that you want to work on.

With this hair dryer is now much easier for you to create all the styles that you would want to have. It offers three drying levels that is to say low, medium and high which you can choose from depending on how strong your hair is together with two drying speeds plus the cool shot which prevents your hair from becoming frizzy as it helps it to cool much faster. It is not just the fantastic quality of this Xtava Rimini 1800W Iconic Hair Dryer that makes it a really nice hair dryer but its exceptional performance on all types of hair whether it is curly or straight.

Who does it benefit?

  • It will greatly benefit people with curly hair:the Xtava Rimini 1800W Iconic Hair Dryer come with its own hair diffuser which is very essential when drying curly hair because it reduces chances of the hair becoming frizzy reason being curly hair is very much prone to frizz. More to that, it is also infused with ionic technology that is very helpful in making your hair smooth and preventing it from becoming frizzy.
  • It is also good for natural hair: only people with natural hair can explain how hard it is to keep in perfect shape but this hair dryer makes it much easier for you. Due to the thickness that natural hair has, it takes quite longer to get dry however with the powerful motor that this dryer has it is able to dry your natural hair much faster than you actually imagined.


What else do you need?

  • Styling Essentials Natural Boar Bristles Hair Brush: this professional grade brush is designed to make your hair drying results even more fantastic, its ergonomic handle which is very easy to hold while styling the hair. To give your hair added volume and keep your curls in shape this is absolutely the perfect styling hair brush.
  • Silk 18 natural conditionerby maple holistics:using a hair dryer could be very dangerous to your hair especially if you don’t have the right product which is why you will need this special hair conditioner. It features 18 of the very best natural ingredients that greatly manage the state of hair to make it shiny, smooth, free of frizz and even easier to manage. The fact that it sulfate free makes it safe for color treated hair as well.

xtava Rimini 1800W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

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