35 Best Toys For 17 Year Old Boys – 2017 Selection

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By 17 years old, you will have better control of his emotions and no longer give parents a hard time like they did during their early teen stages. At this age your boy is now mature and will definitely have more established relations with friends, they are no longer seeking out to be accepted in groups like before since they have now realized it is not that important to their future. 17 year old boys focus more on what they want in their future and however much they still value their independence they don’t often get into conflict with parents or elders because they understand perfectly well what they are supposed to do and what their responsibilities are. Such kids will overly be excited about what the future holds for them take for example looking for a part-time job, moving out to their own places and going to college. With the little hint about normal 17 year old boys behavior, I will now get straight into the toys that I find really appropriate for them. Check out the list below……………………..

  1. Xbox 360 Console:


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If you are looking for the best gaming experience don’t think twice about the Xbox 360 500GB Console. Besides giving you hours of entertainment, this console is also made with a very stylish design making the perfect addition to any elegant home. It comes together with the Xbox 360 wireless controller in black color to match the console, an AC power adaptor, full game digital download of forza horizon 2 and a whole month of Xbox live Gold. It offers all the best Xbox 360 apps for you to catch the latest movies, most interesting TV shows, music, sports and live events as well. Everyone will find something they love about this game console thanks to its really wide library of games and apps.

  1. Skatecycle:


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Those that have tried riding on a balancing scooter know how much fun it can be more so when you have a well constructed one like the Tauren Skate cycle Adjustable Foldable Balancing Scooter. Constructed with a great combination of an aluminum alloy material main body for added strength and durability with PU abrasion wheels this scooter delivers exceptional performance on all types of surfaces including rough surfaces and bumpy roads. This Tauren skate cycle’s double pedal is detailed with a sticky cloth for added security during movement. It is not just a fun scooter but can also be used for exercise since it is not automatic and rather works entirely with effort of your feet. It can hold up to 220 pounds in weight.

  1. Smartwatch:


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With its vogue appearance and first class quality performance the AmanStino Wireless Smart watch. With its extremely thin design the watch fits so perfectly on the hand and looks very classy but that’s not all, it can do much more with the lots of features that it has such as the sleep monitor, calendar, music player, camera, sleep monitor, video recorder, alarm clock and so many others that make it a lot more than just a mere watch. You can imagine having all of these features for you to explore right on your hand. Its stainless steel surface prevents sweat from affecting the watch hence enabling it to last a lot longer. This watch also connects with different smart phones especially those with Android version 4.2 and above and iPhones with iOS7.0 or above. From this watch you can actually receive calls and send text messages.

  1. Cards Against Humanity:


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For those 17 year old boys who think they have a really weird group of friends the Cards Against Humanity will show you that they can much more awkward than you and your entire crew of friends. This is just the perfect game for any because of the unstoppable and uncontrollable laughter it brings and the fact that it encourages everyone to be active. It is a very simple game that doesn’t require any experience even those that try it out for the first time find no difficulty in playing it. All it requires is one of the players asking the rest of the crew a question with a black card and the rest answer with an answer they think is the weirdest. This game includes 90 black cards and 460 white cards to make a total of 550 cards so it can engage as many players as possible.

  1. Apple iPad:


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With the iPad mini’s wide and attractive touch screen display get ready to have an amazing experience while exploring the different features that the iPad has to offer. It comes in a stunning silver finish which is super elegant and very appropriate for boys this age. Its sleek design makes more comfort and easier to hold in the hands even for long hours while the M7 motion processor makes operation of the device very smooth and fast. Its battery is strong enough to offer you up to 10 hours of entertainment. It is made with two cameras one at the rear for you to capture the clearest videos at all times and the most beautiful photos while the front camera makes video calling totally amazing.  You 17 year old will definitely have a good time with this iPad.

  1. Iron Man Electronic Helmet:


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Take on all sorts of missions relying on the protection offered by this Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet by Avengers. For those aerial attacks or heavy combat attacks this will be the perfect armor for you to rock and be sure to protect your team. The iron man helmet features a detachable face plate that can be moved up to the top and whenever this is don’t interesting sound effects are activated as well as the glowing LED eyes. Both its eyes light for added fun. With its really fine sculpting, deco and accents, this electronic helmet will get anyone’s attention on first sight. Its finish is very attractive and it is completely adjustable which makes it fit on most heads comfortably. It comes with instructions too so it can be used right from its package.

  1. Virtual Reality Set:


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The True Depth 3D VR Inferno has absolutely everything that you will need to have the perfect virtual reality experience during game play. These accessories are compatible with different Android and Apple smart phones so all you need to do is connect your phone and get yourself immersed in the amazing experience there and then.  From the Google play store you can download lots of enjoyable games at no cost at all or can choose to play just a few cents for the more advanced games and apps. The true depth 3D VR inferno headphones dont require any wires, so you don’t have to worry about getting frustrated with connecting wires, it is completely wireless you have to connect them to your device via Bluetooth. They are well padded while the lenses and strap are completely adjustable for maximum comfort. Its magnet control and high quality game pad leave complete control of the device right in your hands.

  1. Apple iPhone 6:


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The teenagers love trend and this technology advanced generation he will definitely need a phone built with quality but looks super stylish just like the Apple iPhone 6, for the iPhone enthusiasts this was definitely one to watch out for because of the new size and lots of new exciting features to look out for. If you want incomparable image quality, the iPhone 6 is built with the camera that will have your desires completely satisfied, this phone takes crystal clear pictures and videos. It also features an advanced processor which makes launching of apps, playing games and other phone operation very quick, you will never be frustrated when using this phone. It has 16GB storage capacity for you to store up lots and lots of your items such as music, videos, photos and so much more. The iPhone looks very attractive with its wide touch screen display, your boy will fall in love with this phone, no doubt.

  1. Binoculars:


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Have the best of the outdoor environment with the Educational Insights GeoSafari Compass Binoculars. Featuring an inbuilt compass, the binoculars will even direct you while you take on your adventure while you have a closer view of nature with its 4x magnification. It has large 30mm glass lenses and easy turn focusing for the simplest but most perfect viewing experience. For walking out in the wilderness, trips and other outdoor activities, this is with no doubt the ideal binoculars to take on. Its light weight, sift grip and adjustable neck strap make it much easier to carry the binoculars around.

  1. Electric Motocross Bike:


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With 12 inch pneumatic knobby tires and moving at speeds of 14 miles per hour, the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike leaves all the other dirt bikes in competition behind. In addition to its really cool appearance, this bike also features a high torque, single speed motor with twist grip throttle operation for easy but really powerful operation, this motor is also chain driven to maintain silence all through riding sessions. The MX350 is designed with dual suspension and adjustable riser handle bars to make each and every ride very smooth and at the same time very comfortable. If you are looking for a way to make your boy turn his dream of riding off road into reality then this is definitely the most perfect bike that you must look out for.

  1. 3D Puzzle:


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Well not all fun toys must cost much and the Daron Jefferson Memorial 3D Puzzle proves so because it comes at a very low cost but delivers several hours of fun to the user. The puzzle is made up of 35 authentic and high quality pieces which create a very beautiful house when correctly completed. It comes with the arrangement instructions to help you out as you put the different pieces together, this makes the puzzle less frustrating especially for those trying it out for the very first time. The most fun thing is all pieces fit well together, there is no need to use glue in completing this exciting puzzle. When complete it makes a pretty souvenir or decoration for his room.

  1. Freestyle Bike:


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With its masculine details and colors that is to say black and green, this bike is absolutely a perfect pick for your 17 year old boy.  The Razor 62042 High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike incorporates a very sturdy and durable steel frame with front and rear hand brakes for quick and reliable stopping. It is also built with a quick release seat clamp post for easy adjustability of the bike and 20 inch wheels that make it ideal for boys aged 17. He will love taking quick rides down to the store on this bike.

  1. Quadcopter With HD Camera:


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If you are looking for power and exceptional performance then the Eshion DM007 6 Axis Gyro Drone Remote Control Quad copter is just what you are looking for. It is built with 6 axis gyro technology that provides flexibility and added stability during flights as well as 2 flight modes that you can adjust personally to have completely customized flights. Its accurate and responsive 360 degree eversion enabled the drone to fly in any direction right, left, backward or forward. It comes with an HD camera for the aerial photography so feel free to fly this quad copter both indoors and outdoors. The Eshion DM007 drone can be controlled up to a distance of 150 meters with no interruption since it comes with 2.4GHz frequency remote control. With charge time of between 80-90 minutes it will deliver about 6-8 minutes of run time.

  1. Golf Putter Game:


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Big mouth toys’ Inc Butt Putt, Farting Golf Putter Game, with its butt shape this golf practicing game is super fun. Whenever a ball is put into target the butt putt makes 6 various fart sounds and the ball will barge out from the side. Whether you just want to have some fun or you really want to practice to be a golf specialist, the Butt Putt is a perfect way for you to practice and get your game better.

  1. Remote Control Helicopter:


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Not even the night will stop you from playing when you have this extra large RC Helicopter which has lots of LED lights that illuminate to let you enjoy whenever you feel like. It is integrated with gyroscope radio control for excellent and smooth performance even at over long distances. Its long lasting battery life not only makes it stay in flight for long but also enables it perform all those interesting 360 degree moves. It comes with a 3.5GHz remote control which makes it very easy to control and fly in all directions left, right, backward and forward. It is made of high quality plastic and designed to fly both indoors and outdoors. It can be controlled up to about 80-100 meters and charging it for about three hours delivers 7 minutes of run time.

  1. Guitar Starter Package:


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This 38 inch BLACK Student Acoustic Guitar is the perfect guitar that you need to enjoy a good time without having to strain your budget too much. You don’t have to be a professional guitarist to listen to the great sound this guitar plays, in any case it is made for the beginners to practice and gain the skills to play the guitar just like the experts do. In just a few days of owning this guitar you will have learned how to play the guitar. The musical instrument comes with a bag in which it is supposed to be carried and with extra strings to ensure that you play for a longer period of time. It also comes with a pitch pipe tuner, pick and strap which makes playing the guitar even easier. This Acoustic guitar by Directly Cheap is available in 10 different colors for the player to choose his favorite.

  1. Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy:


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Uniquely decorate your room or office with this Glantop® Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy, this toy includes 160 really attractive stainless steel balls in various sizes and a base that is magnetic. The desk toy is designed to improved intelligence while at the same time acting as a natural relief for stress. Because the stones are metallic, they attract to the magnetic base for you to come up with several creative ideas, explore your mind as much as you can to be able to get the best out of these stainless steel stones. Whether you are playing alone or having some fun with your peers this toy will give the good time that you need to have to relieve your mind of all the stress. Explore your mind as much as you can to come up with the most intricate design.

  1. Stomp Rocket:


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Even the most inactive kids will be encouraged to get on their feet to participate with the Original Stomp Rocket by stomp rocket. The rocket works entirely with your effort, as soon as you tread heavily on to its launch pad it sends the rocket high up in the sky to 200feet. The set includes a stomp launch pad and four foam tipped extra stomp rockets. It is extremely easy and quick to assemble this toy therefore you will be ready to play just minutes after getting it out of its package. Unlike other toys that make you spend on batteries, this is a cost free toy that doesn’t require you to spend more than you already spent when you were buying it. Your boys will really enjoy their time outdoors as they launch this rocket for hours and hours.

  1. Piano with Matching Bench:


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With its extremely stunning appearance and soul soothing sound this is without doubt the musical instrument that you need to add to your home. It features a hinged lid which improves the piano’s keys so each time you open it the keys sound just excellent, this lid slowly but steadily raises and lowers to prevent you from accidentally banging your hands. Since it delivers three full octaves the adults also get to enjoy playing their favorite songs on this piano. The Concert Grand Piano by schoenhut with its matching bench is constructed from solid maple and ply birch and thereafter stained with attractive black finish which makes very beautiful and outstanding. From this piano your boy will be able to develop their playing skills and confidence as well as they perform for you the parents and get to practice whenever they get feel like.

  1. Apple iPod classic:


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The iPod classic is that one music playing device that any 17 year old boy must have. It has 160GB storage capacity for you to have thousands and thousands of songs and videos kept. It has the ability to create really fun playlists that you will have a good time listening to. Putting all of that aside, this iPod is extremely durable, anyone who treasures their music will definitely adore this portable device.

  1. Travel Telescope:


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For families that are always on the move and stargazing addicts this is absolutely the most appropriate toy to get, the Orion 10034 Refractor Travel Telescope Moon Kit. The kit comes in a strong uniquely designed backpack that holds the tripod, telescope and all other accessories perfectly. Whether it is for observation of the stars, planets and the moon in the night time or viewing wildlife, scenery and bird watching during daytime this kit includes the perfect telescope, it has 400mm focal length. For simple aiming it also comes with a finder scope and for direction of which features to observe it comes with moon map. All you have to do now to explore the world is grab your lightweight aluminum tripod and telescope.

  1. Racing Wheel:


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Logitech’s G27 racing wheel is professional grade racing wheel built to deliver the most charming racing experience for the playstation3 and PC. It is infused with a very strong dual motor for excellent performance during weight shift, traction loss and road feel while the helical gear system ensures quiet operation with no noise at all. The G27 also incorporates a speed shifter with 6 speed settings, push down reverse gear as well as shift indicator LEDs. The racing wheel is enclosed in a leather rim for added comfort throughout the racing session. Featuring a D-pad and over 16 programmable buttons, this is the most real racing wheel you will ever find.

  1. Digital Alarm Clock:


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For the bedroom the Gloue battery operated digital alarm clock is such a perfect choice. The elegant alarm clock shows off a large LCD display with month and date, time, temperature and status of your alarm so that you always know whether it is on or off. With its inbuilt light sensor, this alarm clock will softly light up so that you don’t strain your eyes to read the time in the night and it can easily be turned off by pressing the snooze button. The most interesting thing is that it doesn’t light up when there is enough light or during day time. The numbers displayed on the screen are large enough to the extent that even a person who is as far as 33 feet away can be to easily read from it. Its alarm alert softly ascends to wake you up gently while the convenient size helps you to easily find space for it on the table top.

  1. Checkers Set:


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Board games are very interesting games that stimulate the mind, logical thinking and keep teens very active so don’t think twice about getting the Ds Wooden Draughts Checkers Set. This set includes a well made solid board to stand the taste of time and 24 playing pieces, twelve of which are dark and the other twelve light.  On this board it is all about skipping your opponent’s pieces and you will become the king of the board. The board is wide enough for you and your friend or sibling to have hours and hours of uninterrupted fun. It comes with all the rules of the game so even the starters will know what is required of them.

  1. Mini Drone:


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Fast, exceptional performance and ease of use make the Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo one device that your must look out for. With its three modes, auto balance, jumper and kicker plus the ability to jump all the way to 2.5 feet both vertically and horizontally, this jumping sumo never misses to land on its wheels. Obstacles are not a reason for you to worry since the Parrot mini drone turns 180 and 90 degrees with just the filch of a finger when it find any obstacle in its way. It features a wide angle camera that you can use to take pictures and videos that you will later stream and save to your tablet or smart phone. You can control this mini drone using the free flight 3 free app which is available for Android and iOS Smart phones and tablets. The jumping Sumo comes with three different charming stickers for you to personalize your drone the way you want.

  1. Kick Scooter:


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Get the best out of your pavements with the Razor A3 Kick Scooter, coming in four different colors, red, blue, black and green your can now ride in your favorite colors. This scooter is much smoother than others simply because it is made with larger wheels and high speed bearings and it stands out form many others due to the spring shock system in the front that makes even the rough pavements smooth. This scooter features a much more stylish design hence making it a favorite for so many teenagers the Razor A3 boosts aircraft grade aluminum, one of the strongest materials which enables it to offer long lasting use year after year. Its unique wheelie bar assures you of added fun on each and every ride.

  1. Chess Set:


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The Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set is meant to cater not only for the chess fanatics but for the teens out there that are obsessed with Harry Porter. This is another great one from Noble collection that is meant to stimulate the mind and improve teen’s general thinking. It includes a really elegant playing board and chess pieces just like the original chess set is.  This is a good way of getting your boy excited about his favorite board game.

  1. Desert Biodome:


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There is no beauty that is as breathtaking as the beauty of nature which is why the Dune Craft Dome Terrariums Desert Biodome is included among the best toys for 17 year old boys. For those science and nature lovers there will definitely be no better toy than this. From this kit you can get to enjoy the awesome view of some of the most mesmerizing and rarest plants growing. The collection sprouts out into a very beautiful dome terrarium that lasts years and years with less care. This full kit is made up of a growing and sprouting dome, pack of succulent seeds, pack of cacti seeds, three color plant stakes, natural stones and natural sand and lastly three color decals to create the mind blowing appearance that this desert Biodome has.

  1. Two-Way Radio:


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Keep in perfect communication with family members and friends using these Motorola MG160A 16-Mile Range two way radios. They are built with range as wide as 16 miles which makes them the excellent communication tool both indoors and outdoors. They display a very compact and easy to use design so all members of the family will find no hardships in operating them. When hanging out on the beach or when head for shopping in a very huge mall, the two way radios will help locate each other since you can easily communicate. These radios are infused with call tones that get your partner’s attention before they can actually begin speaking with you. More of its interesting features include the scan which lets you know of the available channels, keypad lock to secure your settings and the low battery alert to let you know when you are running out of battery.

  1. Robotics Construction Set:


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Grab yourself a chance to come with the most innovative robot building experience using the HEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Construction Set. From just this one kit you will be able to build, design, program and drive robots since it includes the latest developed and easily accessible robotics technology to make your experience super exciting. It comes with as many as 750 pieces that snap together without difficulty so anyone can join in on the fun. One thing for sure is that you can spend hours and hours building with kit simply because the number of possibilities it has to offer is unlimited, there are so many things that you can construct from the VEX IQ robotics kit. For starters it comes with really easy to follow instructions while for the expert robot builders there is a lot versatility to experiment and enjoy with. It comes with two software programming alternatives and rechargeable lithium battery remote control.

  1. LED Bicycle Light:


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Blaze up the entire neighborhood on a bike filled with flashing, the Brightz Wheel LED Bicycle Light will make your teen the coolest of them all. This wheel of lights is measured to be 7 feet long and is filled with 20 micro LED lights which are powered by three AA batteries to last for as many as 48 hours. This bike lights strings is enclosed in waterproof tubing which means that the lights can be used in any kind of weather. Each pack comes with a pair of light tires, one for each wheel and they are meant to be used on bikes with 20 inch wheels and above. The LED bicycle lights come in several colors such as pink, orange, blue, gold, multicolored and so many others so it will be up to you to make your choice from those.

  1. Hape:


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Music is one of the most recommended stress relievers, even medical professionals greatly recommend it especially at the age of 17 when your boy is likely to be bothered by lots of new challenges from relationships, jobs and school. They will definitely love to create their own personal melodies from Hape’s harp, this wooden musical instrument produces very soft and beautiful sound to come up with the loveliest music for soothing the soul. With its size it fits so well in the hands making it more comfortable to play even for those that like to play longer hours. It is made with nylon strings that are not just safe to the hands but also very comfortable. The Harp comes with a tuning wrench, two picks, five songs to start paying immediately plus the tuning and playing tips.

  1. Ballista Kit:


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For those who love the world of ancient artillery this super amazing will help you create the artillery weapon of the Roman Empire. The Wooden Abong Desktop Warfare Ballista shoots all the way to 30 feet powered by its high strength twisted cord. This is a 28 piece DIY kit containing all the necessary hardware, wooden ammo together with easy to follow instructions.

  1. Skate Board:


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The Ancheer Complete Skateboard is a fast and high quality skate board, just the perfect one that you should get for your seventeen year old boy on his special day. It features a large surface area and high density deck to let beginners learn with ease and at the same time give experienced users enough space to show off their eye catching skills. It is super portable for you to easily carry it away for storage, or outdoors for exercise and fun. The Ancheer skateboard is also made with extremely smooth 2.1 inch wheels with alloy bearing and solid aluminum trucks to deliver the smoothest rides ever. Being constructed from maple wood, you can be rest assured it will deliver so many years of use.

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