How To Live Without Cell Phone Data Plan

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In this technology-driven age, it seems nearly impossible to live without a cell phone that connects to data. In fact, being without a cell phone can make you feel like you have been cut off from your friends, family and other events happening around the world. However, there are several benefits of not having constant access to a cell phone connected to data and that’s why in this article we are going to provide you with some of the ways you live without cellphone data today.


Preparing For Survival without a Cell Phone or Cellphone-Data:

  1. Use your cell phone to make phone calls only: If you use your cell-phone to make calls only, you won’t need to use data/internet at all. This will actually help to reduce on the time you spend on cell-phones so that you give more time to important things like; work, school, friends and family.


  1. Stop using extra features of your cell-phone: Activities like; instant-messaging, emails, browsing the internet are some of the extra-features that you should stop using on your cell-phone because they use data/internet. So, you can uninstall all Apps that offer these extra-features for best results.


  1. Uninstall Apps that require data/internet-connection: Today, most Smartphones feature different Apps that require data or an internet-connection to operate. So, you should consider removing each of these Apps so that your cell-phone remains with Apps that don’t require data-connections like; phone-dialer, phone-massaging, etc.


  1. Don’t install internet-connection-settings on your cell-phone: Most smart-phones require internet-settings to connect to data. So, if you don’t want to connect to them to data them consider removing the internet-settings and don’t install them again. This will help you live without cellphone data.


  1. Tame yourself to live without a cell-phone: Try to gradually reduce on the amount of time you spend on your cell phone until you can be able to live without a cell-phone. So, begin by turning-off your cell-phone data for about a week, afterwards switch-off your cell-phone and put it aside for about 1 or 2 days at a time and with time you will be able to live without cell-phones or data.


  1. Replace your cell-phone with other physical objects: You may consider replacing your cell-phone with things like; a portable music player, notepad, book or similar object that can take the place of your cell phone. This will be very helpful especially if you’re used to carrying a cell-phone in your purse or pockets.


  1. Spend more time with friends and family: Making plans to spend time with friends and family will to reduce on the usage of cell-phones and data. In fact, you can use your cell-phone to schedule plans and calling your friends. But once you reach your destination with friends or family then consider putting cell-phones away so that you can enjoy your meeting time well.


  1. Inform your friends about your new system for getting in touch: In case you have been using cell-phone Apps that require data-connection like; Facebook, Whatsapp, etc and you want to stop using them, then consider informing them of your new system for getting in touch so that they don’t become frustrated and angry if they are unable to reach you. So, provide them with the best methods for reaching you either through text-messages, landline-calls or voice-calls.


  1. Replace cell-phone time with other activities: if you were spending most of your time on social-media platforms and browsing using your cell-phone, then consider replacing that time with other activities like; reading books and magazines, listening to music, watching movies, working-out and a lot more. This will help you limit on your phone-usage and data-usage.


  1. Spend your time on doing physical-activities: Spending a lot of time on cell-phones is not good for your health and you should consider diverting that time to doing physical-activities like; running, walking, jogging or going to the gym in-order to improve on your physical well-being.



If you feel like you can’t commit to surviving without a cell-phone with data-connection then consider starting a journal that tracks the amount of time you spend performing all activities on your cell phone. Review that journal and start planning how you can apply changes by doing other fun activities you enjoy. All in all, people in the past used to live their entire lives without technology and this implies that you can do it for just a couple hours a day.

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