What Is The Most Important Technology Of The Future

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Today, there are many new technologies rising and they have greatly changed the way we live economically, socially and politically. However, we should expect the rise of more advanced technologies in the future but these advancements are most likely to disruption and impact the entire global economy and even other technologies. So, below are some of the technologies that are promising to take-over the world in the future.


List Of The Most Important Technologies Of The Future:

  1. Artificial-Intelligence (AI): Today there are already developments in machine-learning and other areas of artificial-intelligence in-order facilitate for faster processing of data and production of goods. Although AI is a great thing for companies, it won’t be a good technology on the side of people because many jobs will be replaced with machines leaving may people unemployed in the future.


  1. Quantum computing: This technology uses the principles of quantum-mechanics and works on an atomic level in-order to provide users with great possibilities in computing logic. In fact, Quantum computing will enable us to process great amounts data faster than never before and embedding quantum computing chips in electronic devices will take the entire world into a new wave of innovation in the nearby future.


  1. Cloud-Computing: Today, cloud computing is already becoming common in our daily lives. In fact, in the nearby future it will be the only place to store computer-memory and scientists also predict that human-beings will also be able to store their memories/minds on cloud-storage in the nearby future.


  1. Drones: Some companies like Amazon are already using drones to deliver package and there are also several companies that trying to implement drone-transportation into their delivery-services. In fact, in the nearby future drones will become very efficient and capable of carrying heavy packages for delivery up-to your doorstep.


  1. Advanced architecture: Building is expected to radically change in the nearby future and we are already seeing some advanced architecture in countries like Dubai where they have Spiral skyscrapers, disaster proof skyscrapers, indoor parks and a lot more.


  1. Advanced Airplanes: Today, different companies are trying to develop planes that can take people to different parts all over the world at supersonic speeds. In fact, in the nearby future you will be able to travel to different destinations around the world in just hours thus making the world a better place to live in.


  1. Advanced Smartphones: In the nearby future, we should expect to see advanced Smartphones that can very powerful like super-computers and with highly flexible and durable bodies that can’t break if the phone is dropped down.


  1. Advanced medical diagnosis: Today, there are some advanced Smartphones and smartwatches that can diagnose your body for any sickness to that you can see the doctor in time. In fact, in the nearby future there will be a rise in Apps that can diagnose and prescribe medicine for people with sickness thus improving on the overall health of people.


  1. Artificial skin and prosthetics: Today, scientists have already developed prosthetics with the ability to feel and they are now trying to make them look like real human-body parts. So, in the nearby future people will be able to receive human-like artificial prosthetics that can feel and even enable them to do different tasks.


  1. Supersonic Hyper trains: Hypersonic trains were first proposed by Tesla in-order to improve on the way people travel to different locations. In fact, these train are inform of magnetic pod inside an underground tube and they can shoot passengers at insane speeds so that they can travel at different locations in just minutes or hours. So, when this technology is implemented, it will help to make transportation faster, cheaper and more efficient.


  1. Advanced Machinery for space exploration: Today, different organizations like NASA and Tesla are trying to build advanced machinery that can facilitate for easy transportation to space and colonization different planets starting with the moon, mars and then conquer other planets in nearby future.


  1. Advanced computers for mind-uploading: Today, scientists and researchers are trying to figure-out a way of uploading the human mind and consciousness onto a computer. However, many factors are still blocking them like lack of technology and knowledge of how the human mind works but if its achieved then it will possible to transfer our minds into a digital world in the future.


  1. Bio-technology: Today, bio-technologies like growing body-organs in labs are currently in the beginning stages of development and research. So, in the nearby future it will be very possible to order a new organ and transplant it into your body thus making organ donation a thing of the past.


  1. Robotic soldiers: The US military is already developing robots for use in warfare and it also creating armored robotic suits for soldiers’ in-order to provide them with optimum protection when in battle.


  1. Clean Energy Technologies: Today, we are already seeing new forms of clean energy like; solar, wind-energy, electric-energy and a lot more. In fact, other forms of clean energy are expected to rise in the nearby future and they actually help eliminate harmful energy sources like; coal, oil and gas which cause global warming.


  1. Nanotechnology: This is involves creating computers at a Nano-level or atomic-level and this technology can be used in many sectors starting from health whereby nanotechnology can be used to find and treat diseases. Additionally, nanotechnology can also be used to create a new layer of protection over our skins and to create sensors that protect the world by detecting problems like natural disasters.


  1. Genetic advancement technology: Today, there is already a new gene editing tool called CRISPR that helps scientists to edit the human genome faster. In the nearby future, this technology will allow parents to remove potential problems in a baby’s DNA thus leading to a new generation of highly intelligent and genetically advanced people.


  1. Blockchain Technology: This is a decentralized ledger that holds together Cryptocurrencies and it offers applications far beyond financial transactions. In fact, some companies are now integrating this technology into their systems in-order to simplify tracking and access to information while ensuring optimum safety.


  1. Teleportation (Bit-Portation): It involves the conversion of an object into information by scanning it and then transmit that information to a new location for recreation of a physical entity using a manufacturing device such as a 3D printer. This technology is already under development it’s the next big thing of the future.

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