Impact Of Information Technology On Our Daily Lives & The Economy

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We have reached a point in our lives whereby every single thing we do centers along information technology and that is why people have learnt to accept the fact that technology, human lives and the economy is something that is almost impossible to separate. Information technology can be defined in a number of ways but the simplest of then is being able to make use of technology to assist you store, manipulate, create and or distribute information. Whatever kind of mechanism that you use to process this data is the technology. Today, there are very many different types of information technology and some of them can be used to impact positively or negatively on both our lives as well as the economy. Like me give you an example in which information technology can impact positively; if we use corn to make ethanol then this ethanol is therefore used as fuel. This same fuel can be used to assist run machines as well as cars which will maximize on the output of manufacturing industries at a much lower cost. Now that technology can also be used in a negative way like for instance if we conclude to shift the large quantities of the corn of the fuel productions from the food production then us the human beings will have no more food and this will lead to hunger throughout the entire world affecting the human lives . Then when you look at the economy, you will find that it has impacted in various ways like through e-commerce, job insecurity and job design, marketing tactics, and facilitation of globalization. Let’s look at both the positive and negative impact of information technology on our daily lives and the economy below;


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  • Redefined organizational boundaries: one of the most important impacts about information technology on both our daily lives and the economy is that it has been able to greatly redefine the organizational boundaries. Like for instance E-commerce has completely eliminated any barriers like time, language, culture, geography and currency. This is because people have now opened up business online or you can call them online stores in which they are able to compete with many bigger companies as they also sell their products all over the globe with access to millions of clients. Another way is through information technology. Another way in which information technology has redefined organizational boundaries is through the development of the computer industry as well as internet networks that has occurred during the last three decades with the global communication reaching an unparalleled height. This way people throughout the world can be able to learn in a much more interactive and efficient way. There are now multimedia technology and internet networks that have greatly revolutionized the whole attitude of learning and distance learning and also giving us an opportunity for a close interaction among the teachers and the students. This is achieved through an improved standard of learning materials like through the virtual class room in which students and teachers are located in various parts of the world. Apart from education, people can also now work on jobs that are thousands of miles away while using the electromagnetic wave. This is great because now there won’t be skill shortages in some countries because efficient people are now available for such jobs.
  • Improved on the communication system: one thing that the society will always be grateful to about the impact of information technology is through the improvement of the communication system. This is because both the organizations and society have both greatly improved on the communication system to assist them transfer information. There are very many ways in which technology can be used for different roles. As human beings or the society, we make use of information technology to communicate with one another. Some of these electronic media tools include the television, social Medias, radios and the internet and all these have greatly improved on the exchange of ideas that helps us develop on our society. In most countries today, the televisions and the radios are being used to assist voice out the concerns of the society in a way that live forums are organized in which the society are allowed to make contributions while using either their mobile phones or the text service systems for instance twitter. In the same way, very many politicians have also made use of some of these communication tools to assist them reach a wider area and be able to reach the people that they would like to serve. This is because these technological tools can be used to easily persuade, inform and finally entertain the society. Finally in the same way the small businesses have been able to use the internet as well as mobile communication technology to help them grow and then improve on their client service.



  • Led to resource depletion: you know, much as we have become so addicted to technology and actually reached a point of no return, we should be aware that this information technology has greatly led to resource depletion. This is because the more we make demands on this technology as well as advance on the already existing ones, then we end up placing a lot of pressure on the natural resources on the earth. Like for instance, there are very many mobile phones as well as computers that are being constructed today because of the growing population that also keeps on making demands. When the demand is high, then the manufacturing companies like Samsung and Apple celebrate. However this also means that due to that high demand, they will have to sustain it through exploiting the Mother Nature for raw materials like aluminum. These resources are extracted from the plates of the earth and the negative impact is that they never return because it took them billions of years to fully mature. Now the thing is we might not feel its effects right now but in years to come we shall because we will be left with none and this is a very big challenge especially to the future economy and generation. Another way in which information technology has led to resource depletion is through the mechanized agricultural system in which there is a high intensive farming practice that depletes the soil. It is because a lot of the artificial fertilizers being used today to boost healthy harvests contain chemicals that are rather so dangerous to the soil as well as the human lives.


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