Are Cell Phones Killing Friendships, Relationships And Marriages

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Today, many people spend most of their time using cell-phones and it’s actually very true that Smartphones can greatly cause conflicts in a relationship. In fact, most people have become very addictive to cell-phones whereby they someone can even scroll through his/her phone when doing other activities and this has led to the rise of conflicts within friendships, relationships, and marriages. So, in this post we are going to look at some of the ways cell-phones are killing friendships, relationships and marriages.


Ways Cell-Phones Are Killing Friendships, Relationships And Marriages.

  1. People feel neglected when their friends or partners are using a cell-phone: You will actually feel neglected when your partner is using a cell-phone even if they are listening to what you’re saying. In fact, relationships are very sensitive and personal whereby if a person spends most of his/her time on cell-phone during your moments then this will cause one of the partners to lose a sense of closeness within a relationship. All in all, intimacy comes from being able to share authentically with another person and that’s why it’s greatly recommended to put down your phone when spending time with your partner.


  1. People are always thinking about cell-phones: Today, your cell-phone is always on your mind even when you don’t need it under certain circumstances. In fact, a mere presence of a cell-phone in the room causes a decrease in cognitive capacity and attention focus because you will be subconsciously worrying about missed notifications.


  1. Cell-phones have become the Center of Attention: In past, relationships involved verbal and physical communication between the couple but today people are devoting their relationship time to scrolling, clicking and swiping their Smartphones. This has led to disconnection between people whereby 2 or more people living in the same no-longer actively participate in a relationship or friendship.


  1. Instant Gratification: Cell phones have made communication with anyone anywhere readily available whereby we have become a society that seeks instant gratification and validation for any unpleasant emotion or state of being. In fact, people no-longer look first for the remedy to a problem but instead seek for solutions on social-media which makes them feel better and this has actually led to an increase in divorce-levels and friendship failures today.


  1. People feel hurt when text-messages or calls are not answered in time: Cell-phones can actually make people feel genuinely hurt if their partners or friends don’t text them back soon enough. In fact, most people will feel ignored in-case they don’t get an immediate response on their cell-phones and this has led to breakups in different relationships and friendships.


  1. Reduced levels of intimacy in marriage/relationships: If you’re a strictly-texting couple then you are most likely miss-out on higher levels of intimacy. In fact, cell-phones eliminate physical-contact in relationships and this has led to increase in breakups within relationships.


  1. Misinterpreted text-messages can cause fights: People can easily misinterpret text-messages compared to a real voice conversation. In fact, many relationship have gone apart today due to misinterpreted text-messages.


  1. Cell-phones make your mood around a partner worse: Social media can have a negative impact on our mood and relationships and research shows that spending a lot of time scrolling through social media will make you feel more depressed.


Tips On How To Resolve Cell-Phone Addiction And Conflicts:

  • Put the Cell-Phone Away: The best remedy for phone addiction is putting the phone down and give attention to your partner or friend. In fact, you should set aside some time every day that is dedicated to verbal and physical communication with your partner or friends. Additionally, if your still dating then you should consider leaving your cell-phone in a purse or pocket so that you can get enough time to talk to your potential partner and even participate in physical activities like walking in a park, hugging, etc.


  • Assess the extent of problems caused by cell-phones: When you and your partner become more mindful of the issues caused by constant cell-phone usage, you will be able to assess together and decide whether and to what extent cell-phone usage is disruptive to your interactions and time together.


  • Set cell-phone usage time: Cell-phones are necessary today but you will need to set time for cell-phone usage so that you have time for other obligations like; relationships, parenting and a lot more.


  • Agree on fair expectations as partners: You will need to discuss with your partner on ways to better balance between being responsive to obligations and demands while minimizing intrusions into your relationship or family life.


  • Create technology free-zones: You and your partner should agree on places and times that you should both set cell-phones aside in-order to spend time together without having any interference.



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