Philips Norelco S9721/87 Shaver 9700 Review

Philips Norelco S9721-87 Shaver 9700Philips has two new Norelco models and these include 9300 and 9700, however, it might be very difficult for you to notice the difference between these two models because in actual sense, they look alike. In this detailed review, I will compare these two models and see if we can really spot any big difference.


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The other model which looks exactly like S9721/87  is S9721/84, both belong to 9700 series but I expect something has to be unique between these two brothers, Philips didn’t make any mistake to name one 87 and the other 84. So this review is going to be a very interesting one.

To keep that aside, S9721/87 is a premium Norelco shaver, at least men with fat wallets can put their bets on this expensive rotary shaver. It’s an extra ordinary shaver with very unique and outstanding features, at least you will have no doubts when it comes to getting a comfortable clean shave, because its shaving heads can rotate in more than 7 directions and the blades are self sharpening, so all the time the machine will be ready to cut through any thick course beard. Judging from its strength, I’m sure you can use it to shave your head; also the smooth shaving head can glide over ingrown hairs and shave them without causing any pain. Black men / African American men with very sensitive skins, this has to be your best choice, I know also the new wet & dry Braun shaver can perform better, but that is a foil shaver not a rotary shaver, so if your skin is used to circular shaving, stick to rotary shavers.


[box] Have full control of this shaver and customize your own shave. You can choose speed settings basing on the type of beard you have. So far Shaver 9700 (Series 9000) has got a rating of 4.3 / 5 (93% customer satisfaction). It is a new Norelco shaver on the market but it is gain popularity among rotary shaver users very fast. I don’t own this shaver yet but I had to zoom its pictures via Amazon, it looks pretty and well polished. You can use it to shave thick beards, coarse beards, fine beards, head and chest hair. Men with sensitive skins, you will like the performance of shaver 9700 (Series 9000); its smooth heads will maneuver over your skin flawlessly without causing any pulling / irritation.[/box]



At a glance, the shaver looks premium and pretty. It comes with a well built smart clean system which you can use to charge the shaver, clean it, lubricate blades, dry and maintain the shaver. This is a very nice accessory because it keeps your shaver new all the time. The ergonomic shape of the shaver its self is good. It feels so good in hands and it can’t slip off your hands when shaving in the shower. Unlike other Norelco’s which feature LED bar displays, this premium norelco shaver features a digital display which is very easy to read. As if that is not enough; Philips Norelco 9700’s technology is quite advanced. it features V-track precision blades which cut through any stubborn beard / hair hence guarantying you with a very close shave.


Philips Norelco S9721-87 Shaver 9700

What’s in the box?

  • Shaver 9700 (Series 9000)
  • SmartClean Pro
  • Cleaning cartridge,
  • SmartClick precision trimmer,
  • Power cord
  • Travel case.


Philips Norelco S9721/87 vs S9721/84:

Philips Norelco S9721-87 Shaver 9700 - 3

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I really wonder why Philips gave these two models different names, it makes no meaning to me because when i look at these two models they actually look the same, even their cleaning systems are similar, maybe I’m missing something, let’s try to dig deep and see if we can find any difference between these two rotary shavers.


  • Both have a contour detect technology feature which is responsible in identifying different facial contour lines and adjust the shaving heads accordingly.
  • Both have V-track precision blades which capture and cut hair from any angle, guaranteeing you with a close shave.
  • Both models have Aqua Tec wet & dry feature, so you use them while in the shower.
  • Similar charging time and battery strength. ( 1 hr charge gives you 50 min of nonstop usage)
  • These two models have a digital interface which informs you about the status of the machine


  • Norelco S9721/ 87 has a pro smart clean system, but the main reason why they call it a pro smart clean system is because of its digital indicator which shows the status of the cleaning system.


If I base on features to determine the winner in this competition, I will Norelco S9721/ 87 (9700) a thumb up, but it has only won this competition at a very small margin, otherwise these two models are just the same, even their price is the same.


9300 vs 9700

I have reviewed both models on Yosaki, but trust me, the difference is minor. I can only spot two unique features on 9700 and I doubt if they change the performance of these two models. Norelco 9700 has a digital user interface and a Pro smart clean system, yet 9300 has a multi-level display indicator which shows the same results as the Digital interface indicator found on 9700. The pro smart clean system has a led indicator that is why it’s called ”PRO”, so you can buy any of those two models, they so almost the same job.  Look at this detailed picture below, it clearly shows the similarity and difference between Norelco 9300 & Norelco 9700

Philips Norelco S9721-87 Shaver 9700 - 4


  • Shaves hard to reach areas like the Neck:- According to Philips, this is their most advanced rotary shaver of all time. It has been empowered with contour detecting technology which helps the shaver identify different facial contours and adjust automatically to shave hair / beards in those areas. It also has the ability to tilt or rotate to different directions / angles hence making it very easy to shave problematic areas like jawline, under the neck and the neck its self. Some norelco shavers are cause irritation when shaving the neck. This area has a very soft skin yet norelco shavers shave in a circular motion. However, Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 has smooth heads which maneuver over your neck, capture hair, shave it as close as a safety razor without pulling or irritating your neck.
  • Best rotary shaver for sensitive skins & black men:- Many factors make shaver 9700 as the best shaver for sensitive skins. (1) It has smooth rotating heads which maneuver over the skin smoothly. (2) It has a speed setting button which gives you total control over the shavers speed. Choose a speed which works best on your beards & skin. (3) It has V-track precision blades which collect and cut hair as close as a manual razor without causing any irritation. (4) It is a wet & dry shaver, so you can use it with any shaving cream. When you leather up with gel / shaving cream, you prevent friction that might occur when shaving with an electric shaver.
  • Easy to clean:- When you buy norelco 9700, you will get smart clean pro system which is used to clean. Lubricate charge and maintain the shaver. This system is bulky but if you have some space on your sink, it can fit. After shaving, put the shaver in the auto cleaning system and let the machine do the cleaning job for you. However, you have to buy enough cleaning cartridge and this costs money. This cleaning system is very easy to use, simply press a start clean button and wait for the magic to happen. It also has a multi-display indicator which tracks the progress of each clean cycle. On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend too much money on cleaning cartridge, you can clean this shaver using tap water, soap & a brush.
  • 100% waterproof:- Philips Norelco S9721/87 (Shaver 9700) is equipped with an aquatec technology which allow you to wet shave or dry shave. This technology makes the shaver to be 100% waterproof, so guys who love shaving while in the shower, this is the best norelco shaver I can recommend to you. On the other hand, if you don’t want shaved hair to clog your shower, let the water in the shower flow endlessly. In this case, each and every shaved hair will be swept away by running water hence preventing clogging of the shower or sink.
  • Best rotary shaver for coarse / thick hair:- Using a rotary shaver to shave coarse or thick hair can be a challenge. These shavers shave in a circular motion so it is very easy to get clogged by thick / coarse hair. However, 9700 was crafted for all hair / beard types. Its V-track blades are very sharp and strong and at the same time you can customize the speed of this electric shaver. In my opinion, you should opt for the maximum speed, this will ensure blades move at a very fast speed and clear that thick coarse beards in minutes. You can as well use shaver 9700 to shave coarse chest hair.
  • Speed control button:- This is a very unique feature, it gives you total control of this shaver. We all have different types of beards, choose the right shaving speed basing on the nature of beards you have. For example, you can select low speed if you have short stubble, select medium if you have a relatively short beard and then select fast / high speed if your beard is fully grown. This shaver is not too aggressive yet it delivers the best results.
  • Detachable beard trimmer:- Unlike most Norelco shavers which feature pop-up trimmers at the back of the shaver, this model is quite different. A beard trimmer is separate, it can be attached on the shaver, but you have to pull of the main shaving head and attach the trimmer. This process is very simple and the trimmer is precise and perfect. It can be used to groom your goatee, mustache or side burn. Switching heads is very easy and this beard trimmer is more effective than a pop-up trimmer.
  • Best rotary shaver for bald head: – Not all rotary shavers can shave your head; however, Norelco 9700 can deal with any type of hair. By default, our heads have thick coarse hair and we have already seen that this shaver can do well on coarse hair. But if you have long hair, I suggest you trim it short using an electric hair clipper and then shave the head bald with this Norelco shaver. To get better results, I suggest you leather up your head with a good shaving cream or soap, this will make hair very soft and easy to shave. Try to shave from all directions because hair on the head grows to different directions. This is a rotary shaver so it shaves in a circular motion. Meaning you have to shave in a circular motion too.
  • Close shave: – I’m sure everyone wants to get the closest shave when they use an electric shaver. Sometimes we get disappointed by what we get and in most cases we spend more than necessary to acquire the best shaving tools on the market. Marketers write bullet proof reviews to sell to you what they think works but many of them have never tried these shavers so at the end you get caught in a trap. I know it hurts because a premium shaver costs and arm and a leg, but I will not lie to you. 9700 is the first Norelco to shave as close as a safety razor. That is a fact, give it a try you will not regret spending your money on this shaver. It has a contour detecting technology adjusts blades & shaving heads on each contour thus leaving no beard / hair on your skin. At the same time you can set determine the shaving speed of this shaver basing on the type of hair you have.
  • Lighter: – According to product details provided by Philips on Amazon, this shaver weighs only 1.8 pounds, (Product dimension:- 3.1 x 2.2 x 6.2 inches) the size is pretty cool, it can fit in your hands very well and it’s very light. Actually you will feel no weight when holding this shaver. Please don’t use force when shaving with 9700; it has V-track blades and contour detecting technology to capture and shave hair from its bottom. When you apply pressure, you might end up irritating your skin.
  • Quieter and more responsive: – Right…if you have uses Braun & Panasonic shavers, you will agree with me on this. These two models can make noise though premium models make less noise. I don’t know if its caused by the powerful motors. This Norelco 9700 shaves silently and it offers the closes shave.
  • Battery lasts forever: – This is true, the battery charged fully within one hour but that can give you 50 minutes of nonstop shaving. Now I know most of you are puzzled with the 50 minutes. It looks a short time but remember this is a premium shaver; it has very fast blades so you will get a quick close shave in just 5 minutes. If we do the math and divide 50/5 we get 10. That means you will get 10 shaves for each full charge. Men who shave on a daily basis those will be 10 days, but if you’re like me who shaves once in a week that will be 2 & 1/2 months.
  • You can charge it with a cord when traveling: – I reviewed Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D shavers but I noticed that majority of them come with charging stands. When travelling you don’t need a charging stand or station to charge Shaver 9700. Simply use its cord and plug into a nearby power source. This feature makes Norelco 9700 a user friendly shaver and a good electric shaver for travelers. If you want a quick shave, you can opt for a 5 minute charge; this will give you 1 hour of nonstop shaving.



  • Bulky cleaning system: – We have to agree on this, the cleaning system looks nice, but it’s bulky. It is okay if you can space in your bathroom, but when it comes to traveling, you will not enjoy packing this cleaner, it will take too much space and it’s bulky.
  • Cleaning system requires continuous maintenance: – Philips is here to make money and they have to create systems which make them money throughout the year. If you thought that buying an electric shaver is the only thing you will do this year, I’m sorry; you have to spend money on cleaning cartridge. It does not cost more than $25 but you will always be refilling that system.
  • Can’t use it as a corded razor: – By default all wet & dry Norelco shavers can’t be used when plugged in power. I guess it is a safety precaution.



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Philips Norelco S9721-87 Shaver 9700 - 1


  • Clockwise Circular motions:- This new Norelco S9721/87 moves in clockwise circular motion to ensure that no hair is left on your skin. I can’t that you will get a super clean shave, but at least it will be 30% closer.
  • Contour Detecting Technology:- Your facial area has different contours, so if use a normal cheap electric shaver, it will fail to detect most of these differences and the end results won’t be that good. However this machine’s shaving heads can rotate in 8 directions, gliding over the skin smoothly without causing any irritation yet at the same time leaving no hair on the skin. It will detect all facial contours automatically and adjust blades to cut hair in those areas. You will not feel any irritation when the machine is doing its job and that makes it user friendly.
  • What you get in box? – When you place your order today, you will get more than one product in the box. I can’t guarantee when the item will reach your premises, but it arrives, you will find the following in the box, shaver S9721-87, Smart pro cleaning system, a free precision trimmer, a power cord to help you charge the shaver and a well designed durable plastic travel case which you ca use to transport the shaver with you whenever you travel.
  • V-Track Precision Blades:- If you have thick course hard to cut beards / hair, then you need an electric shaver which has tailored sharp blades for such beards like this Norelco S9721/87. Its V-track precision blades will cut through any thick beard leaving you with a clean close shave within no minutes.
  • Personal setting feature:- When it comes to male grooming, having control over the machine you’re using is very important, because by default, men like t o be in control of everything. So, Philips had that in mind and they crafted this model with a personal setting feature to enable every user be control of the machine. You can choose a desirable speed basing on the nature of your beard. For example, if you have a very think long beard, you will do better with a high speed setting, yet those with fine beards / stubble, can opt for the slow / moderate speed.
  • Smart pro cleaning system:- Most premium electric shavers have cleaning systems which helps in lubricating the blades of the shaver, sharpen them and at the same time clean them. However, majority of those cleaning systems lack a LED display, this small feature might look small, but it is very important because it helps you know the status of your cleaning system and shaver in general. It will indicate when you need to change cartridge and cleaning solution, hence protection that cleaning system from getting damaged due to lack of cartridge and cleaning solution.
  • Wet and Dry Shaving:- The Aqua Tech Technology gives you the opportunity to wet shave even when you’re in the shower. This is an ideal feature for men with very sensitive skins. On the other hand, you can as well switch to dry shaving and get the same results, but dry shaving is for people with normal skins, so you have to know the status of your skin before opting for dry shaving.
  • Lithium-ion Power: – All premium Norelco shavers use Lithium-ion batteries, they charge quickly and keep power for quite a long time. For example, this S9721/87 shaver charges for only 1 hour, but you get 50 minutes of nonstop shaving. Men who don’t shave often might use those 50 minutes for more than 3 weeks, because a real close shave can be archived in only 5 minutes.
  • Digital User Interface:- Other models like Norelco 9300 have LED light interfaces which are not easy to read by a beginner, but this shaver features a digital user interface which is very easy to read. Its importance is to report battery level, head replacement, travel lock and cleaning schedule. If you follow what this digital interface tells you, this shaver will last for long.

Philips Norelco S9721-87 Shaver 9700 - 2


  • Is it possible to use this shaver on my head?

Yes. You will get the smoothest and shiniest head if you shave with this shaver. It has pivoting heads which adjust to your head’s contours hence giving you a real close head shave like that of a straight razor. It is an expensive electric shaver but it is worth the price.

  • Does it come with a separate charge which I can use when travelling?

You can use a power cord to charge your shaver when travelling. Its cleaning system is heavy and bulky.

  • Which country is this shaver made from?

It is made in Netherlands. (high quality product)

  • How to use it for the first time?

Shave clockwise but be gentle, no need for pressure.

  • Is it possible to use it when corded?

No. You have to wait for the battery to charge fully or half and then un-plug it. This is a cordless shaver.

  • Can it work on very sensitive skins?

Yes. So far this is the best rotary shaver for sensitive skins.



Philips Norelco S9721-84 9700 Shaver 1

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